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Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Join our movement today. Donate Now. Explore Torture. July 30, Commentary.

Published in: The Washington Post. Videos Watch more. Reports More reports. July 29, Report. The gaps in the wheel allowed the limbs to give way and break. Disturbingly, the survival time after being "broken" could be extensive, with some accounts of victims living for several days prior to succumbing to their mortal injuries.

This torture device was used extensively during the Middle Ages. Victims would be placed onto the chair — which featured hundreds of sharp spikes — followed by the progressive tightening of iron restraints, forcing the spikes deep into the flesh. This could go on for hours, sometimes days. The spikes did not penetrate vital organs and blood loss was minimized — at least until the person was released from the chair. Death often followed. The Iron Chair was often used as a psychological instrument of torture; victims Torture often confess after being forced to watch other prisoners being tortured by the device.

The device, which is basically a vise for the head, slowly crushes the skull and facial bones. Even if the torturer stopped before death, permanent damage to the facial muscles and structure would occur.

Rats have also been employed to perform torture. There were many variants, but a common technique was to force a starving rat through a victim's body usually the intestines as a way to escape. To make Torture work, prisoners were completely restrained and tied to the ground or any horizontal surface.

A rat was then placed on the stomach covered by a metallic container, which was gradually heated. The rat began to look for a way out, which inevitably meant through the victim's body. Digging through the body usually took a few hours, resulting in a painful and gruesome death. This was one of the most dreaded forms of torture during the Medieval Period. The accused were placed inside a caged coffin, rendering them completely immobile. The period of time was determined by the crime, with some infractions, like blasphemy, punishable by death.

Victims were often put on public display, where they would be mocked and abused by angry locals. This one's particularly nasty — not that the other items on this list aren't. Also known as the Iron Spider, it was mainly used on women who were accused of adultery, self-abortion, heresy, blasphemy, or accused of being witches.

Sincethe Australian government has been forcibly transferring refugees and asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat to camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. In these remote locations, refugees and asylum seekers live in punitive conditions with no opportunity to seek freedom and protection. Hostility from the local population sometimes leads to violent physical or sexual assaults, and refugees are denied access to adequate healthcare.

Refugees and asylum seekers suffer high rates of mental illness and self harm with the ongoing uncertainty being a major contributing factor. There have been 12 deaths on Manus and Nauru since the inception of these cruel policies. Governments often use national security as a pretext for torturing people.

In Cameroon for example, Amnesty has documented how the security forces have set up secret torture chambers for people accused, often with zero evidence, of being members of the armed group Boko Haram.

Fatima not her real name told Amnesty International how she was held incommunicado at a military base for nine months. She was beaten with various objects, including wooden sticks and the flat Torture of a machete.

By the end of the third day, my soles were going to explode. Hundreds of people were held there for years without charge and subjected to torture or what the US calls "enhanced interrogation techniques". Former detainees have described being waterboarded, deprived of sleep, subjected to constant blasting music and freezing temperatures, or forced into stress positions.

Amnesty International has been campaigning for all Guantanamo detainees to be either immediately released or charged with a recognizable criminal offence. A report from the US Senate Intelligence Committee described how one prisoner was handcuffed to an overhead bar which would not allow him to lower his arms for 22 hours each day for two consecutive days.

He was also Torture to wear a diaper. Amnesty International has worked tirelessly to expose the complicity of a number of countries in the US secret detention and rendition programme. The use of torture destroys people, corrodes the rule of law, undermines the criminal justice system and erodes public trust in public institutions and the state they represent. It causes severe pain and suffering to victims which continues long after the acts of torture stop.

A common myth about torture is that sometimes it is the only way to get information that could save lives. States have a huge variety of ways to collect information on crimes — both past and planned — without losing their humanity.

Torture is a primitive and blunt instrument for obtaining information. Around the world torture is routinely used to extract confessions. Information obtained in this way is not reliable because people will say anything under torture just to make the pain stop. They will say what they think their torturers Torture to hear, Torture.

She was forced to sign a confession she had not even read. Torture victims face a range of devastating long-term consequences. The physical and psychological pain inflicted on them can lead to chronic pain and disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and depression. This is why it is so important that people who have been tortured have access to redress, and that their torturers are brought to justice.


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  1. Jul 30,  · The prohibition against torture is a bedrock principle of international law. Torture, as well as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, is banned at all times, in all places, including in times of.
  2. Nov 24,  · Medieval Torture Wanted to Extract Confessions. One of the main goals of torture was to extract a confession. Therefore, Medieval torture devices were seldom designed to actually kill their victims. As demonstrated by the rack, a torture device could be used to inflict either physical or psychological pain on its victim and make him/her confess.

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