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I've asked others to look into this as well. This will surely shut up the complainer. Aren't we supposed to show a more caring attitude to people who have a problem with their bio? Kevin talk30 June UTC. I originally came to this page because of a problem I had with a more experienced editor. I decided that before I posted a "public" request, I'd try contacting another editor directly for some feedback, so I followed the instructions to do that.

The first editor I contacted never responded. I later realized that the editor probably was no longer active on WP, so I tried a second editor. After over 10 days of no response, I removed my request from that editor's talk page. In the interim, although the original problem had not been resolved to my complete satisfaction, I felt I'd made some progress resolving the situation on my own, and I was willing to let it go.

And don't edit other editor's talk pages. I also suggested they remove their name from the list. I initially took the approach of contacting editors directly because I thought it would be less confrontational than doing it here. Unfortunately, the whole experience has left a really bad taste in my mouth. I just wish people would be nicer. Some editors apparently don't realize the effects their electronic terseness has on newer editors.

I try very hard to edit in good faith and to follow WP's many policies and instructions not easy although I'm getting better. I'm not sure what I expect from posting these comments here except to inform the Wiki community of my experience.

However, it failed in the way that once it had become the current version it looked as ugly as before. I would be very pleased if this problem can be sorted out.

Warbe talk28 June UTC. Please help me! Instead of removing whatever offending small thing, they just remove everything, including the valid information that I added. I don't know whether this user has found the answer to their question since then.

If someone who knows copyright rules can stop by their talk page and see if they still need help, it would be much appreciated. I am working to create a page for a well-respected, recently-deceased illustrator. Her daughter has provided me with some images to use on her page, but I am not sure how to go about properly tagging and uploading them.

Can you please help me figure out the process? I've moved it and did some very minor cleanup, but it could use a thorough review and cleanup, if the topic is notable enough for an article. Thank you. There's an external link at Jumping the shark that, in my mind, is a clear cut case of self-promotional linkspam.

I've removed it, and explained why on the talk page. The link's been reinstated by a user who appears to have a financial interest in the external site.

Rather than getting into an edit war, I'm coming here for assistance -- what's the next line of defense here? It is km from Mandsaur and 14 km from Bhanpura in the east direction. PIN code It is situated 3 km off the road Nimach-Jhalrapatan. Source Vinod Patidar Mumbai Hi - I am new here as an editor and have a question about citations. Specifically, I just edited an article about a music recording based on the fact that I own the recording my edit was changing the description to being an EP, since the recording is a inch record at 45 rpm containing a total of 5 songs and a running time of about 20 minutes.

How would this be cited appropriately? And on a similar note, if I were at a concert and wanted to include something from my having been there facetious example - Richard Thompson said his new LP would be released only on vinyl and consist entirely of Brittney Spears cover songs - how would that be cited?

My concern is the information content of the bioidentical hormone page. Since I am a fairly new user, in order to reach consensus and a neutral bias on the page, I feel that I need editorial assistance. Any help would be greatly apreciated. I want to hire someone to help me create an article, a military biography. Is there a marketplace for this kind of service or do I just post something on craigslist?

Rosiland A. I don't know what I'm doing. I just want to make a page for Rosiland A Jordan. I have already started it but it doesn't look right. Please help. RHaworth's initial reason for proposing deletion was a contention that it looked like an alternate form of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

When I addressed this issue, providing a printed RS for it as a footnote, he thought that I should have a web-accessible RS. I provided this, along with several other sources all printed from academic journals and books. He then demanded that I should produce a map of the site, and that my web accessible RS not be in Spanish the region is located in Honduras. This last request, a reasonable one in my consideration, I did answer, though my source was a classic Spanish language source available on GoogleBooks, however on etymologies of indigenous names in Honduras.

To get around the language issue, I translated a section of the two entries into English. I would like to see this article back in Wikipedia, and I think that it qualifies as being fairly well developed, having 10 footnotes to 5 different sources, all RS in my opinion, including one to a web source. Beepsie talk6 July UTC.

I would like to find out how to approach the Wikipedia English in order to supply the page for 'Grand Unified Theory' with my content. This IP is in conformance with the unopposed motion of disclosure in U. It consists of the GT integral atomic topological function with it's correlation function, which constructs the 3D picoyoctoscale data point image of an atom. The achievement unifies the four forces in terms of interactive force particles by combination of the relativistic Einstein-Lorenz transform functions for time, mass, and energy with the quantum mechanical wave equations for frequency and wavelength.

The image displays how gravity field particles are involved in electromagnetic energy and force. Dale B. Ritter, B. Ritter talk1 July UTC. I've edited the content so that is is from a NPOV and cited references. Jjmachine talk2 July UTC. I was hoping to get a comment from an administrator or someone else who is familiar with courtesy blanking regarding its correct use: I just listed an article for speedy deletion as a blatant advertisement for a company, as it was a "contact us" page, and contained multiple telephone numbers, addresses, etc.

Since I can't be sure that these details are purely of a business nature and would not cause harm to an individual as they did include some specific individuals associated with the companyI boldly courtesy-blanked the page except for the CSD template to hide the information. Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut) for the comments, I'll bear it in mind if I see something similar again.

Over the past several weeks I have posted accurate and neutral statements regarding the political views of Illinois 6th district Congressional candidate Ben Lowe. The statements I added to his page under the "Congressional campaign" heading were supported by statements Mr. Lowe made himself on his webpage and Twitter page. Someone continues to delete my posts. The last post I made was on June 20, but again it has failed to hold.

My posts are not malicious in nature, but rather are attempts to provide accuracy to the public domain regarding Mr. Lowe's political views as they pertain to his Congressional campaign. Most importantly, I believe it is premature to use a 'Battle box' for this article, a normal 'infobox' would be more neutral until the incident is clearly proven to be aggression by North Korea. The claims have been disputed by journalists, scientists and other experts from South Korea and around the world.

It is inaccurate to frame doubt about the findings of the 'team of international experts' to reside exclusively in assumedly biased China. Please see this report from one of the dissenting South Korean members of this team posted to a prominent SK political blog, it is very detailed in its refutation of the 'official story' as parroted, too uncritically, in my opinion, in the wikipedia article.

Wikipedia should not be a soapbox for a particular political view. Young students uncritically refer to Wikipedia and trust that what is presented there has been properly vetted.

The Korean version of the article is far more nuanced and informative. I think we owe the English speaking public a more accurate representation of this complex issue. A discussion was initiated by myself to clarify the fact that O'Keefe has indeed naturalized as a Hawaiian citizen, there are sources given for this. I would agree that there is dispute about Hawaiian history, but what is not in dispute is whether O'Keefe has naturalized as a Hawaiian national.

It seems to me that if this is allowed to continue, not only will Hawaiian national status be questioned, but Palestinian nationhood as well. Not really the point of this article and a slippery slope towards political agendas deciding the content. As it stands simple facts that have been reported in the mainstream media that verify O'Keefe as a Hawaiian citizen are being removed for what can only appear to be political reasons. As it stands it is simply a tit for tat who undid the last edit wins kind of game.

Hopefully Wikipedia editors will step in. It is worth noting that O'Keefe appears to have been the subject of quite a bit of vandalism, not surprising given his actions, but is there a way to stem some of the malicious editing?

Hi - user User:Creolteno has consistently made inappropriate edits to the Dave Zirin article. Most of these edits are Jewish slanders.

How should we proceed? Jewish Slanders? Its in a section related to the Gaza flotilla and it is mentioned that he has been called a self-hating jew.

Take this to the article talk page. Creolteno talk5 July UTC. Thanks for all the assistance and rapid resolution. Is this expected? Is it ok for a user to delete warnings and a block message on his or her own talk page? Please help me finish the page I've already created, for the book First Light novel. Thanks in advance! Toontown talk5 July UTC. The problem is that I've already updated it, but it was on 5 July when I did it.

Can it still be entered in the contest? The answer to this question was not clear to me from reading the contest rules. Djmaschek talk7 July UTC. It's creepy to find my user-space work pages coming up when I'm doing a Google search for something.

Occasionally they've been high in the search results for obscure topics. I know there's some code you can stick at the top of a page to prevent search engines from picking it up. Do I need to be an admin to put that code on my page? I'm not one. Are there instructions for this somewhere? Unbeknown to and unexpected by me, anti Catholicism turned out to be controversial. For me the following steps have been taken: 1 changes are proposed on talk before being made, with five days provisioned for consensus by silence, 2 any conduct suggestion is adopted as best as possible, 3 from now on, one sentence or word argument summaries will be linked to Google web pubs of my creation for the full arguments.

The one warning received by separate email, quite vital, showed me how to avoid penning personal attacks by specifically pointing them out and providing an opportunity to correct matters, gratefully accepted and immediately undertaken. Other blocking threats irregularly appear in the talk page, a function perhaps of controversy.

Apart from analyzing them and adopting suggestions that seem valid, should any action be taken? Which blocking threats are actual dangers?

Many Thanks. This is my first foray into editing, so it would be impossible to be other than a Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut) purpose account until another article is worked upon.

Until matters are changed, such that the Protestant reformation is not referenced as an example of anti Catholicism, it would be an embarassment to do that. Simply wanted someone with expertise on Catholicism, being unable to claim to be either a scholar of Catholic history or a Catholic clergyman, you see.

In any case, one must care for one's critics as one might delicate flowers. Jezhotwells referenced me in the third person, implying my subhumanity; the implication that my edits bear some sort of nefarious bias is clear.

To that end, added edits will be made to ensure what appears to be Jezhotwells' point of view are not neglected. After the page is made usable through attempts at humor and edits, I'll do just as you recommend. The subject is delicate in part because the past differs so from the present as respects government and state that you cannot use a single standard. As to third person:. I don't really care, not involved in the issue, nor likely to be involved.

That's a third person reference; Jezhotwells' minor dispensation with my humanity would be of little concern were it not for the implicit threat of banning via "strong POV issue".

I tried to insert a minor compliment of Mein Kampf to include Jezhotwells' POV, but was informed it constituted a "test" edit and was reverted; this reversion was accompanied by a reference to the sandbox. Will attempt to include a nice film about Heydrich. Hopefully, this will provide the balance required to prevent Jezhotwells and any other similar individuals from claiming that, on the issue of whether or not minority populations should be shot, I edit only on one side.

Should annihilation of Israel be thought the POV point of view, rest assured that, had the Jews been entirely extirpated, the present issues with Israel would not exist. My mistake was to reference to you; I misread the symbol and do apologize for that. If you and I talk with some degree of respect, you will refer to me in the second person, as you are now doing. When you speak of someone in the third person when you should be talking to them, as [[[User:GregJackP]] did, you dehumanize the person by turning him or her into an object almost incapable of a direct response.

Tactically, this can be a huge mistake, especially if you deem the individual so subhuman that you refuse to discuss matters 'I don't really care, not involved in the issue, nor likely to be involved.

In this case, the correction is applied by determining what, for me, is the POV issue. Banning is the closest thing to execution on the web. For someone who dehumanizes and then supplies two flimsy pretexts for execution, there are a few historic philosophies that fit the mold, the Hutu's, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot's regime, Hirohito's Japanese, Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut), Governor Lamarr of Texas, and the German Nazi's.

The German's simply seemed most handy. If a preference is to celebrate Pol Pot, that can readily be accomodated. Hello everybody, I had proposed an addition to the article moralbut now I have found a different article on morality. It seems to me the two could be combined. On the other hand there is a nuance between the two terms. A moral is a lesson to be learned, or a mode of behavior, while morality is a judgement on a certain behavior. My addition was going to be about morality in ethics as can be read on the talk page of the 'moral' article.

What should I do, should I merge two, contribute to one or to both? Thanks for any assistance. The things I want to add have sources, but a source on the relation between moral and morality seems a bit superfluous. I also will not continue without debate, hence this question.

Is there anybody here who would like to help me move forward? Watsammatta u talk6 July UTC. I have posted the current dispute discussion on my talk page and while I have no desire to be uncivilized, encountering the editorial process at Wikipedia when the accuracy of the subject matter is so vital to one's livelihood can be quite daunting and frustrating at first.

I'm willing to work with someone, anyone to resolve the discrepancies and to have my viewpoint considered beyond a surmise that my motivation is for purposes of advertising. The accuracy of my biography is VERY important to me and no journalist has ever gotten it right, few have even come close, and to put myself in the hands of volunteer Wikipedia editors is, frankly, terrifying when I realize that the majority of their source material comes from the same lazy, sloppy journalists who never bothered to fact check in the first place.

Also, I am flabbergasted at the editorial process whereby facts are accepted and presented within a very distorted context. My experience of this editorial approach is summarized by the following fictional example that one might find on a grade school student's essay concerning the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China is in China. It is very long. It was constructed before the Ming Dynasty. Marco Polo never visited the Great Wall of China. But if he had, he would have said it was inspired by the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Marco Polo is a Catholic. I'm having a little trouble here [4] in the "What links here" for this page. For some reason I'm so far unable to fathom, what seems like several hundred talk pages for various Mississippi related pages are showing up on this page. I'm unable to find a link, transclusion, category or template to explain this. I'm thinking somewhere there must be some code that stick everything with "Mississippian" in it into some list or category, but am so far unable to find it on any of the pages I've checked.

Any ideas? Is this the right place for this request? If not, apologies, and could I get pointed in the right direction? I guess that didn't work, because it is still doing it. Any other suggestions? He iro9 July UTC. Hello all. On June 19th, I posted a note on User X!

On the 25th, I still had not received a response, so I politely requested one. On the 29th I updated the talk page section with another issue related to the bot. Today, I posted there again with another related issue. I have not gotten a response on any of these. The editor appears to be somewhat active so I decided to not use email.

I'd like a response to the items I brought up, but I'm not sure what next step I should take. Normally, I'd just "take a hint" and go away, but these issues are regarding the main page. Any suggestions are welcome. Can someone point me to a policy or guideline that covers the correct use of exact quotes and paraphrasing, please?

Anthony talk8 July UTC. Thanks, GW. I've got a feeling I've seen something a little more comprehensive somewhere. Anthony talk11 July UTC. My edits are being reverted to an old version by user "Wizard" who is not affiliated with my organization. I was reading the inaccurate article on the Chapel and made the correction to the name.

His name was not Cook, the other sites are incorrect as well, his name was Cock. I have made copies of the orginal documents and I have not problem mailing, faxing and emailing them to you. In addition, I am a noted author and historian, how about before accusing someone of vandalising an essay ask them for the proof of their correction. I would appreciate it if you would make the correction or we will have to contact an attorney for you providing misinformation to the general public and defaming my character!!!!

Veronica A. I believe that your piece describing the Chautauqua County watershed is incomplete and in error. Must have been compiled by those in the southeast. French Creek, which rises in Sherman and FIndley Lake areas, head south and over the state line fairly quickly into Pennsylvania, where it joins the Allegheny and then the Ohio.

I currently am the publisher at sitio tiempo press in Berkeley CA. Zwakmaster talk9 July UTC. The discussion page reflects much discontent with this fact, but it seems there is nothing that can be done about it. The article on [ White ] is a completely unbalanced article which appears to be by either Mr. White himself or his publicist. White is a controversial figure. I will leave it to others to determine whether or not it's because he is a "contrarian," as he likes to style himself, or because he's essentially a troll, but his Wikipedia entry is entirely positive and flattering.

If a neutral party would be good enough to check the comments page, it should be evident that a one-sided image of the man is being presented. I fully understand the need to protect an entry on a living person. It's quite another to use that authority to protect said individual from any substantive criticism. I submit that Mr. White or his agent are working overtime to do just that.

Valid concerns have been expressed about his accuracy, logic, composition, and other basic aspects of the critic's job. They deserve to be addressed. I am having difficulties writing an article about Dr. Paul A. Wikipedia references Dr. I feel this needs to be corrected as soon as possible. He is an internationally recognized academic and expert.

He is receiving many awards and honorariums so folks would benefit from learning more about him. I wish to be connected to someone skilled in writing articles for Wikipedia. It is my hope that I could provide the needed information and the skilled editor create the article. I have attempted to do so myself but am hampered by the current new changes made to the site. I am blocked by my Internet security software from accessing links and opening articles.

As yet I have not been able to determine the conflict so I turn off my security software, which is not a good idea. On your page on Nebraska Wines, the external link to "Nebraska Grape and Wine Tourism" has also added beer and cheese to that title.

This led to women reading, the satisfaction of earning your own income, becoming less dependent on men for security. It even lead to a strike, of which the women actually won!

But, were only Northeastern mills the beginners in employing women outside the home? If I'm not mistaken, there was a college in Philadelphia, PA that educated women to be doctors. I know Villanova please forgiive my spelling College was one such college that offered advanced education for women at the turn of the century.

But, in order for women to get out into the world, there had Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut) be advances in technology in the home, labor saving devices, to allow women to have the extra time to pursue a higher education. I decided the best place to start my research was with the World's Fairs, starting with the first one in England in While at first only the wealthy women could afford these new fangled devices, eventually they trickled down to something the average household housewife could afford.

Once I have a littany of all of the devices that were invented; I could then imagine how different the middle class woman's life would have been a hundred years ago. With all of the Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut) about some type of doomsday event that may occur with the coming of the yearif society is forced back into a plainer, simpler form of existance A hundred years ago, my life would have been very different to what it is now.

Society might be forced into using outhouses instead of having indoor plumbing. Electric stoves could be replaced with iron wood burning stoves. If industry dies to the point where industrial manufacturing of sliced bread is no longer available; does that infer that women will have to stay at home in the kitchen in order for the family to have bread to eat?

I need your help with the articles I wrote under Georgene I'm useless with making links. Many of the texts submitted will have links to other articles that are submitted in Wikipedia. You would know more of these specific links than I. Could you please look over my talks and add what links are available to tie into other texts here in Wikipedia?

OP: Try a search of the forum I just posted a link about it literally 3 days ago. The topic has also been extensively discussed on this forum. Or 3 seconds of google works Aglahad, I read that post, and also the link you posted.

Bapt Ist Sk In Comm Uniti* - Next In Line / Judgement / Military (Lathe Cut) sure if your comment was addressed to me, but where in that link are my two specific questions addressed? Aglahad said:. Hmm, not sure about that. I did google "Army Branch Detail" and came across quite a few posts from across the Internet Land where the poster was Detailed, and wondered why, and what it meant.

Some posts are three years old, some are newer. Yes, that is where the rubber hits the road. Let's discuss real numbers from So, let's say you have always dreamed of Military Intelligence or another example, Signal Corps See slide 22 of the above linked Power Point, last bullet point. Joined Oct 28, Messages 3. Jcleppe Year Member. Joined Feb 10, Messages 6, Yeah, we already covered that with Dunn's source and my last post. If I really didn't want a chance of that infantry detail I wouldn't have bothered Interesting, this Detail program.

Last edited: Dec 4, MemberLG 5-Year Member. Joined Jan 4, Messages 2, I was branched detailed from MI to Infantry. For me I would have perferred to stayed with Infantry, but for my year group your MI branch manager would rather have your resign than let you stay at the detailed branch. Not sure how it works now. You must log in or register to reply here.


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  1. Official site of the U.S. Army Reserve, the federal military reserve forces of the United States.
  2. No. We are subject to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. However, some general staff may pick and choose which elements of the UCMJ they will enforce. For example the young officers and NCOs in Afghanistan who protected their troops by shooti.
  3. appellant provided a factual and legal basis for the military judge’s finding of guilty on that specification. Next, the military judge defined the offense of possession of child erotica to appellant, as follows: On or between 12 August and 9 September at or near Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Washington, the.
  4. coalition military assistance training team 3 june to 2 june headquarters, office of the defense representative-pakistan 1 june to 31 july go –02 4. headquarters, joint contracting command iraq/afghanistan 1 january to 31 december
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  6. Military Operations THE U.S. ARMY OPERATING CONCEPT: WIN IN A COMPLEX WORLD DAVID G. PERKINS General, U.S. Army Commanding RICHARD D. MONTIETH Colonel, GS Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6 History. This is a major revision to U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Pamphlet , The U.S. Army Operating Concept. Summary.
  7. National Flag vi Arab World View Part VII /5 Holidays Tips on Protecting your Health Greetings Body Language
  8. The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States. The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are reserve components of their.
  9. ing to prepare young men and women for military service. Perhaps most disturbingly, many young people of color are not prepared by their high schools to make the cut. The United States Army’s Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is the test that determines if applicants qualify for enlistment, and, if they do, what.

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