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He is a sheer perfectionist Twist Epoque creates authentic historical installations where you can meet Napoleon, Maupassant, or even your own deceased father. Such an expert would surely have been welcomed in the Ridley Scott's crew when filming Gladiator or Quentin Tarantino's crew when making Inglourious Basterds. However, taken into account Antoine's temper, they would probably have not got along.

Just like Antoine's team can hardly stand his annoying behavior. Antoine is ready to fulfill any of Victor's whim. The latter has chosen to travel back in time into his own past, namely the day he met the love of his life. It was the time when he was breathing freely; he was drawing and was the person he wanted to be. Someone might find such choice a bit weird. Nevertheless, the main hero has made a decision to live his life again, to make up for the lost time. And the big game starts.

At first, Victor is amused by small inaccuracies of what is going on around him. However, in some time he becomes engrossed into this fictitious world. A completely innocent, at first glance, the game grows into something much bigger.

Victor changes. A fire lights up in his eyes again. He starts a struggle with himself without being fully conscious of that. Leading this fight you need to stop in time and understand that whiskey is not as tasty as it could be because instead of it you are drinking water.

Love is present not only in that one specific day, but it is also inside us. Despite that, love is prevalent in the given chain of emotions. It is the key even if you need to create the whole new world to save or find it. DoctorStrabismus 8 January Indeed, I often visit those days in my dreams, with the sort of distortion of events that only dreams can do. So if I could pay to be magically transformed completely toto live its fabulous intensity all over again, only my bank balance would hold me back.

To return to relive a time when the world lay ahead of me, everything seemed possible, and I was not old and cynical, now wouldn't that be marvellous? It is so refreshing to watch a movie that involves genuine acting, and Daniel Auteuil is magnificent, as always, his eyes alone capable of expressing so much emotion.

And it sets 21st century and possibly futuristic technology against a backdrop ofwhen life really was all so much simpler. The movie does at times become dream-like in its depiction of Victor's recreation of his youthful journey, and most certainly surreal, definitely bewildering in places for him, and the whole story is cleverly handled with wit and elegance. If you think it is a space-time movie, this is wrong.

Memory, feeling unreliable. Love touch is also a personal thing. In fact, it was also mismatched at the beginning, sober is also a kind of sorrow.

This is a movie like Rashomon - romance veriosn. Victor and Marianne are in their early seventies. While Marianne refuses to grow up Victor struggles to adapt to a modern world full of gadgets and the virtual reality of the internet. A present from his son - a successful media businessman turns his life upside down as he is allowed to relive the best days of his youth. Once again a romantic comedy where the protagonist tries another chance with his past.

However this time around the premise does not include literal time travel or rewriting of history. It is also refreshing to see French acting royalty Daniel Auteuil and Fanny Ardant in the main roles. Sparks fly when they are together on screen and it is realistic, exciting and intense. The script is extremely clever, well paced and filled with hilarious situations.

Sometimes everything comes together in a film - the music, the acting, the direction, all supporting an original story that digs deep but makes perfect sense. Perfectly funny, spot on dialogue, memorable characters - it's all there. A feel good, but an intelligent film - I didn't want it to end. Other than IMDB dating this film to there is a Spanish film of the same name from that year I have no issues really.

Charmingly acted by Auteuil and Ardant, it is a pleasant and amusing, if somewhat Twist Epoque, fantasy about re-discovering a youthful love.

Zoetrope 27 May If you have a chance to live any time period for a night, what would you choose? There are instances, we don't like someone now but we used to adore a decade back. Have you ever thought how it all changes? This movie will give an idea on how things change over time or is it us who change? A dream like fresh romantic comedy movie with unique story you will ever see.

Maybe we will also get to see this idea transforms into real business, in future. The time travel which is possible! A very different type of film and premise. Super fresh. Victor Drumond Daniel Auteuilan aging cartoonist with a failing marriage with his wife Marianne the elegant Fanny Ardantdefinitely has one. When Victor gets chucked out of their apartment one night by Marianne, he decides to make use of the voucher offered by his son to "return to his glorious '70s".

This is made possible by Antoine a childhood friend of his son'swho along with a bunch of sophisticated actors and authentic aesthetics akin to elaborately done film setsoffers a service to let people relive their happiest moment s. Antoine Canet is going through a relationship struggle with Margot a tough-to-take-eyes-off Doria Tillierone of his actresses.

When Margot is cast to play the role of Marianne in Victor's moment Twist Epoque set in a cafe in Lyon,things slowly spiral out of control. Victor can't help but fall in love with this beautiful, trailblazing lady who improvises her lines and situations for real. In her, he sees traits of his wife, but with unique texturing of her own. As days progress, Victor finds that he's able to draw i. Nicolas Bedos strongly projects how art is one of the few things that can stand the test of time - sometimes, even love tends to take a backseat.

He also leaves a heartwarming message for everyone who's been in love at some point in the form of the climax scene. It's a nostalgia-filled ride too, Twist Epoque, into an imagined version of the 70s.

Victor casually comments on the times when people used to smoke like they owned chimney lungs and notice other people passing by instead of staring into phone screens like we do now! Plenty of sharp, cleverly written humor is also present for discerning viewers.

Bedos can feel proud of the fact that he didn't overly sentimentalize the proceedings or overuse his unique rom-com concept. The writing here for each of the lead characters is solid and very Kaufman-esque in its world-building. I, for one, would love to visit Utopia as many times as possible.

Original idea and dynamic directing. The movie has quite a lot of scenes twists and interesting characters. Funny, romantic, intelligent, tiefsinnig Xxxxx why is this review too short?

I DON'r wanna spoil the movie. I know there are only four reviews on imdb for this entry but I thought that at least one of them would have mentioned Luigi Pirandello or Star Trek both of which arguably influenced the writer-director.

Pirandello of course made a career out of posing the question what is real and what is illusion. In one of his finest plays, Henry IV not the English king but the French one the audience spends the bulk of the first act thinking it is actually at the court of Henry IV onlt to be disabused and realise we are, Twist Epoque fact, in the 20th century where a wealthy man, convinced he actually is the king has spent a fortune recreating the real court. Here, Guillaume Canet has a lucrative business recreating the past physically in a studio for those Twist Epoque to pay.

Enter Daniel Auteuil, still in love with his wife, Fanny Ardant, who has a new lover and barely tolerates Auteuil. Once aware of Canets' business Auteuil opts to return tothe year he met his great love, who, at that time, returned it.


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  2. The erotic shenanigans get an extra twist when Manolo's wife Amalia, a touring cabaret star played by peppy Mary Carmen Ramirez, shows up with her new lover. Winner of an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, "Belle Epoque" is seductive, eccentric, and lively, like Spain wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfos:
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  8. If TRUMAN SHOW was a romantic comedy you'd get LA BELLE EPOQUE. It is also refreshing to see French acting royalty Daniel Auteuil and Fanny Ardant in the main roles. but the director then gives it a twist and plays with the idea of the husband diving back into their happy days in a clever way, and it provides a lot or witty humour, as well.

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