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We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl)

Quality In Quantity. Educate Mindless Blind Deaf Dumb. American Poverty: Fray and Tay the Soundtrack. Reverb Reparations Permanent Tan. About Infinito: A top-shelf lyricist from the south side of Chicago, Infinito aka Marcellous Lovelace has recorded dozens of independent albums since the mids, both as a solo artist and with various crews.

The Midwestern Basement. Facebook Twitter. Conquest of The More: Vol 2. Everything Changed. Mind of Advanced Resistance. When did you start recording music?

I started recording around and was recording 4-track style in Before 96 it was straight 'real mix tape style': two turntables and some breaks. I'm kind of obsessive so I do a lot of everything I do. That's why it's kind of hard to concentrate on one thing. I'm a left-handed Scorpio who happens to be a regular black dude from the south side of Chicago. I'm different and not by choice. I figured I must allow myself to be free in some way, so I do what I think of instead of just thinking about it.

But it has its down part too: It's hard to keep one woman. If I wanted to be really wild I'd have more women than Wilt Chamberlain. But you must learn to be patient and tame, that's the new motto. It's hard to like just one women laughs. No one has to push me, cause that's me Tupacing it up baby.

I got stuff no one has heard and it's pretty good. I'd love for people to think I can't do something. I like to watch people's faces when I come back and regenerate, you dig.

Could you tell us something about these albums, were did they come out, etc. Well the main ones came out when I lived in Memphis and hooked up with my left hand comrade Mr. Skurge khingass. We first met at a club Fantasia in Midtown in Memphis, Ten and he helped me with everything I'd ever need to record and he's still here to this day being the 'sound right' advice.

Man this guy gets all my love and respect also. The albums came out over the course of years, I'd say the most from '99 tocause that's when I had my own equipment. I even recorded one in one day on Oct 26, It was the birth day of the birthday boy, my own present. I produced, wrote, mixed and recorded the entire joint on the same day.

That was easy. It's always easy. The hardest part is working with a bunch of people who you really don't understand or know well. Certain people can work but others don't get it completely. I watched the videos for "Black Chicago" and "Shadow Hours" watch the videos. Especially the video to "Black Chicago" really impressed me.

The scenes of different places in Chicago really gives an impression of what's going on. What were the concepts behind the two videos and who directed them? Slim the Barber is the man; he edited both of these videos and subliminally taught me how to edit. Mixx hooked me up with him. That's the regular white dude; he made it more of a reason to have the videos look raw yet cleaned up.

But it's all me with the South Side Chicago regular Black dude edge. I'm also a visual artist, so I know how I'd like to look: Real urban and realistic, like my everyday experience. Documentary film is my minor when I do go to school. So look out for the other videos. Directed and edited entirely by me. No help. You were part of the Nacrobats. But the 'bats split. So what's the current state, and can you still give a quick introduction?

Do I really? Well I hooked up with them guys after a long day of battles. First me and Cosmo went to a stand off that afternoon. Then later that night me and Pugslee, Cosmo and like five others went at to another stand off.

And I guess they respected my heart enough to add me to the crew. See Nacrobats is a crew, not a group. The group was We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl) caused the mishaps. I'd have heard a lot about them from cats in the city and you know, we just happened to bump heads and after that meeting we found one common passion which was Hip-Hop. So before I moved to Atlanta in '99, Pugslee and Cosmo put me down.

I never officially joined. We just cool Black men who happened to get along. I made a promise to myself to not join too many organizations. If that's the case, Mr.

Dibbs made me a Hobo as a joke on the phone one day. And then I moved away and they were doing they thing in the city. I came back, hopped on the "Nacrology" and "Network Of Stars" albums. Then we started having so many people in and out and undecided that it became a confusion. Next we made the "All Ways" album.

And then the drama started. Pugs made the choice to limit the show performance members only to people who he felt were on they p's and q's and agreeable. And that caused chaos amongst the members. So I affiliated myself and made it known I didn't agree with the decisions and everything went haywire. So right at the brink of something good, egos, stardom, arrogance, disrespect and the price of fame cost a bunch of cool people to disband.

Maybe since I was the oldest, I should have been more of a take-charge person. But I couldn't cause so many felt disrespected by the choices. So what I did was, I learned to teach people to respect each other as people. And then we can all do what we want without a certain governing system. The United States has too many rules. And hip-hop does not need an industrial system, but just friendships, like minds and my all time way to live respect. We all still do stuff, We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl), matter of fact I'm currently attempting to make all members and others outside some videos and share information free of charge and free of pride just because I can.

No strings attached. I guess that all made sense. Word to all those guys. We will still be black men and women and the other races involved at the end and that's all that counts. Word to Yoda and Jwaq for hooking me up with the peeps. The truth is the death of this planet. What do you mean by that? I mean the truth hurts. Not just any 'ole truth', where some one says whatever any one thinks is the truth.

No, I'm talking about actual fact truth. Where somebody can do research and find significant points, you know? The truth would kill the majority of the people in the world, if they had to comfront it head to head with no masks on.

Like people claiming to be so consious once upon a time in their life. And now they are sippin Moet in their videos and bringing forth ignorance. No contraditions. I would die for the truth. Me and Pugslee talked about this often, we know better then anyone what's going on. Ya dig. This is a lot of damn questions, who are you all the CIA? Oh, We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl), they don't exist, it's some new stuff. How did that happen? Because Panik gave me the opportunity to do me on another scale and I'm one to 'Wilt Chamberlain' my way through life; either 20, or points, it don't matter.

I take risk in some areas and I give respect. But I'm real careful and not foolish. Proper education always creates energy and I avoid foolishness. Big up to the Moles for a chance. Plus Panik is the only other left hand Scorpio that I've ever met.

All respect and love. Can you make a living out of your music? If I had a chance to express myself in all mediums at the same time with no restraints, in visual and audio at the same time, yes!

I'm a multimedia man, and always new. I'm never selfish. And I know what I need to make me. Just that chance to run like Terrell Owens passed from Mike Vick; them my guys. What's the art of emceeing in your eyes? It's the ability to be sure and to command your audience in any audience. Gain the respect. But I train myself to be well rounded and real articulate at what I do and be a dope live emcee.

What qualities should an emcee have that you would call him dope? Character, personality, a message, charisma, presence and projection. Be your self. Cats be biting rhyme patterns.

But Marcellous don't bite, I'm too We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl). Dudes are sounding just like the next man. They want to be Redman or Hiero when they look in the mirror and that's some wack stuff. Be you. Are there complete emcees and if yes, who would they be and what makes them complete?

KRS-One, O. G, Jeru The Damaja, Tupac. He grew on me. He's a strong figure. They all seem to be themselves and are just raw to me.

What do you think of hip-hop in ? Like Jay-Z just said: there's too many clones. Cats want to be their idol instead of making themselves. I used to live down south, so I wonder how can you commercialize crunk. That's corny.

The FCC and others love this. Hey my man, Insight said the bull will die soon. What were some of your last hip-hop albums you've bought? We used to listen to this in Memphis on that Fondle Em vinyl. And before that Master Ace's last joint, We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl) like 21 bucks in an Atlanta mall. Yeah I'm too broke to do a lot of spending.

I just pay rent and work for the day. Then I can buy a few things. What do you think of the freestyles of We Gone Stay Up - Infinito 2017 - Who Ever / We Gone Stay Up (Vinyl) that Benzino brought to daylight.

Skurge; the two connected instantly and decided to work together, calling themselves the Unorthodox Poets Society and it was Skurge who then gave Lovelace the name Infinito.

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  1. Actions over talk, Joe Left Hand Records is a productive and consistent action based reality we make and distribute music on a regular basis Description some talk about what they gonna do we do it a label dedicated to the tradition of my late Uncle Joe Lovelace, a man of many hats and like my father always says "you a left hand.
  2. Infinito discography and songs: Music profile for Infinito , born 26 October Genres: Hip Hop. Albums include Learning to Walk, Chicago City Limits Vol.1, and Still Hear.
  3. Sep 22,  · The prolific Infinito returns center stage via the steadfast Culture Power 45 vinyl only label with one of his most personal releases to date: ‘African of Kenya Ether Part 18’.
  4. Who Ever, an album by Infinito: on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.
  5. Listen to Early Not Late (i exist) by Infinito with YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo & SoundCloud. Stream more from Infinito and connect with fans to discover new music.
  6. Quality In Quantity by Infinito , released 1. Evil Ones 2. My Answer 3. Power of The (Quality in Quantity) 4. Retreat Before Conflict 5. Shapes and Cuts 6. The Lie of the Clash of the Civilizations 7. Beyond the concept ft. 9th Scientist 8. Recall my lost 9. HSD (high speed dubbing) featuring Masai Bey, Thaione Davis, Mr Skurge
  7. Sep 19,  · Check out Why Live Your Life Like a Empty Glass of Water by Infinito on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo
  8. From Inside Self Living to Please Me (Fixed With Tape) by Infinito , released 26 October 1. Your European Culture Means Nothing To Me (Intro) (prod by Dion Brown) 2. Default Match Advantage (prod by ILLsugi) 3. Forged Deception (prod by ILLsugi) 4. A World of Careful Correction (prod by Dion Brown) 5. Followyourself (prod by ILLsugi) 6.
  9. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears - Infinito on AllMusic AllMusic. New Releases We Gone Stay Up. Infinito Amazon: 3 Cold Flow. Infinito 5: Pause Record. Infinito Amazon: 6: Who Ever. Infinito 7: Need More People. Infinito

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