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Swisher : How do you come up with the ads? How do you decide? Wilson : We do them very quickly. We have a super-lean production system. The group comes up with what we know is moving the day and what we want to move during the day. And also, Trump presents targets of opportunity constantly.

This guy shows you his throat all the time in this battle. There is no policy with us. So we stay focused on that. And that makes our mission a lot easier in many ways. Wilson : Some of the ads are for an audience of one — psychological warfare with Donald Trump. Those ads are very much meant to disrupt his campaign at a meaningful level. Look, we did it this last week. I cared that Donald Trump watched them. I know where to feed him. So when we built the Parscale ad, we spent maybe 12 grand producing it and maybe another 6 or 8 on TV, just because we knew Trump would watch it.

So the way we score our operations on that first column is observable behavior by the president. And those things we can absolutely see and read back.

Because we know he fired Brad Parscale. We know what happened. We hear from inside the White House and from inside the campaign all Never Talk (Closing Theme) time now. The Trump campaign and the Never Talk (Closing Theme) White House are bad organizations. So, we are able to know very quickly what happened, how badly it affected Trump, how much he lost his mind about whatever we did that day or that week. Because any organization will go broke really fast spending that much money in places where the vote will be decided, historically speaking, in the last three to five weeks.

During the early voting window, things will start changing very rapidly. We know the reason that an awful lot of voters have abandoned Donald Trump, especially in the suburbs, is his mishandling of the COVID crisis. Across every public and private survey research instrument you choose to look at, his handling of COVID has lost him voters, particularly with educated voters, independent suburban men and women, educated women particularly, and women with children particularly.

Scott Galloway : Rick, over the last decade, I was fascinated when you were talking about media mix. If you had a hundred bucks to spend on media, how has that mix changed in terms of where you spend that money? And if Never Talk (Closing Theme) could only go with one platform or channel to spend money, what would that be? Wilson : Twenty years ago, obviously the mix was 99 to 1. Or Galloway : TV? Wilson : For TV. Galloway : Even direct mail? Wilson : Direct mail as a persuasion tool has been dead for decades.

Direct mail is good for raising money. And even that is dying off. Galloway : So, it was all TV. What is it now? You got a hundred bucks. Where do you spend it? Wilson : If I have a hundred bucks right now, I spend 30 bucks on cable, I spend 35 bucks on digital, I spend 15 on broadcast. And then I do a mix of other stuff out there, depending on the market and the audience.

There are still markets in this country that are great for radio. Galloway : What platform has the best tools? I think I know what the answer is going to be. Wilson : The hellscape that is Facebook is the most meaningful tool of political manipulation ever devised in the history of all mankind. Wilson : There will be a battle fought on Facebook this year and probably next, and probably the next, and probably the next.

Swisher : Why is that? Why is it great from a political point of view? Putting on a season in the middle of a pandemic was always going to be a challenge. But by going forward with it, Major League Baseball made a promise to its employees that it could handle the surprises. Louis series before any Cub could come into contact with a Cardinals employee.

Major League Baseball seemed to learn from its mistake. When the Cardinals had two positive tests a week and a half ago, the league rescheduled their next game. By the time the Cubs sat in a St. Louis hotel Friday, waiting for the league to decide if their weekend series would be cancelled, MLB had adjusted the way it implemented the protocols it referenced. It had even strengthened its health and safety guidelines, for road games especially. Even if the Cardinals are able to resume play Thursday, they would have to play 55 games in 46 days to complete a full schedule.

But again, it is good to see this number trending down, not trending up. He said police officers and firefighters would be authorized to issue citations to anyone in public without a mask after first issuing a warning. Gavin Newsom of California had encouraging news on Monday for a state whose residents have been whipsawed by early successes against the virus and then a disastrous reopening of the economy Never Talk (Closing Theme) early summer. After surging for most of July, the average number of new cases and intensive care admissions have decreased in the state, the governor reported.

Data compiled by The New York Times show the seven-day average of cases down 19 percent from a peak on July 25 in California. Newsom cautioned that the virus is still surging in some parts of the state. More than two million Americans who have lost ground economically during the pandemic have also lost health insurance recently, with African-Americans and low-wage workers the hardest hit, according to a new analysis of census data by the advocacy group Families Never Talk (Closing Theme).

In New York Citythe mayor said Monday that he plans to bring back a program that allows restaurants to serve patrons in outdoor dining areas on city streets, next year on June 1. He said the program had helped more than 9, restaurants reopen for outdoor diningallowing an estimated 80, workers to return to their jobs, Never Talk (Closing Theme).

Students in Mexico will exclusively take classes broadcast on television or the radio when the school year begins later this month, in an effort to avoid further coronavirus outbreaks, the government announced on Monday. Schools will only reopen when authorities determine that new and active infections, which remain high across the nation, decline enough for a safe return to the classroom.

Restaurants, hotels and factories have all been allowed to restart operations, even though the country has not managed to get the virus under control. Over the weekend, Mexico surpassed the United Kingdom to become the country with the third highest coronavirus deaths worldwide.

Four television companies will air classes to 30 million students on broadcast channels, in Spanish, sign language and 20 Indigenous languages, the education minister said. The head of the World Health Organization said that while there was great progress in the global search for a vaccine for the coronavirus, people should not expect the crisis to end anytime soon. A Norwegian cruise ship line halted all trips and apologized Monday after a coronavirus outbreak on one ship infected at least five passengers and 36 crew, The Associated Press reported.

The Hurtigruten cruise line was one of the first companies to resume sailing during the pandemic. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines on Sunday ordered Manila and its suburbs to re-enter lockdown for two weeks as the health department reported 5, new cases of the coronavirus.

Infections spiked after the government eased lockdown rules and gradually opened up in an effort to jump-start the economy. Hospitals have been overwhelmed, and doctors have warned they are reaching a breaking point.

But it has never faced anything like this. Besieged by more than eight million applicants — and operating in the shadow of the hastily assembled Paycheck Protection Program — the disaster relief effort has given out more money in the past few months than it had in its entire history. The cap has left many borrowers with loans that they fear will not be enough to keep their businesses afloat.

The cap has been just one problem with the program, officially called the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. Applicants faced long delaysconfusing procedures and communication lapses.

So far, those businesses have shedjobs. On Monday, more than current and former chief executives called for more aid to small businesses across the country in a letter sent to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Trump derides Democrats as lawmakers and administration officials try to break stimulus impasse. The deadline for census counting has been moved up by a month. As some students and teachers go back to school in the U.

Hurricane Isaias makes landfall in North Carolina, as officials across the Southeast scramble. Italian sex workers face poverty and illness during the pandemic. New Zealand newlyweds, stranded in the Falkland Islands, went home on a fishing boat. Fauci defends Birx after she is criticized by Trump.

Where cases are rising fastest. See more updates. More live coverage: Markets. Education Roundup As some students and teachers go back to school in the U. Other key developments in education: Gov. That was the easy part. Despite the pandemic, Facebook leases more office space in Manhattan. Think about a bar. Alcohol is flowing. And strangers have way, way fewer reservations about coming up to people in a bar. Feeling good and close to strangers.

Louisiana health officials have tied at least coronavirus cases to bars in the Tigerland nightlife district in Baton Rouge. Minnesota has traced recent cases to bars across the state. In Idahohealth officials shut down bars in Ada County after reporting clusters of infections among young adults who had visited several bars in downtown Boise.

Governors in CaliforniaTexas and Arizonawhere coronavirus cases are soaring, have ordered hundreds of newly reopened bars to shut down. Jared Polis ordered them to close. I have antibodies. Am I now immune? As of right now, that seems likely, for at least several months.

There have been frightening accounts of people suffering what seems to be a second bout of Covid But experts say these patients may have a drawn-out course of infection, with the virus taking a slow toll weeks to months after initial exposure.

People infected with the coronavirus typically produce immune molecules called antibodies, which are protective proteins made in response to an infection.

Michael Mina, an immunologist at Harvard University. Can I get relief? The stimulus bills enacted in March offer help for the millions of American small businesses. Those eligible for aid are businesses and nonprofit organizations with fewer than workers, including sole proprietorships, independent contractors and freelancers.

Some larger companies in some industries are also eligible. But lots of folks have not yet seen payouts. Many small-business owners are getting less than they expected or not hearing anything at all. What are my rights if I am worried about going back to work? Employers have to provide a safe workplace with policies that protect everyone equally. And if one of your co-workers tests positive for the coronavirus, the C. What is school going to look like in September? It is unlikely that many schools will return to a normal schedule this fall, requiring the grind of online learningmakeshift child care and stunted workdays to continue.

Together, the two districts enroll somestudents. They are the largest in the country so far to abandon plans for even a partial physical return to classrooms when they reopen in August.

White House staff will be randomly tested for the virus. Is telemedicine here to stay? Elsewhere in the United States:. Gavin Newsom said on Monday that the total number of people testing positive for the coronavirus was on the decline. In other global news: The head of the World Health Organization said that while there was great progress in the global search for a vaccine for the coronavirus, people should not expect the crisis to end anytime soon.


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