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Straight M.I - Most Ill Crew - Ill Funk Fl-Oz & Trax (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Straight M.I - Most Ill Crew - Ill Funk Fl-Oz & Trax (CD, Album)
Label: 18th Street Music - none • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: G-Funk

Get your Kleenex ready. Owl and Cheshire and the Wonder Twins. Soon, everything will look like those famous Calvin Klein ads, except without the hot underage kids in underwear. Snoop Dogg: Man, I liked Snoop too. Dark wave: Seeking revenge on good music everywhere, all the goths got together and decided on a way to make trance worse—by adding really depressing, whiny, pathetic vocals over the beats see: VNV Nation.

Why, God? No, really. The Swam Another travesty from the reliably scummy Fox Network, The Swan is the reality show where supposedly ugly women are given a ton of plastic surgery and then cruelly asked to compete in a beauty pageant.

Their songs are so full of otherworldly, ecclesiastic overtones as to make naming themselves after a distant galaxy totally appropriate. It was cool, like Sonic Youth. This record is one of noisy music. These contradictions are accentuated by an album sleeve that appears to feature children playfully creating snow angels No surprise, then, that Vibert is obsessed with Japan.

This one restaurant they took us to had some weird sashimi. The guy brought in a live fish and cut it up immediately and it was still flapping around and then we were supposed to eat from its body. I ate a tiny bit of the fish but I was just sure I was going to be sick because I had never even had sushi or anything like that before.

Last time I was there, I went to this hour shop at three in the morning. The odd collection of stuff in the shop transported me to some weird realm—I was there until about five in the morning. Everything is Japan is designed better and it runs smoother, and people are more efficient and so polite. Europe always feels backward in comparison, Album).

A brooding, ambitious album, it firmly announced the arrival of one of the finest talents the genre had ever seen, while pushing the production envelope. Some are still available through the website at prices in the thousandsbut the Robots are also releasing limited edition 3-inch Dunnys by Frank Kozik, Lase, Superdeux, etc.

The E has all this, plus a vibrating effect that mimics the feeling of standing next to a subwoofer and the Motomixer app, in which you can remix existing ringtones or create original ones from scratch. By toy, we mean iPod. Also comes in a canvas CamO version, www.

But Selway has another abiding musical passion outside of techno and electro. Vivian Host www. Anyway, this record is deserving of all the hype with its twisted, pulsating synths and effects, driving disco beats, vocoded robotic nonsense and sex kitten vocals by Ms. Sun La Shan herself. The Carumba mix is the one to go for: crazy dubbed-out reversed edits and effects over an already strange song. Straight M.I - Most Ill Crew - Ill Funk Fl-Oz & Trax (CD beats and bass jack as well Album) any early Chicago house track.

Really amazing and damn near impossible to get. You just know the guy singing is wearing a leather jacket with too many zippers, greases his hair and has a really bad mustache.

As usual, Movement was a prime showcase for legendary Detroit talents. Their baby girl was born at AM, marking the most momentous of after-hour events. Jessica Perri 1. Madlib; 2. But momentum is building. Rather, Silver Cities bumps, swerves and throbs with a brainy salaciousness. Profiles of young, fertile mail-order brides adorn the Proptronix website, further confusing things.

Though the record fell into many hands, it was followed by a lengthy hibernation period for the imprint. Not only does it include the soaring trance anthems which he is famous for, but also includes full vocal songs, powerful atmospheric chill-out tracks, and tracks that border on the territory of alternative rock. Includes the hot new single Marrakech and a special bonus DVD full of videos and extras. A must-have for all electonic music fans.

The best Space Ibiza compilation ever! Hard trance and techno at it's finest. Debut album OCD's obsessive compulsive music is full of infectiously catchy melodies imposed over brooding moods and deeply moving rhythms. Once you get through the initial levels, you start to acquire special mind powers, among them telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind control and remote viewing.

Sound like hot shit? Well, it is. The effort here has definitely been put into graphics and playability. Not so much time has been spent on the music and voiceovers, although the realistic sound effects make keeping the volume up worth it. All in all, this is a refreshing take on a classic game genre.

It makes for an absolutely enjoyable geek-end trip, a nice change from my usual two-day hand-in-thc-pants seminar. Andrew Smith www. Willing participants sandwiched between female wrestlers; 2. Time out for the amazonian babe from Prince of Persia 2 and three Daisy Dukes; 4.

The pimped-out gaming area of the Driver 3 booth; 5. Dance steps captured in mid-air; 7. A developer behind zombie game, Dead Rush, with vampire babe in tow; 8. Fuzzy hugs; The ButtKicker attaches to your computer chair and vibrates with every gun shot Although they were everywhere, the real army folks were much less intimidating than this fake one right ; The flick chronicles a live collaboration between legendary jazz and funk session drummers and the DJs who have been inspired by their breaks, including J-Rocc, Babu and Cut Chemist.

Nonetheless, its drum-centric subject matter will most appeal to hardcore scratch enthusiasts, cymbal aficionados and those obsessed with the origins of their dusty record collections. Not to disappoint the scratch-happy among you, In Tune Smooth downtempo breaks as Second Nature for Alola. Techier business for Front Room. In addition to the requisite stream of singles getting charted by selectors as diverse as Ben Watt and Plump DJs, Londoner Loveys is that rare breed of producer who has also managed to put together several well-received albums.

Sometimes it takes someone else to hear something. And then If you have a versatile talent like Loveys, the odd club hit is just a matter of perseverance-and a wicked basslinc. Intastella is out now on Freerange Records.

Armed with a mic and a backpack full of wax, the former Organized Konfusion MG is back on the job, if only on his own terms. With Lex Records on his back and a new Organized album on the way, may well be remembered as the year Po blew up. Little remains constant in the ever-changing rapids of Jamaican music. I moved to London from Lancashire in and a growing obsession with black music in all its forms—particularly soul, funk and reggae—led to me getting a regular weekly [comic] strip in Black Echoes magazine around that time.

It just seemed to me to be a comment on repressed sexuality, and I thought by changing a few words from female to male, it became this song about repressed gay sexuality. There was a burning anger inside that I needed to get out. Crofterson Up Above Records on July Outkast has announced plans to release a new album in November, produced by Organized Noize, and a film in May of DJ gear company Shure is launching Vinyl Kombat, the first DJ competition open to all ages and held in all-ages venues.

The finals will be held in September. Truth, the national youth smoking prevention campaign, will be touring the US this summer and giving away hot limited edition t-shirts by Typestereo, Mr. Cartoon and Michael Leon. Check dates at www. Infinite Livez Tom Oldham ; 3. Andre from Outkast; 5. The Liars; 6. Morrissey; 7. Karen O; 8. Robert Smith from The Cure out this fall. The band will also be releasing their 13th album on June 27 and some reissues in mid-August.

We wish her well. Director Greg Spotts explores the pitfalls of the American economy in his documentary, American Jobswhich will be released on Labor Day, September 6. Virtu is a thrice-yearly music subscription service compiling music from the likes of RJD2, The Notwist and Herbert with limited-edition collectible packaging from cutting-edge visual artists. Check it at www. Find out more at www. Land and all the people who send him mass junk emails.

Hip-hop fans have a new online mag to turn to at www. For the latest sounds from New York, check out www. Visit www. Take a look or try it out. The answer lies in Cologne, Germany, inside the mysterious, Words: Philip Sherburne milk-white walls of a compound called Kompakt.

In my hypnagogic state, the sound seems to broadcast some polyphonic message in code. As the clanging builds and echoes overlap each other, it suddenly occurs to me where I have heard this quality before—in the shimmering dream-pop of Superpitcher, who shrouds his songs in layer upon layer of backwards-spun gongs and chimes. It seems not entirely a revisionist move: The Kompakt philosophy long predated its first recorded product.

This makes it-after the demise of EFA—the strongest independent techno distributor in Germany, if not all of Europe. Add to this the Kompakt shop and mail-order operation, which ranks alongside Hardwax as the best techno record store in the world. Clearly, Kompakt has figured out a workable strategy, in large part because it is a company of and for DJs. At the far end of the room sits Wolfgang Voigt, his desk positioned with a view over the entire operation.

After one run-in with an egregiously self-promoting musician, Voigt asked not to be introduced to any more visitors to the shop.

The title draws from the notation for architectural scale, which determined the means by which he processed his samples. It would be easy to chalk it up to an imprecise grasp of English, but it might not be a stretch to relate the tic to his musical philosophy. Yet Kompakt still remains faithful to a belief in the progressive social and artistic potential of the form—a belief that verges on the utopian.

The music that people will party to next Friday in the club is mainly the music as it existed 10 years ago. What happens around the boom boom boom is the most important thing. But exciting new ideas are hiding in between micro-trends, in very small variations. Affable, easy-going and eager to talk, he takes the pressure off Paape—who politely declines an interview, preferring to maintain the helm of the store—and Voigt.

We release lots of records just to be right, in a way. The label has a curious relationship to the pop music Zeitgeist. But Superpitcher, aka Aksel Schaufler, defends his decision as something he had to do at that point in his artistic development, and the label stands behind him.

Wolfgang Voigt; 3. Reinhard Voigt; 4. Michael Mayer; 5. Justus Koehnche; 6. Jorg Burgee 7. Tobias Thomas; 8. Ahsel Schaufler a. Leaving aside the city's thriving, experimental non-techno labels like Sonig, Karaoke Kalk, and Tomlab, the city has enough fresh, talented labels to give even Kompakt a run for its money. Andrew W'. Need proof? Meet the geeky, jazzy, glitchy electro muffins behind the hash-hazed record shops and labels of the Netherlands.

They are all here for the same reason: Dedbeatthe premier electro, IDM and underground hip-hop festival in the UK. The dancefloor in the substantial main room is packed and no one is in a hurry to leave- having witnessed an awesome five hours of electro that has touched on just about every conceivable strand of the multi-faceted genre, many are wondering just how the remainder of the weekend can possibly live up to the standard set by the first night.

Amsterdam, one week later. Those dancing in the broad sunlight, and later on at an after-party in the Bitterzoet club, are treated to a fluid, faultless soundtrack that stretches Album) Seiji to Tony Allen, and the crowd is every bit as open-minded as the DJs.

Rush Hour and Clone are not just representing for the Netherlands, but electronic music worldwide. He and fellow Rush Hour co-founder Antal Heitlager, each 28, have plenty to celebrate, hence the hangover. For instance, the shop was a meeting place as well as an outlet for records. There were a number of people thinking they could make music and they would meet other [like-minded producers] and would be inspired by that.

Mibebar, Steveb the Peveb a. Rednose District and Aardvarcb; 2. Clone owner Serge Verschuun 3. Clone artist Phaho; 5. Clone artist Alden Tyrell [Similarly], Paradisco has had likeminded DJs play who have since decided they wanted to make some music for us. With the distribution we have a certain feeling or sound, and other labels want to tap into that. It all feeds each other. It evolves naturally. The music is the main reason for us being here, so whenever we move on in music the company has to move with it.

So now the spread of music is wider—it goes from jazz to hip-hop to house to techno. And the parties are the same, they cover the same spectrum. The radio stations in Amsterdam do not support underground music and the local music press does a pretty good job of ignoring it, too. But you know what they say about adversity and its knack for bringing people together.

MacDonald explains that the Rush Hour artists are working together to put themselves and their city in the spotlight where they belong. I think it creates its own sound. At the same time, a number of Clone labels and artists, in particular producer Legowelt, were playing rare Italo-disco records and producing music largely inspired by this almost forgotten scene.

Verschuur saw the need for a leftfield electro-focused distribution company, and Clone was born. The Clone principals have always been safe championing resolutely unfashionable Detroit- influenced electro and techno, and their artists excel at it.

This relationship with Straight M.I - Most Ill Crew - Ill Funk Fl-Oz & Trax (CD is deep- rooted, and goes both ways, says Verschuur. Strangely enough, we feel somehow connected to Detroit because it has the same vibe as Rotterdam.

Both are industrial cities. So I think there is a socio-cultural reason why Rotterdam and Detroit have the same influences in their music and why people from both cities work very well together.

He lived near and grew up with a number of the big Dutch hard house and trance DJs that dominate the major clubs worldwide. Underestimate Verschuur at your peril. Non-music influences: Just dancing and graffiti. Music influences: Hip-hop, old school funk and electro. Non-music influences: Rock, folk music and metal.

Non-music influences: Bad food, no sleep and Kenny G. Non-music influences: The cosmos, my wife and coffee. Blige to MF Doom. We checked in with Kweli by phone and got his thoughts on hip-hop and its future challenges. The title of your new album, Beautiful Struggle, also hints at that. Is it true that there was never a fall-out between you two, and that it was just a matter of you wanting to mature separately as artists? With Hi Tek it was something that we had to do and it was something that Hi Tek realized before I did.

It was something that he forced because it was hard for me to reach him. I wanted him on Quality, but it was hard for me to reach out to him because he was in a different place. How do you view hip-hop differently from how you did six years ago, when Black Star first dropped? At that time, hip-hop was wide open. There was an opportunity for anyone whose parents had money or who knew some white boys who had money to put out a record. A lot of people put out records and you were supposed to champion those records because they were underground.

The idea that it had to be dope got lost. And I think the same thing happened with gangsta rap. So the music became more about ideology than about quality? Yeah, in both scenes. You and Mos Def were some of the first ones to bring that balance back into focus. Do you see yourself exerting that kind of influence?

And we found a way into a situation where we could be heard, [which] has more to do with energy and ambition than who is dope. We were put into a position where the timing was perfect. When we came out, people needed that record But I like showing people the idea that anyone can do this. Yeah, keep it real and be pure, but focus your energy on being heard. I have children. So, you would consider yourself much less of a purist now than you were back then? Hip hop. I got pinned into a box very quickly with the music that I made and the stances that I took.

That has nothing to do with it. The Beautiful Struggle is out in September on Geffen. Main Flow of Mood: A dope MC possesses the skills of delivery, concepts, punchlines, stage presence and positive work ethics and Talib Kwell has all of these qualities.

Or any interior? Mixing alludes to the next logical development of the collective—going live. But we have an idea regarding a Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra and this will belong to more artists. In many respects, their structure and methods of production are just as radical as any of their music. So please come over to Berlin and make it easier for us to choose good instrumentalists! Mixing is out now on Sonar Kollektiv. With its psychedelic folk rock center and purposeful effects-laden layers of strings, guitars, drums and piano, it seems to share few similarities with the electronic music she built her name on.

Growing up in a person town, she played in bands before moving to London in the s. There she developed her fascination with technology under the tutelage of her friends in psych- ambient electronic act Future Sound of London.

While White Rabbits represents a leap in sound for Maslen, it also represents a return to her core, and a renewed sense of self. Why this direction now? I think the whole electronic scene has become quite stale. I know I have. I am an absolute demon when it comes to headphones and I love panning stuff. I like this feeling of space—I really like my music to have this spacious feeling, like you can almost move in it.

What was the process of putting White Rabbits together? I wrote pretty much all of it in the way I would normally approach a record on a computer, and then I took those elements and I went to Minneapolis. What exactly happened with Ntone and Ninja Tune? And then he got me in, afterwards. I think I just need to be with people who can at least understand the way to promote it.

And I want to do lots more live shows and to do that I think you need a label behind you. That fluid approach seems to be your general approach to life. Not a lot of people think like that. Most people hang a lot of hopes on one goal. Do you agree? White Rabbits is out this fall on Mush Recordings, www. Listening to how it was made, the sound it has, understanding the production and how different it is for today has been really great.

Lee, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Phuture. Add to that a tradition of illegal, underage warehouse parties, and Trax Records had a volatile cocktail for blowing house up. Twenty years after its start, the label that is both revered and reviled is at it again, taking us back to where it all started.

And the risks he took! If he loved a record, he would just break that record so hard. If he did that with your record Clearly, house had moved beyond the stage of DJs trying to one-up each other with drum tracks laid to tape.

Sherman, with his control of the pressing plant, was quick to realize the opportunities. The Reality Farley Keith thinks that Sherman just had the right business at the right time. Many of the artists themselves were plagiarizing each other or stealing songs outright. Even before that, Farley Jackmaster Funk was telling everybody he did the record. We may never know if the right person got paid, but all of electronic music is indebted to those scratchy, hiss-ridden records with the red and white labels.

Part two chronicling the acid house era will be out this summer, www. Marshall Jefferson at Last Dance Studio, ; 2. Afrika Bambaata; 3. There were other labels, but Trax had a consistency and a real rawness. One of the top early Chicago labels that bridged me from industrial music into house.

The way that I live The badman from St. So dem classify me as a gunman and a gunman DJ. Picking up where Yellowman left off, he quite literally ruled the dance alongside his sparring partner Shabba Ranks, with whom he had several fierce onstage battles. Inhe made news by converting to Christianity, even performing for a while under the moniker Brother Desmond.

But anytime God ready again, him will call me. When it was Desmond alter ego, he explains: Lookin at the mCj Shabba Rankin, Flourgon, Admiral Bailey, Josey rate of crime and violence, we need somebody to W ales, Charlie Chaplin, we used to live inna one love, set an example, to show the world that Jamaica one un j -y Nowadays, every artist fight against artist, can change.

Ninja should know. He states emphatically, lyrical clashing and physical violence. If a man feel like he can take outnumbered four-to-one and on the receiving end of my gun, tell him Ninja pauses here and then a physical beating. Even though Kartel made a public says, with a wicked smile almost visible through apo i ogy days i atel. Nin j a c i aims that Kartel and his the phone line, Try anytime. At the time, he was wanted by police for allegedly firing a weapon after a dispute over a person not agreeing to lend him a pair of scissors, www.

Doo 2. And just what do all record labels have in common? Label owners are obsessive about music. And so are we. Styles : Post-rock, electronic. Obsessions Art presently doing pottery: Lucie Rie, Hans Coper and Lisa Larson are my current favoritesphotography, design, architecture, animals, biodiesel.

Mascot: No. Styles: Progressive hip-hop, rock. Obsessions: Our previous boss, Bryan Turner, built Priority Records into one of the best indie labels of his generation. Trivic i: Babygrande is funded using money made selling scripts to Hollywood, including the script for Soul Plane. Styles: Hip-hop, bouncement. Obsessions Going home. Mascot Does a moldy cup of coffee count? Obsessions Sleeping in the day. Mascot : Harry, the office junior. Styles: Roots reggae, dub. Lif, RJD2.

Styles: Progressive hip-hop, instrumental beats. Obsessions The pursuit of money and power Trivia: The co-owner Amaechi is the son of African royalty. Mascot- A dog skeleton with a turntable stylus head. Styles: Rock, hip-hop, electronic. Obsessions: The US office is collectively obsessed with food and dogs.

Mascot Rhoda, the dog who we share our office space with. She keeps us sane. Styles: Hip-hop. Obsessions We obsess over the realness. Mascot Dirty 4 Fingers. Styles: Hip-hop, instrumental beats. Obsessions Rap music, women, celebrating and eating out a lot. Trivic We were originally called Popsicle Records, but Count Bass D told us it might be illegal to keep the name, so we changed it to the closest representation of that concept. Mascot Women having fun.

Styles: Future jazz, broken beat, house. Obsessions [Label co-founder] Tom used to be a proper trainspotter until he was 10, and still has his notebooks with lists of the engine numbers. Trivia: Our 50th release comes out January Styles: Avant-pop, electronic, techno. Obsessions: Classic Disney. Trivic : We have a satellite.

Mascot Boy, Cat and Bird. Styles: Dancehall, reggae, ragga. Obsessions We are obsessed with the quality of mastering, production, credits and basically making sure every part of the record is done to an A-1 quality.

Obsessions Cashew nuts and prog rock. Mascot Bobo—a dark and scary orphan doll discovered on the London Elektricity German tour. Styles: Avant-pop, disco-punk, electro, techno. Obsessions Hell is a maniac obsessed with music.

Styles : Ambient, drone, post-rock. Obsessions Getting people to write about the musicians and not about two guys who work for the label. Trivic Mandals! Styles : Experimental hip-hop, rock, lo-fi folk. Trivia: Lex is named after Alex Dale—a hotshot lawyer and ex-flatmate of [label manager] Tom. Stylet : Ambient, hip-hop, IDM. Perhaps you've heard of it. To keep the good-girl faith in pop's fast lane, she'll need all the help she can get. Can Mick Fleetwood Will Ferrell hold the band together long enough to finish 11 tracks?

Will a superabundance of high-quality cocaine help? Spoiler alert: Yes, no. It's the best of times, it's the worst of times—and that's before the French police show up. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Colin Duffy. Writer: Todrick Hall. Added to Watchlist.

Marvelous Movies of Oz. Shows to try. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Credited cast: Todrick Hall Young Girl Willam Belli Self Wayne Brady Todrick's Father Brittanie Brant Self Blair Carrizales Self Carlie Craig Self Rashieda Fadeyi Self Sheena Fadeyi Self Mikalah Gordon Self Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Wizard Mitch Grassi Self - Pentatonix GloZell Green Self Grace Helbig Self Perez Hilton Learn more More Like This.

K Troop. In Sight. Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall Hall American: Forbidden Endgame Short Drama. Comrade Detective TV Series


John Hardy - George Thorogood And The Destroyers* - George Thorogood And The Destroyers (Vinyl, LP,, Thanakan, Lucky Star - Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (Vinyl, LP), Floorshow - Sisters Of Mercy* - Ghostly Crew (Vinyl, LP), Nice Boys - Guns N Roses - G N R Lies (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mudmen - Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wait A Long Time (Im Not In Love) - Geb.el - Pearl Diver N° One (Vinyl), Lovin You Is Killin Me - Alabama - Mountain Music (Cassette, Album), Nite Life - Various - CD Collection 141 (CD)


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  2. Dec 29,  · THE ALBUM: Before Funkadelic begat P-Funk, they made this psychedelic masterpiece THE PITCH: It's the story of a funk legend and his friendship with the greatest guitarist you've probably.
  3. Directed by Colin Duffy. With Todrick Hall, Tessa Bella, Willam Belli, Wayne Brady. Mixing the story of The Wizard of Oz with Todrick Hall's life story and beliefs, this modernized musical remake of The Wizard of Oz takes the classic and covers themes such as love, gay rights, police brutality, and more.
  4. Explore releases from the Straight Hits Entertainment label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Straight Hits Entertainment releases.
  5. Only one album by exit 9, an obscure funk combo who recorded this rare set for Brunswick in Tight Rhythm with fast funky clip in similar as "Sound Experience". A top killer funk groove! and hard to find Now. Styles: Disco / Boogie Funk, Funk 70s / Soul Funk Bands / Early Funk .
  6. "Light of a Clear Blue Morning," which originally appeared on her first solo album, polishes up nicely -- all the L.A. glitz in the world can't hide the pure gospel beauty of that chorus. "Straight Talk" isn't nearly as strong as Parton's other big movie hit, but the way she sings it makes it nearly irresistible. Even one of Tennessee's most.

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