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Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD)
Label: Tape Kingz - none • Format: 2x, CD Mixed • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Cut-up/DJ

I might want to mix it on tape. The mix of the album is going to be a very fun process indeed. Streaming is the mainstream these days, and usually after I finish a song I have an inner debate on whether I want to press it on vinyl or not. Definitely for the next Black Moon album! We must press it on vinyl! Sampling is the essence of hiphop! The fundamental foundation of hiphop is not just cut, paste and loop. These days, the mainstream is on the internet. The opportunities for beat makers and artists to talk about music production are getting harder and harder to find.

I think communication is very important in the direction of a song. They have to move in the same direction. I would spend like a day to go through all my records. Back when we used to buy records, we would spend like a whole week just digging. I have an awkward way of djing. Cell Therapy is an ill record! I actually broke this record out the first time played it.

I love these guys. Their minds are incredible and their sound makes you feel good. Honestly as a DJ, favorite songs change with a feeling. After I realized that, as a hip-hop producer, I started listening to more music other than hiphop.

Next Page. Currently he works with his older brother Mr. Walt, where they both run Da BeatMinerz Radio. In this debate the guys share some of their views on sex tapes, critique the recently released Tashie Jackson sex tape which spurred some media attention and forced the HIP HOP Honey to make an appearance on Big Brother's Bit On The Side to claim her innocence and touch on celebrities that may have evaded criminal prosecution had they recorded a sex tape.

The following are a few of the questions that were Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) in the debate: - Who do you think leaked the Tashie Jackson sex tape? Apple's 1 - Slave Laborers'. Goblins - Video. This song is one of my favorite songs of I just had to share the video with you guys. The funny thing I just realize one of the reasons I like it so much was the beat. Then I notice that Dr Dre headset was in the video so that explains it all.

If you like good lyrical, alternative, hardcore content you will love the video. But if your a very sensitive person go to the next video this is not meant for you. Bringing you another one the dopest battles I've seen in a minute.

I love the fact that no matter where Wu-Tang goes anyone of its members gets mad love from the Underground HipHop community. I wonder who Raekwon has his money on? This guy Hollohan do you think he really is a racist? Black Wings - The Tuskegee Airmen. If you've never heard this story it's probably because they don't teach this kind of black history in schools. Do your research know your history. I always knew Clive Davis had shady business practices he was the mastermind behind Whitney Houston's career.

It's that same machine the drove Whitney to drugs and to Bobby Brown to help her deal with her lost identity. Whitney was a "Hood" chick trained to look and act accordingly to appeal to a crossover audience. If you look at Whitney's early career you will understand what I am saying.

So I'm not surprise that Clive Davis went on with the party because Whitney was just "Talent" to him and the show must go on.

He has exploited Whitney, Busta Rhymes, even Alicia Keys, they all seem to leave after their contract is over. Why do you think? I know Whitney felt bad when she had to go back to him when she wanted to restart her career.

I wonder who will profit from her death the most? It probably won't be her daughter or her family What's your take this situation? Monday, February 13, Street Poetry - Benyamin. Poetry was one of the main outlets we had as disenfranchised people to share positive Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) to the masses. Today rap has pretty much replaced poetry but not in a good way for the most part. Today rap tends to glorify the hardships and struggles with fantasies of owning expensive cars, clothes, houses, and don't forget the "Ho's" with little effort.

We need more street poets like Benyamin to help us take back our neighborhoods. Without strong families we will not have strong neighborhoods or strong communities. We need to rebuild the family structure we can start by turning off the Radio and TV its poisoning our kids. Ask yourself what is true Power a kid with gun or an educated kid?

Bessie Coleman wanted to fly, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. As the first Black Woman with a pilot's license, she proved her skill as a stunt pilot. She manage to get her pilot license despite the fact that she was a woman, black, and no instructor in the United States including the black ones would train her. But that didn't stop Bessie she continued to work as manicurist by day saving her money and by night she taught herself French. You see France was the only country at the time more open to training black pilots.

Most people come up with every excuse in the book for they don't pursue their dreams. When I read this story even I felt ashamed, ashamed that I'm not working hard enough to achieve my goals. This story have motivated me to no longer complain about the hardships of building a business.

What's your excuse? Are you pursuing your dreams? Erick Sermon has been one of my favorite Emcees since he came on the seen as half of the group called E. But I never new he was so involved in so many projects out side of the Def Squad. This is why I always tell young artist today rapping is just one aspect. In order to last the test of time you need to be versatile in many different areas.

Writing your own rhymes is one thing but being able to write for other people and helping them achieve their goals will add years along with value to your legacy. Erick Sermon is most definitely the meaning of UnsungHipHop. What artist do you think should receive the UnsungHipHop Award? First I'd like Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) I agree with the fathers decision to take it to the extreme with his daughters punishment.

My only question is who created this monster? Normally in cases like this the child has been spoiled with material items since birth. Therefore they develop no real appreciation for the things or the people who gave it to them. Or maybe she was spoiled with not being corrected or discipline enough being spoiled comes in many different forms.

No child is going to be perfect and you can't Beat them into submission. But if you are consistent in their lives and fair it will make a world of a difference. Personally I would have taken a sledgehammer to the laptop just to add more of a effect, Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD). Do you think the father went overborad? Personally I feel as though an openly gay rapper would make a lot of money especially if it's a woman Because you know men love Lesbians.

I do believe there are a lot of gay rappers, producers, owners This does remind me of The Boondocks with Gangstalicious Okay I'm black and I know this video is suppose to offend me but I'm not. Most blacks would consider this to be racist or stereotypical.

My thing is this black people put on white faces in movies and sketch comedies making fun of their mannerisms etc. But despite of the entitlement issue it would still be considered to be racist. Either way right or wrong one is not better than the other. That fact is one race stereotyping another race is something most people do behind close doors Except for the Police. Final thought, I don't think this comedian is racist maybe a little insensitive, or ignorant maybe, but really I think he's just trying to get some exposure and make a name for himself.

And he's doing a great job since we are all talking about this guy and before today I was unaware of his existence. What do you think? Even though Jay-Z made that hat more famous than the Yankees did. Most singers look like HipHop artist and some of them are even trying to rap too. I must say the only singer I know of that can rap is Chris Brown. Do you now of any other singer that can rap?

We really need to support movements like this. Let's keep the foundation of HipHop alive by supporting your local artist. It's amazing how far we have come but yet we still have a ways to go. I remember my grandmother used to tell me, "If she can't use your comb don't bring her home".

So with that type of up bringing I never really got into interracial dating thing especially while living in a all black neighborhood. The black girls on my block would literally beat any white girl they saw walking with a black guy.

This is still a hot topic with my family to this day. How do you feel about dating outside of your race? I don't go to many concerts but I definitely will be going to this one I love to watch straight Raw talent. I'm getting old Blu is part of that new wave of Emcees coming from the west coast which has taken California by storm. The west coast has been flying under the radar since the full of Deathrow Records.

But this new gang of skateboarding Emcees are putting the west coast back on the map. And I love it!!! Who is your favorite west coast rapper? Planet Asia presents the first music video from his new album "Black Belt Theatre," in stores everywhere on February 28th, Video directed by Steven Lefkovitz. Now that I got that legal mumbo jumbo out the way Planet Asia is one of dopest underground artist out there.

I like his smooth style,he kind of remind me of Guru. He doesn't have to beat you over the head with a whole bunch of Ra Ra because his lyrics are vicious. When I first started UnsungHipHop. Com I thought only the old heads like myself were doing the "Real" street HipHop. The internet is such a huge tool to promoting yourself and networking. To all my young Emcees out there you don't have to have a "Radio" hit to be successful.

Fact: Justin Bieber has never had a "Radio" hit Get my point? This would be a good subject to be taught in our public schools. Just think about it black people spend most their grade years learning about cultures rather than their own. Black History did not began with slavery we were Kings and Queens with our on way of life, religion, language, and currency.

We were scholars before there were colleges. Statik Selektah is one of the hardest working and illest producers around. Made in the mold of legendary producers like DJ Premier and Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) Rock, his tracks have defined today's underground sound. Here's a look at the influences that helped shape his sound. Who is your favorite DJ? Voltron - HipHop Cartoon Parts Voltron goes HipHop You can't get better than this I grew up watching this cartoon but I can't say it made me want to go buy a sprite LOL.

But the attempt was cool though I really wish all of HipHop sub genres could you unite like this. Take our culture back from the greedy corporations that own most of us.!!! I'm sorry but you can't get much better than this You will probably never hear this combination of Emcees like this again.

Who is your favorite freestyle Emcee? The Making of Def Poetry. The series presents performances by established spoken word poets, as well as up-and-coming ones. Well-known actors and musicians will often surprise the audience by showing up to recite their own original poems. The show is hosted by Mos Def.

Def Poetry is a spin-off of Def Comedy Jam. As he did on Def Comedy, Russell Simmons appears at the end of every episode to thank the audience. Ivy, Jessica Care-Moore and Lemon. Jungle Brothers - Baby Bam Interview. It was the first show of and one of the best interviews we've been a part of. If you are aware of the Jungle Brothers you can only imagine the amount of Hiphop knowledge that was discussed. Just a few years back he left the group to pursue a solo career doing music under his new Pagan religion.

That totally blew my mind when I Googled the religion and read up on their beliefs. Now I'm not judgmental but when you are a fan you tend to see celebrities in a different light. I'd like to see the first UK hiphop star worldwide making more money than Baby and Nem But that's a dream until us as HipHop Supa Emcees - DJ Evil Dee* - In Ya Area Pt 2 (CD) become more diverse on our music selection they will continue to feed us garbage.

And what ever happen to the dope female Emcees? The Revolution is here.!! Who's coming with me? I don't know what year this cartoon came out but they sure did banned to from public television. Watch it and you be the judge. With all the controversial television shows on the air it amazes me what gets air play and what doesn't.


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  1. Support. DJ EVIL DEEAs we enter a new reality where events are cancelled for a significant period of time, many of the creators and institutions that we love face an extremely challenging financial future. Support. DJ EVIL DEE by subscribing directly to this channel and get access to exclusive wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfot for $/month.
  2. Discogsマーケットプレイスでは、%s のレコードやCDなどを購入することができます。 DJ Evil Dee* In Ya Area Pt 2 3 バージョン: Tape Kingz: US: このバージョンを出品: 3 バージョン.
  3. wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo / In the s and s, hip-hop radio was an essential element in the spread of hip-hop music. This collection aims to document the history of that spread in the US and worldwide on commercial stations and small college stations alike.
  4. DJ Evil Dee - In Ya Area Pt. 2. INFO. No info available yet. COVERS TRACKLIST. Side A: Intro Krumbsnatcha - Closer To God Krs-One - Perhaps She'll Die Killa Army - Wu Renegades De La Soul - Supa Emcees Mystikal - Mr. Shittalker Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Tray Deee & Soopafly - Out The Moon Rampage & Busta Rhymes.
  5. Jul 01,  · wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo -- Head Beatminer Evil Dee spins at Rock and Soul Records in NYC with Mell Starr, Boogie Blind, Ted Smooth, Kenny Dope, and more -- 06/
  6. Ewart C. Dewgarde. Profile: Member of Da Beatminerz, Boot Camp Clik, and Black Moon and brother of Walter Dewgarde b.k.a. Mr. wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo appears as "DJ Evil Dee". Born May 24,
  7. Mar 26,  · Black Moon “How Many Emcees (DJ Evil Dee ’96 Remixes)” (Sealed) $ Black Moon “Buck Em Down” $ Black Moon “I Got Cha Opin” $ Black Moon / Smif-N-Wessun “Headz Ain’t Redee!” $ Blue Oyster Cult “Blue Oyster Cult” $ Blue Oyster Cult “Spectres” $ Blue Oyster Cult “Secret Treaties” $
  8. DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt talk about Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun how they really are not credited for all the work they do. Even I wasn't familiar with all the works of these guys until I did some research myself. The internet was one of the Best things that could .

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