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Облачко - Various - Мировая Музыкальная Деревня (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Облачко - Various - Мировая Музыкальная Деревня (CD)

Label: Ice Records (4) - AR 649 • Format: CD CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release MP3, 128-320 kbps, Digipak • Country: Russia • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •

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In winter it practically turns into a ski resort. One may slide from a mountain some couple of dozens kilometers from the city. The lights of elevators on the top on Grouse, Cypress and Seymour Mountains are well seen from the center of the city.

Banf and Jasper One of the main attractions of Canada is its wild nature. High snow peaked mountains with wooded slopes; mountain lakes with water so blue it even looks like being cold; empty roads spinning away… Two reservations are located in Alberta Province, among the Rocky Mountains and are one-day travel one from another.

They are joined by Icefield Parkway, which is an attraction by itself because it runs through the most beautiful places with views of the parks. Banff National Park was founded back in Jasper Park is a bit younger, it lasts back to Banff became an attraction right away, when rich Englishmen started to come here to enjoy the views. Today it is visited by more than 4 million tourists a year. One may see a rare species here, the white whales. This is all because Gwaii Haanas is in fact an archipelago, with the coast line carved with fjords and gulfs.

It is mostly charming because of its distant location. Only skilled travelers get here, and this is why the breathtaking landscapes still take your breath away, as long as they are not presented in Instagram. The unusual name came from the local people Haida, who used to live here. One could imagine life of this Iceland tribe in Ninstints village boasting typical Haida buildings and totemic piles.

Enjoy your meal! She told OnAir why one should run and not walk through new places, what expires a person in Ecuador and how Chine could surprise one. You take part in running races all over the Облачко - Various - Мировая Музыкальная Деревня (CD).

How did this widen the geography of your travel? I got involved in running in Greece. I once occasionally found there would be a 5 km running race not far from the place I stayed then. I decided then to join my friends in this. I could not have imagined how pleasant it would be to get a medal on the finish with information on the length of the race, date and place!

Even though everyone got this medal the race was charged. It is very easy to stay fit with running, you do not have to invent anything, like exercises or methods in gym, just run on! I started to listed to audio books while running. And besides that, when you run not round a city stadium, but through a country new for you, you are able to see so much beauty! And you may see much more while running than walking, especially when you are in a place new for you and your time is limited.

I found local race in Ecuador myself. I took part in two ones: kilometer in the capital city and another, kilometer in the night time. Now, when I plan my trips, I seek in the web dates of races in the cities where I plan to go. And bring back the medals I earn instead of fridge magnets. How many countries have you already visited? Not many, though I used to stay there as a traveler, not just visited as a tourist.

I stayed for a year in Crete. Live for three months in Ecuador, as long as one is allowed to stay there visa-free. This was Ecuador, which inspired me to make streams on living on the edge of the world. I realized that most of my friends would never get there in their lives. Thus I started to make streams every day, perhaps everything around me seemed to be so unusual and interesting! Well, I also wanted to show my parents I was great and Ok. By the way, what is the attitude of your friends and parents to your travel?

I am lucky with my parents. From one side they are sorry I do not benefit from my diploma of psychotherapist, from another, they understand that one has only one life to live, and it must be interesting. This very important for me. What attracts you there? It started as a honeymoon vacation, and then my husband and me liked it so much that we decided to stay for a bit longer.

The more you travel, the more difficult it is to find anything surprising you. Though China could do this. Even the smallest cities here boast perfect road and plenty of greenery. As if a usual Belarusian village with an eight-lane highway and bike routs in both directions. Besides, there are so many compliments for a very usual for us, Belarusians, nose!

And people in South China cook hornets to die for! What are the plans for the time to come? I will surely visit Australia; one should see the animals he or she would not see anywhere else. I would like to take part in bull race in Spain and visit the entertainment park in Salou. I want to walk around Iceland and Faroe Islands. And Japan for desert. From the other side, we realized that there is no another place where we could get in touch with local tribes, living far from civilization, with so low, practically no expense.

Usually such places are whether close for visiting by strangers or limited by tourist routes, which means that indigenous culture contacts with the Western civilization all the time and gets strongly distorted. Clay eaters Amazon lowlands is not for no reason covers the lowest developed tribes of the planet. As early as at the beginning of the last century colonel Fawcett, who died in jungles in search of lost city Z, called Amazonia the most delusional paradise on Earth.

Dense jungle stretches thousand kilometers between six states and in all of these states these lands still remain uncivilized and impassable. This tropic forest is especially beautiful from the Venezuelan side: northern part of Amazonia is limited by limestone tepui plateaus. The most famous, Roraima, attracts thousands of tourists a year. But external beauty cover cruel inside: the jungle meets a man with thousands of thorns, billions of biting insects, communicable diseases and complete lack of food.

Yanomami people, living in Orinoco upstream, eat so little, Jules Verne was sure they were eating clay. The basics of their ratio is manioc root. The Indians perform numerous complicated manipulations to turn this poisoning fruit into eatable manioc flour. This limited ration, jointly with constant conflicts between the communities, would not let the tribes of jungle develop.

And when white men brought tuberculosis, flu, measles and other diseases to Amazonia, the population starting to die out. The Outpost Dawson family, Evangelical missioners, lives for dozens of years in Koshiloatery settlement on Padamo river. Their house is lit and there is ice in the fridge. After six days eating tuna, soup and cassava, we were shocked by civilization. The Dawsons lives in four big houses, each with gratings on windows and surrounded by cage fences. Inside of the fencing there are small United States: Bolognese spaghetti, sweets, a year stock of food, hot water and satellite Internet connection.

First we tried to make friends with them, but they stole absolutely everything and once even ate our cat. But who would help them save their souls, if not us? Shabono is everything for Yanomami: their home, family, tribe, identification, part of the living world, counterweighting the heavens and underground worlds. The name of our Shabono was Moscow. Guzman is definitely older than 40, but it is hard to say better: all Yanomami are low, they quickly become adult and get old very slowly.

Antonio lives in a tin plate hut with hammocks and constantly glowing hearth inside. Two wives of Guzman fumble near the hearth. Polygamy is allowed among Ynomami to those who may feed several wives and dozens of children.

However, the Yanomami community is a community of strong. Ones who are weak must die. Those ill must die. Those who may not get food, must die. Those who died were weak. Yanomami are endocannibals: when someone dies, after ritual mourning, lasting for two days, the members of the family dilute the ashes of the dead in water and drink it.

Lechosos Lechosos village is located on the bank of Orinoco and it used to be visited by tourists once. There are no tourists any more, but anthropologists and other scholars, as well as curious people of various origin still bring money, gifts, machete, fishing hooks and lines. Local shaman in Lechosos holds a rite of inhaling of local yopo drug under palm leave roof.

This is one of the most long lasting and strong Yanomami traditions: this weak hallucinogen is inhaled by warriors and hunters of the tribe, painted by red and black juice of the plants. Famous Andrei Tarkovsky took the side of the young director.

Thanks to this man Sokurov was accepted as a staff member to Lenfilm Studio. However, till the end of the ies none of his movies was released. In the European Film Academy included Sokurov into the list of the world best directors.

However, like in the early years of his career, the films by Sokurov are released only with limited circulation and he finds lots of troubles to finance them. How did you become a movie director? I never wanted to become specifically a director. Even now I do not think this is the best profession. The most awesome and beautiful art for me is still literature, while cinema is just a profession.

I was born in a very simple family. Perhaps that is true. But there was no way out, and I kept on walking this road because of my stubbornness. I think that all the important and valuable things in my movies are based on the thoughts from what I had read. I am a reader by nature. I started reading very early and very good books at that. No fiction. I always thought there are no geniuses in the historical space, they are only in the worlds of art and science, only Облачко - Various - Мировая Музыкальная Деревня (CD) people are able to make a breakthrough to the future.

The writers are the only people among us who may reach far ahead using the force of their thought, and then tell the readers what they saw in this future.

I say all the time that the Russian and Soviet civilization in humanitarian context was created by genial translators, who made us congenial to the European world. They gave us all the literature and. Everybody in the USSR read a lot, the book was a precious item and the best gift. This is why also I do not feel ashamed for the Soviet cinema, which I would not say about the contemporary Russian. What your films you are proud for? I made more than fifty movies.

However, I realize that all my works are in a way failures. It was not released in our country, only in Europe. I still like this piece, very much. Let it be that I did not happen to become an author of a single piece close to very perfection, but I never played with censorship and never dodged.

I just did not want to have anything in common with this. A director must find a way out from any situation and does not enjoy the right to forget about social responsibility for his or her work. Kira Muratova is the best director ever. And an outstanding personality. I think, no one has achieved such a piercing results as she did.

This is a person of crystal clear honesty. The very Director who never bowed her head. They saw Antonioni and Bergman, but could get to Muratova. Understood nothing! Absolutely unique statement. She really has no equals. How do you look at history? I think, Облачко - Various - Мировая Музыкальная Деревня (CD), it is important that we look at the past not up or down, but eye to eye.

As if we are close to the ones, who turned the wheel of history. Everything I saw in history, had a trace of a human hand, head and character on it. Any historical event may be understood only based on the character of a certain person. All the history is the chronicle of male arrogance and male errors. All the history we study is the story of the domination of male will and self-assurance, wilderness and atrocities. People having power always behave the same way. Every man having power, does exactly like his predecessors years ago.

Nothing has changed. OnAir talks to Angelina about her child dreams, bright ideas, inspiring insects and… saved kittens. Who you dreamt of becoming in your childhood? As long as I remember myself I wanted to grow up and become a veterinarian, because I adore animals. But this profession includes too many operations and seeing animal pains, that is why I decided I would love animals and help them like before, but take another profession. Moreover, I attended an art school since I was ten.

I never even thought of this! I chose design right away and entered the designer section of the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies of the Belarusian State University. I became fond of graphic design already on my third year. Nearly all my groupmates chose Interior design, while I took a bit different way.

Yes, I was not an extraordinary student, but I am a person who gets interested in something very easily and then get very deep into something that is of interest for me. I was lucky to get internship in Fabula Branding Agency, which is in package design. When I found myself in the real working environment with real clients around and real deadlines, I realized I wanted nothing else!

How was the idea if the lightbulbs package design born? The one that brought you the silver prize of the Cannes Lions Festival, the most prestigious creativity contest in the world? First this was my diploma project. A series of posters, on which I played with the form of a bulb, combining it with other items and forms. Bulb as a pear, as a balloon, as a matrioshka, as a body of an octopus… The last stage of this work was designing a package for a lightbulb.

I was looking for a graphic solution for quite a time, till I saw an article about Thomas Edison in a book. He dreamt of making a cold light lamp, being inspired by the light of fireflies. He looked at them and believed he could create the same effect and make a bulb which would give light and no heat. Like Edison I was inspired by this idea of natural light and found pictures of bumblebees, beetles and dragonflies in old entomology books.

I decided I would place a bulb instead of the abdomen of these insects. Two weeks later the project was actively discussed on various professional web-resources and American Wired magazine even named it as one of nine most unusual packages. And then the client proposed me to implement this project and produce a series of bulbs with package of my design.

How did your life change after the award of the Cannes Lions Festival? I met plenty of interesting people from the advertisement world when I attended the Pentawards ceremony in Barcelona. Just in one day I turned from a 22 year old student with no potential, by the opinion of the people around, and with little opportunities to find job without experience, into a person in whom everyone sees greatest potential.

I still work as a freelancer, though I get offers from major companies. My way to relax is communication with my pets, two fox terrier dogs and eight cats. My parents and me pick up homeless cats hoping that we would be able to find homes for them later. However, it is not that fast and easy, and the animals stay with us for life.

What hooked you in the scenario of the sequel? Several ideas, really deep. First, that only with our memories we may have our future. That our past makes us real. This idea is of interest for me. Wellknown magazine Variety called him one of the ten most promising directors in the world, and Villeneuve proved this to be true. You communicated to Ridley Scott while making the movie. Let me be absolutely frank: I agreed to make this sequel under several conditions, one of which was personal blessing from Sir Ridley.

This was very important for me. I would not be able to shoot this film if Ridley would be standing behind my back and checked each thing I do. As a teenager. It became the very movie which caused my interest to movies and cinema production. I was practically obsessed by this film, I watched it again and again. I watched it so often that the picture got broken.

Then this cassette stayed, as a Bible, on my bedside table. Was Ridley Scott present at the stage? Once only. What exactly impressed you so much? This was the first time when I came into cinema, took my seat and as if turned to be within a time machine.

Sort of a mixture of fear and delight from the world of the future where to I was sent by the director. This world was interesting up to the goosebumps and extremely dangerous at that. Exactly what a year teen from a small Canadian city needs. Could you dream you would once make a sequel to this movie? Sure, no! Was it as much agitating to work with Harrison Ford? Oh, this is just like to take an icon from the wall! I could not imagine my film without him. I needed him so much to show how his character changed in thirty years.

What do you think? We had an argument on this with Ridley and Harrison in a restaurant over a glass of wine, but never reached a single opinion.

He was definitely a replicant for Ridley. While a human for Ford. By the way, the book does not give straight answer and I personally like this duality. I made a movie saying that the difference between humans and androids is very tiny. Let the viewer decide where this threshold goes. Belarusian poet Valzhyna Mort also lives now on the banks of Tiber.

She flies back to her homeland several times a year to meet her readers or take part in literary festivals. You are a successful Belarusian-American poet. How could it be different? My ancestors were Tartars, Poles, Litvins, Jews, Chinese people, and their destinies are a map of deportations and wars. Belarusian borders are like a band on a wind, they have always been moving.

This is why the desire for migration is in our blood. Contrarily, the much-desired Belarusian idea of stability seems to me dogmatic, ideological. You travel a lot around the world for your work. Did it occur to you to travel as a tourist, only for rest? This would mean not reading or writing?

If so, it is a formula for a depression. A lot of my trips might look like vacations to some: for instance, every year I go to Jamaica, where on the beach under. But seriously now, you can never take a break from art; it is the way of living. My mind is always engaged with every aspect of life: architecture, music, stories, visual art, history, light over a city at different times of a day, politics, vegetables, kinds of birds and plants I never stop searching for new ways of verbalizing all of it.

Literature and travel are joined in a single metaphor: we travel through imaginary space of a narrative in a book, while in real life we read the space around us like a book.

I am not interested in flipping through the pages. I prefer to close-read streets, cities and countries. Which countries call you back? I would love to return to Morocco, to Marrakesh, the city built from pink clay. It offers an absolutely different understanding of architecture, color, and time.

Ocean and desert return me to the state of mind I had as a child: that of endless world ahead Now your road leads to Rome? Yes, I spend this year in Rome, at the American Academy. It is located on Gianicolo Hill, above Trastevere neighborhood.

Next to the Academy is San Pietro in Montorio church, built, according to a legend, like anything in Rome, on the place of St. Above the Academy is Monteverde neighborhood, of no interest for an average tourist. It is comprised of a mixture of pre-war and after-war buildings standing among palm-trees, cypresses, orange and grapefruit trees.

The balconies are decorated with pots of large aloe plant. There are lots of dogs and nobody cleans after them. With its peach color and calmness, t resembles Asmolauka neighborhood in Minsk. There are people who like coming to a city that offers a museumlike experience, but I like seeing life. This is why I did not hurry to visit Pantheon or Coliseum. I saw them only after three months of staying in the city. I usually walk upstairs, to Monteverde, where I have my coffee for 90 cents, buy fish, eggplant and flowers at a small street market, and I am surprised to think that somewhere down the hill, Russian and Chinese tourists are bussed around the ancient stones.

But there was another brilliant schemer in the history of the continent who probably overcome all those. He was Belarusian born Boris Skossyreff, also known as Boris I, the only king in the history of Andorra, the first and the last royal head of this tiny state in Pyrenees.

However, becoming the King was far from the only adventure in the life of this Belarusian. The future ruler of Andorra was educated in the then capital of the Russian Empire, St. And fled from this city to the West after the revolutionary events of Spy and Gallant In Skossyrev finds himself in London, with no connections, friends, family and means to support his life.

His boss, soon to become a friend, was a member of the British nobility and personally knew members of European royalty. Thanks to this man Skossyreff became widely known in the aristocratic circles of Europe.

There is information about him registering export-import company in Latin America to supply goods from Europe. He was eve suspected to be a spy.

In Skossyreff marries noble French woman Louise Parat de Gassier and right after this started an affair with a noble English woman Phillis Heard, and later — with ex-wife of an American millionaire Florence Marmon. By the way, some historians think that this was beautiful Florence, enjoying sufficient financial resources after her divorce with the rich husband, financed the adventure of Skossyreff in Andorra.

He was admired by the policy of the Prince towards development of tourism, casinos and taxation. He also found Andorra on the map and made some parallels between the two states and decided to reform the backward mountain valley with a millennium history of statehood.

After the overthrow of monarchy in France it was unclear who would be the co-ruler of this country jointly with the Spanish bishop. The population of Andorra paid their toll to the President of the French Republic. Skossyreff decided to use this legal casus in his own interests. At the meeting of the General Council of the Valleys he tells its 24 Members about his plan of reforms: abolishment of taxation, founding resorts and casinos in Andorra, holding a democratic reform, freedom of press, attracting foreign investments.

To achieve this bright future, the General Council had to vote for Boris for King. Moreover, he provided a letter from Jean of Orleans, Duke de Guise, the Heir to the French throne, in which the Prince passed his rights for ruling Andorra to Skossyreff.

Everything would be great if not for the only Member of the General Council who voted against. He soon informed the Bishop that the country, where he is the co-rules, is planning to found gambling houses. The Bishop, naturally, condemned such plans. The reaction of Boris was not, probably, very smart. He declared war to the Bishop from his own name and name of sovereign Andorra. The bishop then made a complaint to the Gendarmerie of Catalonia. After that 50 Spanish policemen arrived to the mountain country and the 9-day rule of Boris I of Andorra ended on 20 July The further life of Skossyreff is very little known about.

It is known for sure only that after the World War II he returned to his wife, Louise Parat de Gassier and stayed with her till the end of their lives. People of Andorra today consider Skossyreff an adventure seeker. Though many historians and economists might argue such an attitude. It could happen that this Belarusian might lead Andorra to richness mush earlier than it did this itself, following, by the way, his advice.

Kids may paint on the walls there, smudge in paint, create and get funny without any experience in academic sense.

During the three years the studio opened six branches all over the city and became one of the most demanded locations. The idea and approach to the child creativity by the founder of the studio, Natalia Neborskaya, let kids win at various contests, their work be found on the walls of the administrative buildings and book covers and even sold directly to private art collections. Did the name of the studio define its concept? We teach children to work with big paper formats A1, A2, A3 straight from the start and cover it with picture.

And then brake the border: first of the sheet and then the borders of everything traditional and standard at all. We do not teach them to paint, we teach them to work with materials, mix paints, get them familiar with the works of famous artists and, the main thing, let them express themselves through art. A child is ready to do anything only if it is interesting form him or her. I think that if one provides children with academic base right from the start, they may lose desire to create, invent, which of greater need for an artist.

We teach academic painting and drawing too, but not earlier than from years of age. Is it of use for any child to attend the art studio?

Makes no harm at all. But do seek for a studio with a tutor who would not spoil your child. For a kid this is the process, not the result that matters. Your elephant does not look like an elephant! The way a child sees the world around, this is what matters in child creativity. I think it is just great when you put a vase with flowers in front of a class and they paint it in many different ways.

Right before the season of vitamin deficiency OnAir brew ginger tea in thermos, switched on heating of all seats in Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and went to Arzhanitsa family enterprise to fill organisms with ascorbic acid. Arzhanitsa is the only enterprise in Belarus producing sugar coated cranberries for the last two decades.

One feels fresh berry smell here even in February: lingonberry is boiled for marmalade, blueberries and raspberries are wiped with sugar, and cranberry gets covered with sugar.

These sour balls in sweet cover are often brought abroad as national-style souvenirs. Thanks to use of benzoic acid the berries stay fresh all year long, while special storage boxes and freezing engine also invented by the owner, ensure marketable condition of the cranberries. Some 50 tons of various berries are processed on Arzhanitsa annually, 25 tons of which are cranberries picked on marshes of Polatsk area. The nature of the product It is very hard to make a picture of the production process at Arzhanitsa: sugar powder covers the lens of a camera right away.

Winter is hot time, there is a great deal of orders. Surrounded by sweet sugar powder smog we observe women in white robes sorting the cranberries to ensure only ripe and intact berries would go to the production line. The best berries are covered with starch and then goes to the special rotating barrel where the powder gets denser on the surface of the berries.

Then the berries are slowly, leaving time for drying, transported by conveyer to a vibro-tick. The powder is also produced locally, there is special mill in the adjoining workshop. Powder from suppliers would not do, because it gets dense and wads in high humidity.

The second layer of powder sugar is put on the berries manually through a special sieve. There are several types of coats of the cranberries: besides sugar coating there is also cinnamon and cocoa Deep in the Woods brandor chocolate sweets with grated nuts and coconuts.

All ingredients are principally natural: no flavor enhancers, no dyes and flavors. This is why the shelf life of coated cranberries is very short, only thirty days after production.


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