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Cortège - Björn J:son Lindh, Staffan Scheja - Opus Europa-The Collection (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Cortège - Björn J:son Lindh, Staffan Scheja - Opus Europa-The Collection (CD, Album)
Label: Virgin - CDOPUS 4 • Format: CD Album, Compilation • Country: Sweden • Genre: Electronic, Classical • Style: Ambient

Eject and forget. This album still is Lana s best to date as it features the most progressive tracks ever recorded by her. But all albums can not be the same and Lana s plan for this album was to travel new paths in bringing a nice combination of ballads and up tempo tracks in AOR and progressive rock style together on one record.

Another fine album indeed. I always loved them; no matter how strange some versions sometimes were performed. This time 11 tracks were recorded and all of them are worth listening to.

The tracks that I did not know sounded as if they were written by Erik or Lana. This comes mainly by the production, song arrangements and keyboard playing done by Erik himself. But most of all the strong vocals done by Lana.

It only shows that she can sing anything she wants. The other well-known ones certainly added something extra to the original versions.

Oh, and don t forget your lighter. You certainly should take his advice because this is not just a DVD that you can watch while you are doing the dishes. Three hours of live, backstage and interview footage is a long sit in front of your TV.

It could have been much longer because they had a stack of videotapes, which reached the height of a pro basketball player. They had 60 candidates to choose from but finally 20 live tracks made it on the DVD. The new album has some musical references which remind me of this strong record. The same sequencer and synthesizer sounds are cleverly integrated in the newly written songs. She certainly lifts every song to a higher level, but unfortunately the level of the album mentioned above is not be reached.

Nevertheless I again enjoyed another Lana Lane release. As it appears little has changed on her side and little has changed in my appreciation of this. Main exception is the symphonic title track that closes the disc one to check out and the occasional ballads in-between are also worthwhile. This time the veteran symphonic rock diva takes the listener to a hotel with ten rooms behind the doors of which you ll discover some fantastic music in different musical styles.

In general, the ten songs are based on AOR, melodic rock and progressive rock, but influences from folk rock, ethnic music and even Spanish music are noticeable as well. It s really striking how the marvellous keyboard playing by Norlander lifts the music to a higher level.

Unfortunately, the band only released one LP with remarkably - English lyrics, unlike other folkies. What sets Langsyne apart from other German progressive folk bands, is the use of English lyrics - accent free! The music, of course, is strongly on the acoustic side, but extremely varied and thoughtfully built with unusual sounds and instruments, giving it a fresh and original approach. The most surprising guest is Dominique Leonetti, the lead singer of the French prog band Lazuli.

We know that Mr. Lang is an excellent keyboard player which can be heard on all RPWLreleases. Many of his synthesizer solos sound as if Manfred Mann is sitting behind the controls of his MiniMoog. His first musical love was classical music Mozart, Bach, Chopinlater he feel in love with the progressive rock of ELP and Ekseption and his two favourite instruments: piano and Hammond. In he pursued his love for progressive rock as the keyboardist in sympho-band Survival. This band lasted until After this Jack decided to make a solo album, which was a concept inspired by the Bible book of Revelations.

Several years later also a CD by Survival appeared. Overall a fine instrumental symphonic keyboard album. Another ten year break occurred until another album came out under the Jeromy moniker and then nearly ten years to his third. Several guests appear on the LPs, playing guitars and woodwind instruments.

Slight references to folk and over all probably a bit more proggy than the major labell LP that would follow. Short songs, pretty accessible and overall nice, although the instruments sound sometimes a bit offtune, which puts a certain tension in the music, preventing to make it too shallow. Languirant has released several LPs. Word is, that his first three are the best and very good, equaling the level of his inspirations.

There is a fine and dense instrumentation on the LP and good French vocals. One to check out! He started with two solo demos under the name of A.

At least until now. On all three Lanvall albums Arne guitars, piano, keys, flute was backed by the rhythm section of Ulbi Ulbricht bass and Thomas Schaufler drums, percussionboth of which can be heard on many other WMMS releases. As indicated by the titles of both tapes the meldoies are quite dreamy and suitable for both intense and background hearing. Classical influences are clearest through song structures and harmonies, reminding of people like J.

Bach, and of course the adaption of classical pieces like Pachebel. On one track we hear female vocals which adds an additional dimension and is recommended for further development, preferably with a singer who sings slightly higher.

Also a band of flesh and blood would be a positive development. Arne is a highly talented guitar player and knows to write good melodies that make listening to this album pure joy. In a way a very relaxing CD, even though the flowing music has a lot more power and spirit than the common new age oriented disc. The great instrumental guitar dominated symphonic-new-age-prog is continued here, but on about half of the tracks there is this choir.

Giving it along with a church music feeling, also a definite kitsch factor and making this a step back compared to the debut.

Would have been wise if Arne had restricted himself a bit more to his guitar work. His success is much thanks to his crossing over in other genres at the same time such as rock, pop, jazz and prog.

Lanz was born in in Seattle, Washington and started as keyboard player in various pop and rock groups. Besides playing in bands he also worked as a session musician. Gradually he started performing as a solo artist, playing in bars and smaller venues, developing his own style as he went along. He took part in a chakra workgroup and made a tape with meditative music that was received very well - many people at the course wanted a copy of the cassette! The collaborative work of David and Paul was highly successful.

I like Lanz a lot. Afterwards the two brothers formed an electropop duo called Triangolo. Note: Some source said the album was from They hailed from the town called Harjavalta where they were formed in Their were very popular in their home country especially from on with major airplay on radio, great reviews and chart notations, even before they came with an album on a major label. This partly caused by the hectic music that incorporates all kinds of styles from prog to alternative and not at least because of the high voice of the lead singer.

Over the entire playing time of the disc I find it a tad tiring because there are too few breathing points and things sound fairly similar as we get further on the album so after a few tracks I have to listen to something else. His solo work goes more into a jazz direction. AR CD French neo prog with lyrics in their mother tongue. Guitarist and singer was Magus Florin. The second album was very much a solo effort by Artman. In the French Spalax label released a CD with previously unreleased work.

The second piece then combines neurotic synths with slow eerie Garbarek-like sax and the third piece has jazz-rock guitar McLaughlin in a neurotic phase. The longer the album lasts, the more we are in the field of e. The 12 songs on this CD album vary in length from just over three to just over five minutes and were recorded between and Musically I was reminded to e.

Horky made guest appearances. Most of the releases featured Manuel Landy a. Gerhard Haensch, a. Delle Haensch who also cowrote much of the music. A rather large part of the LPs below appear to be library discs. This one clearly falls in the latter category: upbeat synth themes that would do very well on a fairground.

Nothing for me. CD This Swedish keyboard player studied in Vienna. But the project took some additional years… It was delayed because of the funding and the time required for recording the documentary. His light and sparkling touch of the keys reveals a liking for jazz, but at the same time, the classical composers obviously influenced his compositions on WeaveWorld.

This is pure prog heaven! These lengthy songs need time to develop, so the listener has a lot to enjoy. Looking forward to hear more from Lalle! In the late s he also joined Dixie Dregs. His solo CD was recorded with a. T Lavitz. CD This American keyboardist and composer had a Cherokee background. She has been playing the keyboards since she was three years old or rather, young - ed.

She is a tribal member of the federally recognized United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, where she also serves as tribal historic preservation officer.

Before working truly within the progressive rock genre, Lisa recorded an instrumental debut album, "Beloved Tribal Women", which was produced by Will Alexander Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock, etc. Her first progressive rock CD became "Transformation " that was released in December On the album Lisa again was supported by Hale, Adams and Payne.

In my opinion this 18 minute track is the highlight of the album, because it has a very high level of musicianship. Especially the music of Yes must have been an inspiration for this long instrumental piece, although I clearly recognize the music of Steve Hackett s early albums as well. The outstanding percussion parts sound very dramatically and are very well performed.

The guitarists and keyboard players get enough room to play some excellent solos, especially Ryo Okumoto. The acoustic guitar and the cello create a very mellow mood. The beautiful melody played on the piano made me think of the music of Eric Satie. This song leads gently to the second epic piece. A choral group creates a dark and church-like sound which works excellent. This song starts rather mellow and peaceful, but the use of some aggressive guitar playing changes the music to a symphonic metal-like sound.

John Payne is present on the title track. Due to this familiar voice it s obvious that this piece sometimes reminded me of Asia. A top-notch album! According to rumors he had signed to a major company to join either Iron Maiden or a new super group called LaSalle - none proved to be true, or at least, nothing officially appeared, although some LaSalle demos are circulating among collectors and Damien himself sold a CD of the recordings at concerts and through his website. To find an original copy of the LP seems to be impossible and if you do - prepare to cash out a lot of money!

It has been speculated that the LP was recorded several years before its release. The album in symphonic prog style seems to be sort of a concept and some effects like the voice-over opening the album or an air raid towards the end add to this feeling.

Inthe album was reissued on CD through Mellow - the source for this was a vinyl album in good shape as the mater tapes had been lost. A stress is on the vocal side - several members of the group and guests I presume add their Italian voices to the music. Some of the singers admittedly have a limited range, but somehow it works fine together and the passion put into the vocal delivery makes up for the shortcomings on the technical side.

Her varied voice fits the dynamic music perfectly: from dreamy to sweeping and heavy with regular powerful eruptions. Those who like tasteful progressive pop should pick this band. His solo work is not as much Zeuhl but tends more towards minimal and electronic music. The concept was set in a Tron-like virtual world dealing with the relationship between man and technology, the move from physical reality to virtual spaces and what these changes mean to our human lives and art.

The lyrics are expressed from the point of view of an artificial intelligence facing the violent reality of a videogame world. Within the Dutch prog underground they were sort of a cult group for a while, but they never really made it. They planned more new work a new CD was in the preparational stagesbut after internal problems the band disbanded in the summer of Some years later Julian also appeared in For Absent Friends.

Not bad or with a lot of accents, but just typical. A large part of the music on this record is rather oriented towards the s with some beatinfluences, but also a healthy dose of prog. The Tull cover is one of the highlights, a sparkling and perfect version - including brief drum solos and some shredding sax! A very entertaining affair! Their album contained a 30 minute psychedelic folk piece bedded between two shorter tracks. The music was extremely eclectic between folk, Oldfield, Kate Bush, soundscapes and Queen.

They started in late as a trio, influenced by the music of bands like Led Zeppelin, Primus and King Crimson. After some demo tapes they did a CD single in that still featured drummer Damp. Thanks to this single they landed a deal with Record Heaven which label released their debut album. Following the release and expiration of their record deal the band encountered some troubles. They struggled finding their sound on new demo recordings and had also problems within the line-up.

His place was quickly taken by Michael Olsson with whom new demos were recorded, reportedly in a more straightforward style. A new CD was in the planning stages around but has not surfaced yet. Nothing for neo proggies! Reissued by Kissing Spell. Martin also was the first one confronting the band with the idea of making a record.

Still far away from any record deal, the band decided to produce an album fully on their own, using the money from pre-sold vouchers.

Numerous live-gigs followed and brought an immense crowd of supporters, so the band had to release a second edition only a few months later. At the same time, several record companies approached the band and soon the album was re-released on CD. For that, Last Turion recorded three bonus tracks in a new studio the band had built themselves. The music of Last Turion was often compared with bands like Marillion, Yes or Saga, yet with an original edge and the very good vocals by Martin Garden.

But just before the recording sessions started, the band had some trouble with their record company. The band started to gig again and felt reassured to go into the studio. The new album was another fine effort and well received. Regrettably, the next year the band decided to split up!

No official comments were made on this subject, but so far it seems to be the case. On the other hand, some people have heard some new tunes out of their meanwhile built up studio. The album not only deserves this status because of the instrumental work and the songs but also because of the outstanding vocal capabilities of Martin Garden.

Recommended to sympho and neo proggies - and a reissue is long overdue! They manage to grab me on a few moments with Saga like guitar patterns in a. Lead singer Adriana came to join the ranks the next year. After the release Brian Torres joined the group as their bass player.

In late they recorded a first demo that gained positive response and sold over copies. One track also appeared on a sampler of Italian progmetal. In the band recorded a second demo which was not sold but send to magazines and record companies.

In Stuttgart they recorded their first album which came out that same year. Guest on the album was soprano Isabella Comand. Work on the third CD started already in summer of but it would take until January before it finally was released. Not even the help of an opera singer does really help.

For die-hard fans of the style. The rest can easily skip this one. In order to do so Langlois temporarily reformed Lasting Weep with all of his former Maneige colleagues plus some additional Quebec musicians performing a multi-media show which was recorded and in released on CD. These featured guest musician Gilles Schetagne also of Maneige on percussion. Bill started out as a guitar player but soon switched to bass.

At first he played in a couple of Detroit based funk groups. During the late s he moved to New York, playing around and eventually there emerged a group that later would be called Material. For this LP Laswell did the production, played bass on all the songs and co-wrote most of the material. This was very much an improvisional live band, but Laswell cut together an album in the studio as well. During the s Bill Laswell worked closely with and for the Celluloid label in he started his own label Axiom Records, backed by Chris Blackwell of Island Records.

The most successful release from Axiom Records was Praxis. But Praxis became a proper band in the s with guitarist Buckethead. Guests were Jah Wobble and Zakir Hussain among others. Selective discography below! Compliment for that. The drummer was only 16 years young when they played their first live gig in at the Villa Pamphili pop festival where they met good response. The title track was a 20 minute suite. After some live appearances during the band dissolved, but drummer Vitanza decided to carry on.

Latte E Miele s third and final album in the s was thus recorded almost by a completely different band, as drummer Alfio Vitanza was the only remaining original member.

The band had also expanded to a four piece with a line-up of Vitanza, Massimo Gori guitarsLuciano Poltini keys and Mimmo Damiani guitars, piano. This third LP, for which they signed to the Magma label, had a more rocky progressive direction, but was still very classically influenced. After the LP they did a number of poppier singles and then he group folded. In the s, however, the band made a comeback and Staffan Scheja - Opus Europa-The Collection (CD to old form, this time under the slightly changed name Latte Miele.

They had three members of the original line-up. In also a new studio album appeared. In my book these two elements may be regarded as very positive and the music is delicious and pretty ambitious with its great variation choir, churd organ and church music, prog rock from heavy to calm. It has ELP written all over it. In capitals as it should. And the Italians also manage to add an original touch by being at a few moments much more classical than ELP and not just resort to organ shred and again, the organ play is undeniably influenced by Keith E.

If you prefer more complex and adventurous prog, I recommend the first two albums to start with but if you like more melodic prog, this is one to discover.

Further tracks confirm all of this: hard rock oriented with weak to very weak singing dreadful accent! A shame, regarding what came before this! The first part concerns a selection of their first album, we can enjoy a great blend of classical and symphonic rock with awesome vintage keyboard work Grand piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synthesizers and some splendid harpsichord runswonderful moving guitar solos, warm Italian vocals and lots of variety, from a tender Grand piano solo or classical guitar with flute-Mellotron to mid-tempo with powerful organ and bombastic with a choir sound, propulsive drum beats and beautiful interplay between guitar and piano.

I hope so! My conclusion: great musicians, great music, great album! However, Latte Miele sounds more varied, inventive and virtuose.

Every time I play this CD, I discover new things, which is the case with every good prog rock album. What a comeback! The next year came their first EP, followed by a single inwhich got a gained attention in the media. After their debut, produced by Konrad Plank who also played some guitar and Hans Lampe, nothing was heard of them anymore. The LP contained many styles of progressive and psychedelic rock. After a couple of live cassettes they released a live CD in Lavitz started piano lessons at the age of seven and was apparently good at it since he was offered a scholarship at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan.

From there he went on to study at the University of Miami s School of Music. Meanwhile he had also started a solo career on the side of his frequent playing with others. In Lavitz was asked to join jam rock group Widespread Panic after he had played keys on their albums. He toured with this band throughout but left them when Dixie Dregs reunited once more in late Still Lavitz played live with both bands when they shared two bills in February On his solo-album he worked with two different bands: an acoustic band featuring Marc Johnson acoustic bassDanny Gottlieb drums, percussionRod Morgenstein drums, percussionKim Park saxophone and Dave Samuels vibes.

This group played music from the Grateful Dead in a jazzy and instrumental manner. During the early s Lavitz participated in a variety of projects and in he started teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Lavitz died unexpectedly in his sleep on the night of 7 October Still rather laidback, but quite enjoyable nevertheless. CD German symphonic gothic group with a lot of electronic influences. His albums present a variety of styles from classically influenced symphonic and solo piano to experimental electronic. After he left Uriah Heep he did at first many commercials, but later picked up a solo career.

This was his first attempt at a solo album, recorded in August and September of In former Heep-buddies Ken Hensley organ and John Lawton vocals briefly reunited for live shows. Quite pleasant to the ear melodic rock that sometimes sounds like a heavier version of Huey Lewis And The News and at others as Asia in their weaker moments. This CD brings good bluesy songs with powerful vocals, warm acoustic guitar play, sensitive electric guitar solos and vocal harmonies in the vein of Uriah Heep.

The good old days of Uriah Heep come to mind and this may even be more Heep than the albums that Lawton actually did make with the band! A good progressive hard rock album that will please many fans of DP and Heep! They were formed in Rome in Michel Lazaro graduated from the famous Music Academy International in Nancy and worked as a composer after that.

In he met Stefan Deriau-Reine from the jazz rock band The Fusion Project and both musicians tried out many different musical styles. Simple Minds. The title track is a sort of love hymn with a nice melody and a short, but good sounding guitar solo.

However, I feel that the rest of the song material is rather tiresome. The songs don t come to life and they never seize to impress me. For people who are into slightly experimental melodic rock with many jazz influences this album might work, but for me it s a bit too cool, too relaxed and too mellow.

I like my music a bit more dynamically and with more power, but nevertheless Michel Lazaro did a nice job. They got bored with this style - despite a rather large following which they decided to ignore - and chose to play space prog instead.

Due to school work recordings demos were planned progressed slowly and are so far unknown to the editor. Not quite as heavy or noisy as GYBE! Recommended to people who like both quieter postrock and NoMan. After twelve years of playing together Lazuli split up over musical difference and personal problems in two separate groups in late Ged, Claude and Dom continued as Lazuli with classically trained newcomers Romain Thorel keyboards, French horn and Vincent Barnavol drums, percussions, marimba, also playing in metal band Hordwhile Fred, Sylvain and Yohan started a new group.

Megan Hunt was one of the founders of this band and still plays with them as well as in alternative rock band The Switch. Darrell Lea used to be a part of the early Uncle Dirtytoes lineup, then quit and rejoined in - only to leave once more two years later. Ramblers and currently in Grateful Dead-style dance band The Deal. The Leaf Hound LPs are very expensive nowadays and sell for over 1. Nothing I take for an intensive listen. It will be no surprise that the sound coming from the League Of Gentlemen presents typical Fripp-styled neurotic guitar sounds.

The remaining tracks are shorter tracks in a s King Crimson style. But to continue a bit the KC-thought: this disc may be called kind of a predecessor of the resurrected KC from a few years later and the s with Bruford, Levin and Belew. The music is all instrumental, crisp and energetic played with joy which shows and the response from the audience acknowledges this. Meehan had earlier worked with Robbie Williams and Bryan Ferry.

So why a review, you might ask? The answer is easy. When some great names in progressive rock like to do something other than the expected music, I am curious what the result would be. Musically this is melodic rock with references to the pop music of the s, but the orchestrated keyboards still have a progressive touch. Farrah s vocals are very pleasant to listen to, relaxed and never shouting or over the top like a combination of Kim Wilde and the lighter parts of Lana Lane.

The orchestrated parts have a slight Within Temptation feeling over them but the music overall is too different to compare to this band. As expected the majority of the songs are keyboard orientated, melodic and radio friendly.

It is nice to hear some progressive rock musicians cover a different side of the music we are used to hearing them in. The result is a very solid album; Farrah has a beautiful voice, which suits perfectly this kind of music. Richard plays quite different than he does in Threshold- here the keyboards are much more orchestrated and piano minded, which I think sound great.

League Of Lights is a nice album you can play to people who always nag you about the complicated music you normally play; a perfect melodic album. Leap Day was more or less a continuation of the group King Eider. They had promised a live performance if 1. When they reached that number they contacted Koen who was preparing the band that was to become Leap Day. This was so successful that they wanted to carry on. For practical reasons Hans, who lived in another part of the country, bailed out.

Leap Day came with a three track demo and quickly followed up with a full-length album that was received pretty well. The next release of Leap Day was to be a live CD, planned to be released on 29 Februarytheir first anniversary leap day.

Some people considered him to be the weakest link in the band. Jos is a great vocalist who also plays acoustic guitar when needed. Still they sell enough albums to make a living. However, this is not the case with Leap Day.

For them making prog rock music is most of all a hobby that makes many people happy including me. It is good to see that another new prog rock band from The Netherlands has been born with such a professional debut album after we already had fine releases of other Dutch bands like Mangrove, Knight Area, Silhouette, Flamborough Head and Kayak. On the first one you can hear Cortège - Björn J:son Lindh playing very relaxed on his acoustic guitar, only accompanied by the sound of a string-synthesizer.

The second track is more of a band effort. While the acoustic guitar plays a fine guitar riff Harteveld wonderfully sings in a more falsetto style of singing accompanied again by the string-synthesizer.

Occasionally the sound of an electric guitar shows up to give the song something extra. After I had listened to the album for the first time I had a big smile on my face. This album proves that Leap Day belongs to the top of the neoprog genre in The Netherlands. Skylge s Lair can also easily compete with albums recorded by many foreign neo-prog bands.

Leb I Sol was quite prolific with no less than eleven LPs in progressive jazzrock direction. In latethey original quartet became a trio. Trivia: The second LP was recorded by the same line-up but with different forms for their first names: Vlatko, Koki, Bodan and Garo respectively.

Not all tracks are allinstrumental like the opener and the vocal pieces are a bit more poppy and less exciting but enjoyable nevertheless. All tracks are vocal and very much trimmed on radio friendliness and a larger audience. A fine pop disc maybe, but of little interest elseway. Also Pappo appeared on the LP. The group was founded in Principally it s all about movies as the band s name and the album title already reveal.

The keyboards mostly play the melody, while the guitar lays down different accents, sometimes powerful and sometimes acoustic, but always perfectly balanced. The bass and drums sound sober, but take a prominent part in the song writing process.

The rhythm-section forms a reliable base for the melodic journeys through the world of cinema. In all songs, Lebowski used fragments of conversations from different kind of movies, some in Polish some in English.

All these accents are part of the creation of each song s individual atmosphere. If you would like to try something different, beyond the down-trodden paths of progressive rock, this CD could be a pleasant surprise. The keyboards are relaxed and pleasantly played and the guitars sound great. Sometimes a fretless bass lays down the accents and the fragments of international movies, just giving the album its finishing touch.

Listen to the music and be part of Staffan Scheja - Opus Europa-The Collection (CD theatrical event. The second LP was orchestrated. The quality of this music is certainly at par with their British counterparts from the same era! He was also a member of progressive rock band Nirgal Vallis. His solo work often ventured into experimental corners of the progressive rock spectrum. The closest comparison I can make is King Crimson in their experimental era.

Both songs contain different voices overdubs and rather nerve-racking play on oboe, piano or trumpet. In some tracks a Fripp-erish guitar appears, that explains my hints to King Crimson in combination with the experimental atmosphere.

Despite my complaints about their style, I have to admit that this music is real progressive rock. But whose cup of tea? No easy stuff indeed. Fans of these stretch-your-musical-boundaries-as-far-as-possible efforts will probably love it; I guess many others will loathe it thoroughly.

Hard to swallow, but interesting if you take your time and one small bit at the time. The result is very mysterious and a tension is built up. This music is a soundtrack, but you can easily make up the images that belong to it yourself. Also the cover art is very beautiful and fits in very well with the atmosphere of the music. All ingredients are there, some heavy riffs kick off the album, fierce guitar solos and simple but thorough drumming and bass playing.

The keyboards are used mainly as backdrops. Using a rather long break of this band in the late s, he brought his first solo-effort, collaborating with multitalent Ben Mink, formerly a member of another seminal Canadian prog band, FM, and after that a respected sessioneer and k.

The typical Rush sound is not recognizable in most of the songs and that makes this album surprising, as I expected the opposite before listening. Most of the material is accessible, without any high pretensions and nicely produced. So I waited for over 14 years for another great Rush-album. The four after were not really prog, and the question is whose responsibility that was. Maybe Geddy, since his solo-debut sounds very much like these. CD Dutch musician keyboards and flutewho became famous as one of the leaders of Focus and later set off for an even more successful solo-career.

Thijs was born 31 March He grew up in a musical family. His mother gave him his first piano lessons and his father - classical trained by a famous flutist himself - taught. Thijs was very much influenced by classical music mainly Bach and Bartok and later also by jazz. During his school period, he participated in various contests and won four completely different prizes in the categories classical music, jazz, Dutch songs and theater music!

This foreshadowed already his diverse career. Inwhen he had left the Amsterdam Conservatory, he joined the backing band of well-known Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy. Originally Shaffy already had a keyboard player, but Thijs convinced him, that he was the best man for his new band. This made Shaffy curious and he invited him to come over - with the result of hiring Thijs!

From an uncle in England, Thijs had inherited some money, which he used to buy a new Hammond organ a L for completists and two Leslies. The trio originally intended to go into a direction similar to British band Traffic, also they played covers from artists like Bob Dylan. Martijn Dresden suggested, that they should add a guitarist to the band. He knew Jan Akkerman, since he was active in promoting gigs on the Dutch college circuit.

Very interesting is his short-lived group Pedal Point besides Van Leer featuring Tato Gomez vocals, bass, percussionPaul Shicihara guitarsMario Areandonag drums, percussion, vocalswhich performed a rock mass. Van Leer himself Cortège - Björn J:son Lindh this album as maybe the best in his whole career. Sony Music CD, ? CBS CD, ? The sound is surprising rocky at one hand, and pretty funky on the other. Good radio music. Cole slide guitarsMike Mran pianothe a-side being a cover of the song from The Eagles.

Eventually BJH fell apart in a number of splinter-versions of the band, and of course Lees had his own version that went under several names. Left Coast was actually both the name of the band and a recording studio. Their music covered the entire range from progmetal to classic rock and AOR. The band was formed by Steve Paine in August and went through the common changes in line-up of starting bands. Also they worked on finding their own musical style by gigging throughout and Their debut album came out early the next year and was received fairly positive.

They were successful in Japan, 5. Shaun McGowan Mr. Then a lengthy break occurred, due to the loss of their record deal, even though material for a fourth CD was largely ready. But the band was not dead and inafter ten years, Paine decided to collect some songs from the past for a special release to give notice to the rest of the world that the band was still alive and ready to try it one more time.

It was taken from a recording made from the video for the Japanese audience in A brand new album was also planned for The album introduced new vocalist Kerry Parker and guitar player Dave Foster. But the female vocals done by Debby Chapman move the music several times towards the style performed by bands such as Renaissance or Solstice.

The drama and pathos which the band shows in their music was without any doubt inspired by the albums made by Genesis and Yes in the s. From time to time the heavy guitar parts played by Paul Thompson also gives them the link with a band such as Rush. The only difference is the absence of a male vocalist singing about mystical themes, but instead we can enjoy the strong voice of Debbie Chapman.

Her voice has some similarity with the female singers from bands like Renaissance and Solstice. The final song we may consider to be one of their classics. This way it makes this album pure and honest like I think a live album should be. It would have made it a complete package. This disc brings very fine neo progressive rock with a heavy edge and rather operatic female lead vocals.

However, the early Marillion influences are gone, although the strong keyboard playing of founding member Steve Paine is still present. They managed to come up with one hour of beautiful music spread over four epic pieces. These 4 tracks represent the 4 basic elements of our planet: earth, wind, fire and water expressed in the song titles and by short sound fragments at the start of each track. After listening to this comeback album, I have to conclude that it was worthwhile waiting so long for this new material to be released.

I would recommend this album to people who enjoy female fronted bands like Mostly Autumn, Renaissance or Solstice. You might enjoy it as much as I did! Connah: drums, keyboards, vocals British progressive jazz-rock band from the s and active until the early s.

They blended progressive rock with various other styles like jazz, fusion, punk and comedy elements. They never had any commercial success but kind of became a cult group and of course were the starting point for the musical career of several noted musicians, most of all lead singer and guitarist Jakko Jakszyk After attracting media and record company interest, the band split in having only released one single during their lifetime. They released their first LP in December before changing name to Legende.

Two more albums would follow in April and December Leger de Main debuted with a CD in But there are exceptions and here we have one, although it took me several attempts to get into it.

Influenced by Rush and Dream Theater the Rodler Bros come up with an impressive slab of progmetal that luckily leaves plenty of space to breathe. They were more progressive than their predecessor, although also new wave influences could be heard on this LP. I hear some folk-rock influences and indeed there is an influence from new wave music but in a positive way, comparable to how Rush incorporated this in their sound during the early s and actually the varied loose percussives and some of the guitars do remind of these fellow Canadians.

Another thing that stands out is the strong lead vocals which are not quite prog-typical but would also go well with an alternative folk-rock band. The group started in Los Angeles inled by the rhythm section of Diamond and Poole. The third album brought the band into a somewhat more commercial direction while maintaining their characteristic sound. After three LPs the original band folded in They did reform in and contined until the present.

Since the band is fronted by ex-Montrose vocalist John Levesque. There are 3 songs crossing the 6 minute mark and those are really worthwhile with great instrumental parts, especially some guitar solos that sweep you along. Recommended proggy hard rock! But an enjoyable classic hard rock CD with proggy edges it is. CD,limited edition of 3. And ELP is pretty much the common denominator of the instrumental music on this CD without sounding like extreme copy cats Lehmejum manages to make fine keyboard driven symphonic prog in the style of the masters.

Musically, the album is a bit of a mixed bag. Luckily these two weak spots only fill minutes of this disc, so program your CD-player and enjoy! This varied piece of music contains pleasant singing, fantastic guitar solos and widdly widdly keys, but also threatening parts and sounds effects obviously regarding the subject of the piece - so pretty much everything a prog fans wishes for.

The second album is clearly more progressive neo-direction than the first effort, but both offer enjoyable, mainly instrumental, typical Brazilian progressive rock. He has done a number of albums with others. Very selective discography below!

Also, do not expect something that resembles Berlin School. The eerie sounds rather made me think of that Russian guy who built a glass synthesizer. Afterwards the orchestra disappears, sounds become even more creepy and effects are thrown in and then Lejeune tries to recreate nature sounds birds etc by electronic. Not entirely my cup of tea thus would be the conclusion as the disc progresses.

All had been active musically before. When No Exit split, three members formed Primus-styled band Mushrooms, which was planning to record a CD in the late s. Drummer Van der Wouw had been drumming since the age of 14 and since he was in instrumental jazz-rock band Elysion. Marcel Coenen, who was a guitar teacher in his spare time, started in speed metal band Speedica in This band transformed into melodic power metal band Form, which still exists without Coenen.

Inshort before the foundation of Aura, Coenen started an instrumental project called Apogee with Franck Faber.

Apogee recorded one demo in Coenen was also busy with another instrumental band in the Satriani-vein. Finally, Barend Tromp graduated from conservatory for classical guitar and he studies musical knowledge. The album, strongly influenced by Dream Theater, was received very well in the press.

Things went pretty quiet then for a short time, until the second album appeard insurprisingly on the Dutch Telstar label - better known for their horrible pop-kitsch-Schlager output, than for their involvement in progressive metal. In their announcements, the band wanted to stress the fact that the split was for purely musical reasons and in no way whatsoever personally - Barend continued solo and with Darshan, while Marcel Coenen started progmetal band Sun Caged.

If you like the DT-school of progmetal this is one for the short list. And they did it splendidly. Their sound was heavy and LOUD. Maybe they got hold of that famous American beeswax. This is the main problem of the record. And that is a shame because Lemur Voice are perfectly capable of constructing a decent pretal song.

And still growing at that. Finally a bow to bassist and Stickplayer Barend Tromp. I bet their next album will be. Guys, did you really have to do that? The latter interestingly derails into a jazz piece halfway through before turning back to metal.

Four survivros of the Lemuryan invasion tells the story of this cursed civilization, through their dark and deeply melodical music, taking parts of Radiohead as much as Mars Volta, or even Mr Bungle. Tragedy here wears fantasy clothes, which enlight the blackest and most violent hours of Elcmar, transcribed into heavy dubs, metal. However, hope, and even childness are appearing in the ethereal and aerian vocals of Lemures.

They played instrumental prog rock, inspired by other prog bands, like Genesis rumor has it that the idea of the band was conceived at a Genesis concert. The Lens went through many line-up changes, of which you can check the details in the IQ-entry, but the nucleus was probably Mike Holmes guitar and Martin Orford keyboards and flutewho went on to form IQ after The Lens broke up in the early s.

This fact triggered the idea of remaking the old material on a new album, which also met the desire of many fans to have this early material available on CD. Paul Cook was drawn in as a guest musician and his trademark drum sound gives a little more IQ edge, while Mike and Martin provided the rest of the instrumentation.

Nothing like the class that IQ would reach later and at times more easy-listening than prog one might say. Mostly instrumental, sublime guitar and keyboard work. This recalls the golden age of progrock. And there are some acoustic folk influenced parts as well. This one is definitely recommended! It could have been a bit more compact, though - the CD feels a bit too long to me.

Very well done indeed. As a fan of IQ, I really enjoyed all those re-recorded vintage tracks. Although the IQ sound dominates some of the tracks, the overall sound is more laid back and spacious. However, I think the music probably is not to everyone s liking. Mike s idea was to release an album that could have been recorded if The Lens would still have existed all those years and IQ had never been established. This certainly means that a number of tracks couldn t have been released on an IQ-album.

It also means that the music substantially differs from The first Lens CD. The new album by The Lens can be regarded as an outlet for the musical ambitions of Mike Holmes, because many compositions are indeed not appropriate for IQ like the more ambient-oriented pieces and techno, rave and danceable music.

If you have an open mind for other musical styles this really is a must. Mike Holmes knows exactly how to integrate different styles to a progressive melting pot, because that s what you get if you buy this album. The album has been recorded by a talented musician, who s not afraid to experiment with other musical genres.

As said: the band features a large brass section on all albums, Staffan Scheja - Opus Europa-The Collection (CD. He used the Leo Nero moniker for his solo work after the end of that band in the mids.

The music seems to hover between the keyboard-oriented progressive rock of Il Balletto side 2 and more poppy efforts on the first side of the LP.

During the s Leone left the musical scene for a while. After that group disbanded he was active in the French jazzrock scene. In he started the Leo Project with a couple of young musicians, included Christophe Leloil flugel horn and Elsa Leonardi chants.

Not to be confused with The Leo Project. You can quit or you can be a pragmatist. I decided to get better at my craft, play their game, keep my name out there and. Part L - LZ Version Page 39 eventually stuggle to get free of a horrible deal and legal situation.

I found it okay, but way too pretentious from time to time. I must say that I prefer most of the other Gardner projects. The best musical product he has ever been involved in. James LaBrie also reaches a high level in his role as Leonardo. This mix of progressive rock with metal and classical music certainly is worth listening.

Real art. Almost as good as Da Vinci himself. Again the Magellan sound is heavily present on the album, which turned out rather entertaining. If you like what is put out on the Magna Carta roster you will also dig this. He did much soundtrack work since the early s. They debuted with a single, in His debut is an extremely rare LP now selling for over 1.

Got certainly mixed up in my mind with another Perry… Instead we get very fine folk-rock that is mildly orchetrated with medieaval elements, interesting instrumentation, obviously with a lot of acoustic guitar but also recorders, flute and even bassoon. All in all pretty progressive and two pieces even over 8 nearly 9 minutes long. The band was founded by Einar and Tor Oddmund with other musicians from the local scene. In spring the band signed to InsideOut Music with their next CD in preparation and scheduled for the summer of that year.

Surrealistic American artist Jeff Jordan created the artwork for "Bilateral". Jeff Jordan is probably best known from his work with The Mars Volta. Trivia: Tall Poppy Syndrome the title of the second CD is a pejorative term used in Australia, New Zealand and Canada to describe what is seen as a levelling social attitude. Someone is said to be a target of tall poppy syndrome when his or her assumption of a higher economic, social, or political position is criticised as being presumptuous, attention seeking, or without merit.

Alternatively, it is seen as a societal phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are criticised or resented because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers. There are moments that the band reminds of a more progressive version of Faith No More also thanks to the clean vocals then they have a brief attack of extreme metal including death Album)symphonic pieces are alternated with Dream Theater-like progmetal and atmospheric alt-prog comes along as well.

A very interesting album from a most promising band! Overall I believe that the band has moved away from their extreme metal roots towards a more atmospheric avant-prog-art-prog sound. The latter has even been visualized on the cover: Jeff Jordan designed the cover for both bands.

Most songs on Bilateral are up-tempo and sound very aggressive due to the heavy guitar parts and the grunts. These pieces make sure that the overall sound on the album alternates. On this track Leprous managed to blend metal and progressive rock in such a way that it sounds as attractive as can be! On this track the strong vocal qualities of keyboard player Einar Solberg are evident.

This man can sing as lovely as a child, but also screams like a death metal grunter! I think Bilateral will be loved most by devotees of heavy-edged progressive rock music. People who like heavy guitars, powerful beats and eminent vocals should try the music of Leprous. He started with piano but became more interested in synths and MIDI afterwards.

On this debut he claims a high environmental consciousness with a tribute to wind and earth. So you can hear thirteen atmospheric and ethereal compositions, each developing a different atmosphere.

The track appeared on the compilation Antebellum vol. Consono - Vortex for Far Journeying. Very dark, mystic and beautiful song from their second album Hymns Of Deceased Deities. ConSono added 3 new photos to the album ConSono. Their last album, "Ignoto Deo", released inbrought a substantial musical change, with a style more similar to neoclassical darkwave and gothic atmospheres.

Resounded Hymns of Deceased Deities. Download song or listen online free, only on JioSaavn. ConSono Experimental Ambient See All.

Ignoto Deo Remaster. Release source: CD.


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  1. Oct 06,  · The Beatles – Help, cd Beggars Opera – Pathfinder, cd Journey – självbetitlat album, cd Budgie – självbetitlat album, cd Nektar – Recycled, cd Nektar – A tab in the ocean, cd Pseudo Echo – Race, cd Bernt Staf – Bernt Staf’s bästa, cd Smaklösa – Mer eller mindre, cd
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Spirits Of Europa, Opus II on Discogs.
  3. All in all a strong live album. *** (hs) BALLAD COLLECTION - - AVALON RECORDS (CD) Japan only release QUEEN OF THE OCEAN - - LIMB MUSIC PRODUCTS LMP CD (CD) Avalon (CD, , Japanese release including bonus track “Season’s End) Lana Lane has been around for quite some time and albums now and has received some mixed reviews.
  4. Bjorn J-son Lindh & Staffan Scheja - Lake District () Björn Isfält - Bröderna Lejonhjärta (Tema) () Björn Isfält - Ronja Rövardotter (Rid Över Sk () Björn Isfält - Ronja Rövardotter (Vilda Skogs () Björn J-son Lindh & Staffan Scheja - .
  5. Label: Virgin - CD • Format: CD Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Electronic, Classical • Style: Ambient Björn J:son Lindh, Staffan Scheja - Spirits Of Europa, Opus II (, CD) | Discogs3/5(1).
  6. Björn J:son Lindh, ursprungligen Björn Lindh, [2] född 25 oktober i Arvika i Värmlands län, [3] död 21 december [1] [4] i Nora i Örebro län, [5] var en svensk pianist, flöjtist, arrangör, kompositör och bildkonstnär. Han arbetade inom så skilda musikstilar som jazz, klassiskt, fusion, rock, progg och wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo komponerade kammarmusik, symfoniska verk, och konserter för.
  7. CD US AVANT TILL THE OLD WORLD'S BLOWN UP AND A NEW ONE IS CREATED / ティル・ジ・オールド・ワールズ・ブローン・アップ・アンド・ア・ニュー.
  8. Spirits Of Europa, Opus II (with Staffan Scheja) is a music studio album recording by BJORN J:SON LINDH (Eclectic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.

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