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Dolů Řekou (Down By The River) - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra - Letní Déšť (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Dolů Řekou (Down By The River) - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra - Letní Déšť (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Supraphon - 1 13 1385 • Format: Vinyl LP, Repress • Country: Czechoslovakia • Genre: Jazz, Pop • Style: Easy Listening

Dugu Bo smiles brightly at the news. Tang San tells his teachers Dugu Bo was just joking around and testing them, and never had any intentions of killing him, or them. Dugu Bo concludes that he shouldn't offend Tang Hao, who he considers a true psycho, and laughs brightly, backing up Tang San's made-up story, quietly deciding not to kill anyone after all.

Tang San informs his teachers he'll be learning from Dugu Bo for a while, and not to worry. As the teachers leave, Dugu Bo comments that to scheme at such a young age, Tang San really must be a monster. Tang San retorts that Dugu Bo is the real monster, with his crazy mood swings. The two head back into the Yin Yang Well. Tang San challenges Dugu Bo to a bet. He offered Dugu Bo three chances to kill him with poison, and if he lived, he would earn the right to use the herb garden as he pleased.

Dugu Bo agreed instantly, but said if he won, Tang San would be his slave for thirty years, planning to use him to make Tang Hao lick his boots.

Despite his annoyance, Dugu Bo refused to believe he could lose. He summoned his most treasured snake, the Nine Point Jade, whose poison could massacre an Dolů Řekou (Down By The River) - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra - Letní Déšť (Vinyl city. Three breaths after being bitten by her, the entire body would liquify and vanish entirely. He mockingly asked Tang San if he dared be bitten by her. Tang San looked at the snake, and said if he let her bite him Dugu Bo would have to give her to him!

Completely blindsided by this response, Dugu Bo snapped at Tang San, who asked if he was afraid of losing. Goaded, Dugu Bo agreed that if Tang San was bitten and was "fine," he could keep her. Inwardly, he planned to give Tang San the antidote immediately after he was bitten, knowing the antidote's side effects were severe enough no one could be considered "fine. Tang San lets the Nine Point Jade bite him, but before Dugu Bo could deliver the antidote, the snake passed out in a daze.

Tang San was completely fine, shocking Dugu Bo, thanks to the immortal herbs he'd eaten in the earlier test. Inwardly swearing, Dugu Bo tries to intimidate Tang San into forfeiting the challenge, saying his next poison was too powerful.

Tang San declined, wanting to do the final challenge, and Dugu Bo agreed with poor grace, calling him a greedy bitch. He activates his Real Guard. Unwilling to back down, but worried about Tang Hao all the same, Dugu Bo decides he can always reason that Tang San forced his hand. He attacks with the Heart Piercer Poison technique. As Tang San struggles to survive the poisoning, Dugu Bo regrets his actions, worrying that killing him would bring more and more trouble from his father and teachers.

He swears, wondering if he'll be forced to flee with his granddaughter to survive. He decides no one could expect him to believe Tang San was really Tang Hao's son, because there was no proof, and Tang San activates his Clear Sky Hammer immediately afterwards while regulating his power to disperse the poison. Tang San's survival is a shock.

He names the herbs he ate to gain his poison immunity, and says Dugu Bo could either drink his blood and be cured, at the cost of his poison abilities, or he could eat the antidote Tang San prepared while forcing the poison into his Spirit Bone for six months.

It would also assist Tang San's cultivation speed. Tang San complied, and instructed Dugu Bo to return the next day. As Dugu Bo is leaving, Tang San reminds him he lost the bet, and he'd be taking whatever he wanted from the herb garden.

The next day, Dugu Bo arrives for his antidote, only to find Tang San hadn't made it yet, because he'd been distracted by all the interesting herbs and plants. Tang San lied, saying Dugu Bo hadn't given him tools, so of course he hadn't made anything yet. Dugu Bo says he was wrong, and should've killed Tang San yesterday, throwing pots and supplies at him.

After that, the two settled into a routine. Every night, Dugu Bo would take Tang San's antidote, and every day he'd try and steal the recipe for himself. He figured out the ingredients were wolfberry, chrysanthemum, mint, and devil's grass, but whenever he tried to brew it himself, it exploded in his face.

Not realizing the secret ingredient was a drop of Tang San's blood. He tried ambush, spying, and flat out bribery, but Tang san never gave him the antidote recipe. Dugu Bo even offered to let him marry Dugu Yan, but was turned down flat. Tang San trained and studied for months, exchanging letters with his classmates, and having occasional visits from his teachers.

Thanks to the slow working antidote treatment, Dugu Bo was able to breakthrough to Rank 92 after many years. After a while, the two forged an odd friendship, bickering and pranking each other often.

Dugu Bo, annoyed by Tang San's accusation that he only knew how to use spirit power to bully him, stole Tang San's clothes while he was bathing, and mocked him liberally despite Tang San's swearing.

Dugu Bo protected Tang San from the poisonous fumes from making Yama's Invitation, shocked at how powerful the homemade poison was. He yelled at Tang San, asking him if he was trying to die, who asked why Dugu Bo cared if he lived or died.

Dugu Bo dismissed him, saying he wouldn't have anyone to annoy if Tang San died. He went quiet, and admitted that Tang San was his only friend. Later, the two bathed in the milky medicinal hot springs, drinking sake together. Dugu Bo declared their meeting must be fate, and that he never imagined someone he'd tried to kill half a year ago would become his lifelong friend.

He admits his poison accidentally killed his father when he was young, his wife as an adult, and his son in his older years, leaving him all alone besides Dugu Yan. The world feared him, and no one would get to know him, and so his reputation was solely that of a psycho. Tang San empathizes, having been alone in his previous life. He invites Dugu Bo to Shrek Academy to be an advisor.

Dugu Bo agrees, on the condition it uses up one of Tang San's three wishes. Tang San complains about this, saying he'd already planned all three of his wishes. He wishes to share three drinks toasting their friendship, using all his promised requests, despite the promise of a Titled Douluo being worth more than a mass fortune.

Dugu Bo agrees, and also agrees to come to Shrek. Tang San returns the Nedan, having reached Rank 37, and decides to return home. While half drunk, Dugu Bo gave Tang San the Wishful Hundred Treasure's Pursewhich could keep plants stored inside fresh, and told him to take whatever plants he wanted. Dugu Bo did some calculations on his fingers, saying his granddaughter was really only seven years older than Tang San, so a match between them would be ideal.

He states that with Tang San's immense talent, it would put him at ease if his granddaughter was taken care of by him. When Tang San refuses, Dugu Bo teases him, Dolů Řekou (Down By The River) - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra - Letní Déšť (Vinyl he might be able to cure poison, but an aphrodisiac would be difficult. And if Dugu Yan became pregnant, a shot-gun wedding would be in order.

Tang San protests strongly, telling Dugu Bo not to joke about such matters. He says Dugu Yan is dating Yu Tianheng anyhow, who had plenty of power and future prospects, and it was possible she was pregnant already. Dugu Bo considered that, and admitted it was possible, dropping the notion entirely then and there, to Tang San's relief. Flender, Erlong, and Xiaogang welcomed Dugu Bo to their academy, recognizing the incredible prestige having a Titled Douluo on staff would bring them.

Per Tang San's request, he agreed to never harm or kill any member of Shrek Academy. He claimed the deepest room in the teacher's block, liking the peace and quiet, with a large window overlooking the forest. She argued at being brought, insulting the academy and Tang San viciously. Dugu Bo scolded her behavior, telling her Tang San was more mature than her in many ways, despite his young age.

Tang San gives Dugu Bo more antidote for Dugu Yan, instructing him to find her a Spirit Bone so she could force her internal poison into it during the treatment. He recommends just making Dai Mubai comfortable in his last days, as no one has survived before.

Tang San tells him to go away and annoy someone else. Shortly after, the ritual begins, and Dugu Bo tells them what to expect. After Dai Mubai's astonishing recovery, Dugu Bo is shocked, but insists it isn't his fault, as no one could have predicted that. Tang San worries he'll be weak in higher levels due to the nature of his Blue Silver Grass, and considers training his Clear Sky Hammer. After listening to him vent, Dugu Bo scolds Tang San for his lack of self confidence. He says he considers Tang San a genius among genuises not because of his poison knowledge, but because of his Blue Silver Grass.

He says the Blue Silver Grass Tang San possesses might not be what it appears, since it's so unusually powerful, and further reasons that Tang Hao wouldn't likely marry a woman with such a weak spirit. He explains that when two parents have different spirits, Dolů Řekou (Down By The River) - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra - Letní Déšť (Vinyl stronger one is inherited by children, and equal level spirits would be a random chance with higher odds of variation.

Furthermore, twin spirits were only possible if both parent's spirits were vastly different, and also equal strength. As such, it was impossible for his Blue Silver Grass to be as ordinary as it appeared. Dugu Bo's reassurances calmed Tang San's worries and cleared his mind. They chatted further, and Dugu Bo admitted he'd left to go challenge an old rival who was Rank 96, and using the hidden weapons Tang San had given him, he'd managed to fight to a draw.

He offered to buy more, and Tang San flat out refused, giving them to him for free instead. He argues that even if they do win, Spirit Hall definitely won't give them the Spirit Bone prizes, and if they find out Tang San is related to Tang Hao, they'll kill him. Tang San declares his faith in their team, and refuses to back down. Dugu Bo dismisses him, saying he doesn't care either way, and leaves to find a meal, LP). Tang San realizes Dugu Bo came to find him first, so concerned he hadn't even eaten beforehand, and is filled with warmth.

But he notes such behavior seems to fit Yue Guan's sick personality. After being threatened with a spanking, Dugu Bo tells Yue Guan not to disgust him, and if he wanted Tang San, he'd have to go through him first. Dugu Bo activated his spirit, sarcastically saying he was so scared! They began to fight earnestly. Dugu Bo instructed the Shrek Academy students and teachers to run, and he'd deal with the two Titled Douluo himself.

Tang San refused, claiming Dugu Bo was only trying to sacrifice himself so Tang San would have to remember him forever in exchange, and he didn't accept the terms of that deal.

The Shrek Seven Devils resolved to fight to the death, and Dugu Bo agrees to battle it out until they all die. After the influx of allies, Gui Mei tries to intimidate them by threatening the Supreme Pontiff's wrath. Gu Rong askes if the Supreme Pontiff is scarier than Tang Hao, and Dugu Bo laughs, saying he heard Gui Mei got beaten by Tang Hao so badly he cried for his mother, got his spirit shattered, and almost peed his pants.

After a brief battle, Spirit Hall's forces retreat, as it's obvious they're outmatched. Gu Rong worries that even though they won the battle, they won't be able to protect Tang San forever.

Dugu Bo scoffs at this, saying if they won't protect Tang San, he will. He says he'd really want to see who dares lay a finger on Tang San! He continues to escort LP) San and the Shrek Seven Devil's throughout the remainder of the tournament, never leaving them undefended. Tang San jumps in front of her, intending to fight to the death, but is protected in turn by Dugu Bo. The Jaded Phosphor Snake coils around them, creating a barrier. He tries to reason with the Supreme Pontiff, asking why she would attack children.

Bibi Dong insists she doesn't need to justify herself, and asks if Dugu Bo intends to be her enemy. He laughs, saying it would be impossible to silence everyone who had witnessed her actions, and her reputation would be soiled forever. Tang Hao arrives, and is able to steal away Tang San and Xiao Wu, stopping the short fight which ensues. Dugu Bo doesn't recognize Tang San's grown up appearance, and is about to attack him when Tang San reveals who is he by showing him proof.

They get together to have a chat during which the two exchange stories on the going ons in each other's lives. Dugu Bo scolds Tang San for not visiting him for five years, saying he hadn't known if Tang San had been killed by someone or not.

Tang San retorts that it would be better than dying by your own poison, and the two turn away from each other in a huff. Those watching are shocked by their childish behavior, and wonder if they're really friends.

Dugu Bo further reveals the tragic events within the Imperial Family and the Emperor's 'illness', which Dugu Bo believed to be poison, administered by Xue Qinghe. Dugu Bo managed to suppress the poison during every outbreak, though it was increasingly hard. However their path is barred by Qinghe who then makes the two Titled Douluo attack them. Dugu Bo confronts Ci Xuewho had been specifically brought to hold him down as poison was useless against Ci Xue.

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  8. > Ronald Binge & His Orchestra ‎– Letní Déšť Najpredávanejšie produkty. Vonkajšie LP obaly (nové - nepoužívané) Ronald Binge & His Orchestra ‎– Letní Déšť. Dolů Řekou = Down By The River Written-By – Ronald Binge: B6: Měsíčná Řeka = Moon River Written-By – .

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