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Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr)
Label: Brokecore - Broke034 • Format: CDr • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Broken Beat, Techno, Electro, Breaks

Strings 4. Color 5. Geometry for Computational Design 5. Geometry Overview 5. Vectors 5. Points 5. Curves 5. Surfaces 5. Solids 5. Meshes 5. Importing Geometry 6. Designing with Lists 6. What's a List 6. Working with Lists 6. Lists of Lists 6. Code Blocks and DesignScript 7. What's a Code Block 7. DesignScript Syntax 7. Shorthand 7. Functions 8. Dynamo for Revit 8. The Revit Connection 8. Selecting 8. Editing 8. Creating 8. Customizing 8. Documenting 9. Dictionaries in Dynamo 9.

What is a Dictionary 9. Node Uses 9. Code Block Uses 9. Use-Cases Custom Nodes Custom Node Introduction Creating a Custom Node Publishing to Your Library Python Nodes Python and Revit Python Templates in Dynamo 2. Packages Package Introduction Package Case Study - Mesh Toolkit Developing a Package Publishing a Package Zero-Touch Importing Geometry with DesignScript DesignScript Geometry Basics Geometric Primitives Vector Math Curves: Interpolated and Control Points Translation, Rotation, and Other Transformations Geometric Parameterization Intersection and Trim Geometric Booleans Python Point Generators Best Practices Graph Strategies Scripting Strategies Scripting Reference Appendix Resources Index of Nodes Useful Packages Example Files Published with GitBook.

The Dynamo Primer. Defining Objectives and Relationships Before we add anything to the Dynamo Workspace, it is key that we have a solid understanding of what we are trying to achieve and what the significant relationships will be. Adding Nodes to the Workspace Now that we have our Objectives and Relationships sketched we can begin creating our graph. Instead of 2 billion or 2b, some players choose to say "2 beez. BIN : vanilla - short for "Buy it Now," a phrase specifically used for auction items that have the option to be sold immediately without going through the bidding process.

See: 'BO. Sometimes includes the legendary ring, Bul-Kathos's Wedding Bandwhich is not exclusive to barbarians. Blue : refers to employees of Blizzard Entertainment who post on the official forums. In Patch 2. See: 'BIN. Unique items will have a two hour window of time where players can trade with only those from the same Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr) at the time when the unique item first dropped.

Boon: short for " Boon of the Hoarder ," a legendary gem. BoP: short for " Bane of the Powerful ," a legendary gem. BoT: short for " Bane of the Trapped ," a legendary gem. Sometimes abbreviated as "BotT. BP: short for "breakpoint," or hidden numbers associated with various skills in Diablo III that are often tied to attack speed stats.

When a player reaches a certain breakpoint, he or she usually experiences a higher level of effectiveness for his or her character though it isn't always the case. BR : short for " Blood Ritual ," a passive ability specific to witch doctors. Also short for " Battle Rage ," a barbarian ability. BS: short for "Banner Safe," referring to the act of or mentioning of placing a player's banner in a safe location for teammates to rally on usually by foot.

This is primarily done to save teammates the embarrassment of jumping directly to their deaths from the town. Be aware players cannot teleport to the banner, but rather be notified that the coast is clear to teleport to the player. Can also stand for "Blacksmith. Buffed: stands for a character's enhanced statistics after applying effects from passives, self-cast abiltiies and passive abiltiies.

See: 'Unbuffed. Buriza: refers to the legendary crossbow " Buriza-do Kyanon. Blizzard Cannon, emphasizing its cold-based weapon damage and also the fact that Diablo is a game published by Blizzard. Originated from the phrase "BYOB," which stands for "bring your own beer. CA: short for " Cluster Arrow ," a demon hunter skill. Cache: refers to Horadric Caches, rewards for completing an Act's worth of Bounties. Caches contain random items in addition to two guaranteed Rift Key Fragments. Sometimes simply called "bags" see: 'Bag'.

Candy Cane: refers to the legendary axe, " The Butcher's Sickle ," which bears many similarities with a Christmas candy cane. Captain America: refers to crusader builds that use the legendary shield Jekangbord and Gyrfalcon's Footea legendary flail.

The combination of items results in nonstop shield throws from Blessed Shieldwhich resembles the shield throws from the iconic Marvel superhero. CC: short for either "critical hit chance" or "crowd control. The latter refers to abilities that disable or debuff target s either by single target or area skills and effects see: 'AOE'. CD : short for either "critical hit damage" or "cooldown. The latter refers to a period of time when spells or abilities are inactive after use and "cooling down.

Chainpocalypse: variants of wizard builds that utilize the Wand of Woh and the Explosive Blast skill. Chant's: or "Chanto's," short for the "Chantodo" set of items that involve the Chantodo's Will wand and Chantodo's Force source, items exclusive to the wizard class. CHC: short for "critical hit chance. Sometimes refers to the witch doctor's Angry Chicken rune for the Hex spell. CM: vanilla - short for "Critical Mass," a passive ability that is specific for the wizard class.

It is primarily used to significantly reduce spell cooldowns via critical hits. See: 'CC' and 'CD. Refers to the offer currently made by a player to the seller. See: 'OBO. See: 'Bats WD. Conflag: refers to either the Conflagrate rune for the wizard's Magic Missile skill or the wizard's Conflagration passive. Cookie Cutter: a term used for character skill builds that are overused and proven to be generally very reliable for most game situations.

Also short for "Crypt of the Ancients," a dungeon in Act I that always spawns with numerous skeletons and one champion pack. It's well-known for its small space and easily killable mobs. CP: short for "checkpoint," an in-game location that marks a spot for players to resume action whenever they restart the game or die in battle.

Crypt Runs are generally used for farming experience for paragon levels see: 'Paragon' and players may sometimes prepare the Crypt beforehand see: 'Prep' in order to aggro see: 'Aggro' the Spewing Horror mobs that are in the area. The Spewing Horrors can consistently summon new waves of Decayers that can serve as bonus experience.

CTW: short for " Cull the Weak ," a demon hunter passive skill. DE: short for " Demonic Essence ," a bind-on-account see: 'BoA' crafting material that randomly drops off all sub-level 61 elites and bosses. Sometimes inaccurately called the "Mickey Mouse amulet" simply because of the mouse-shaped head, despite the amulet's design clearly being a direct nod to deadmau5's signature "mau5head" logo and stage outfit.

Halcyon refers to deadmau5's early aliases and the flavor text, "Raise your weapon, raise your weapon For example, "Need more deeps! Ding: sound effect for when a character levels up, usually for paragon levels. Can sometimes be used as a sound effect for when unique items drop on the ground. Disc: short for "Discipline," one of two resources used by demon hunters with the other being Hatred.

DoD: short for " The Dagger of Darts ," a legendary ceremonial knife. DOT: short for "damage over time," referring to skills or abilities that deal X damage over Y period of time. Because we knew, no matter how good we are, our players are gonna be better. We focused on making that as difficult as we could make it. DPS: short for "damage per second. DW: short for "dual-wield," meaning characters that Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr) their weaponry around equipping two one-handed weapons.

Also applies for champions and rares. See: '1. Also short for " Elemental Arrow ," a demon hunter skill. Not to be confused with Electronic Arts. EDPS: short for "effective damage per second," or the realistic total damage done per second by a character. This is calculated simply by taking the total damage done by a character to one target usually of high health total and dividing it over a set period of time, usually 60 seconds.

EF: short for " Echoing Fury ," a legendary one-handed mace known for its high chance to Fear enemies on hit. EHP: short for "effective hit points" or "effective health pool. See: 'Toughness. Epeen: stands for "electronic penis. Epic fail: when a player or party experiences disaster because of lack of game-sense or miscellaneous Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr) factors; oftentimes results in death, occasionally results in side-splitting laughter except in cases of Hardcore deaths.

See: 'Fail. See: 'LeapQuake. Also short for "Force Armor," a rune for the Energy Armor ability that is specific to the wizard class. See: 'EA. See: 'Epic fail. See: 'Gear,' 'Loot' and 'Run. The build serves a support role for party play, as the voodoo mask allows the witch doctor to permanently fear and root enemies in place when combined with high cooldown reduction items. Fishing: refers to the act of starting and restarting games to obtain specific results.

Usually practiced in high level Greater Rifts in order to bypass the randomness. Flip: vanilla - a term that refers to the act of [successfully] reselling an item in the auction house at a higher price than the original purchase price. Forgotten: the act of instantly salvaging a legendary or set item because it rolled so terribly you want to forget it ever dropped.

Coined after the term "Instabrim" see: 'Instabrim' no longer applied for legendary and set items above level 60, as the crafting material received from salvaging became a Forgotten Soul rather than a Fiery Brimstone. FOT: short for " Fists of Thunder ," a signature ability specific for the monk class. Frog: refers to the legendary mojo, " Thing of the Deep ," which is basically a frog held in the hands of a witch doctor.

Frostfire DH: in Patch 2. Sometimes referred to as the "hybrid" build for demon hunters. Frostitute: vanilla - a wizard that specializes in permanent freeze builds based on the Frost Nova spell. See: 'Perma-' and 'SNS. Players in co-op games will use this short-hand to alert party members of a Treasure Goblin, Pygmy or Bandit within their vicinity.

All sorts of items can be bought here for in-game gold. It was shut down on March 18, Gear: items used to equip Diablo characters; the backbone of the game. GF: short for "gold find," a type of stat in the Diablo series that passively increases the quantity of gold dropped within the game. Also stands for the witch doctor passive skill "Gruesome Feast. GG: nowadays stands for "godly gear" or "godly geared" see: 'Godly'. For example, the GG tag can be inserted in front of high-end items, e.

Will also sometimes be seen as "GFG," with a classy expletive inserted in between the two G's. GI: short for " Grave Injustice ," a passive ability specific to witch doctors. Gift: refers to " Ramaladni's Gift. Glass Cannon: a term used to describe characters that forego survivability stats in favor of maximizing their offensive capabilities see: 'tank'. Also the name of a passive ability specific to wizards. Godly: describes players, characters, items, or anything that's strong enough to be considered out of this world or simply divine.

GoS: short for " Gogok of Swiftness ," a legendary gem. Also see: 'Shrine Gloves. For example, GR30 means Greater Rift level GRift: short for "Greater Rift," an "endless" higher tiered and timed Nephalem Rift that serves as the source for legendary gems and competition between players due to a leaderboard system.

See: 'GR. Sometimes abbreviated as "BH. See: 'SC. HP: short for "hit points" or "health pool" and refers to the total amount of damage a character can sustain before facing death.

Not to be confused with Hewlett-Packard or horsepower. See: 'DPS. IK: short for the "Immortal King" set example: Immortal King's Triumphwhich is a set of items designed specifically for the barbarian class. In Reaper of Souls, there are no longer item levels and each item simply has a base level requirement in order to be used. Imba: short for "imbalanced. See: 'OP' and 'UP. This usually occurs when the items hold no additional value e.

See: 'Forgotten. JB: short for " Jawbreaker ," a legendary fist weapon. Jbord: short for " Jekangbord ," a legendary crusader shield that revolves around the Blessed Shield skill. See: 'Captain America. Players usually list their offers on the website to gain increased publicity and then sell to interested buyers in-game after contact. Today, it's a harmless trading hub for Diablo players. The "rules" forbid players from clicking on lootable objects, such as treasure chests, corpses, etc.

Many concepts within Junger Rules are merely speculative see: 'Tinfoil Hat'. However, because of the high demand of Rings of Royal Grandeur see: 'RORG'which can only drop from Act I Horadric Caches, and because of the highly publicized success rates of participants following the "rules," the number of followers in the Junger Rules community has steadily grown.

KB: short for "knockback," an effect that is triggered through various skills e. Bash and item properties e. Windforce that pushes a target back a variable distance. KD : or just "K ," which is short for "Keep Depths" followed by level 1, 2 or 3.

These are areas in Diablo III's Act III, which, especially for Keep Depths level 2, are notorious for being packed with a ton of mobs, which directly leads players to take advantage of the extra experience and loot that could be accumulated over a shorter period of time than in lesser-dense areas.

As of patch 1. Kulle Story, Bro: a reference to the oft-used line, "Cool story, bro. KW: short for "Keywarden," mini-bosses that drop the keys necessary for crafting Infernal Machines see: 'Machine'.

There is one Keywarden per Inferno Act. Act I is Odeg, who can drop the Key of Bones. Lag: a term that is sometimes used to describe a connection problem between a player's network and Diablo III's servers.

However the more common use is as an excuse to explain a player's sub-par in-game performances, e. Can occasionally be a legitimate reason. LAK: short for "life after kill," a stat that returns X amount of life to a character per enemy killed.

See: 'EQ Set. Legacy: refers to items that existed before an itemization patch 1. These items are removed from existing loot tables and are replaced with brand new items. The set is still sees use because of the unique bonus Discipline regeneration see: 'Disc' that is not found through any other set of items or abilities in the game.

LFG: short for "looking for group," a phrase that represents a player who is in search of a party. See: 'ISO. The bypassing mechanic was removed in Patch 2. Leeching is still an appropriate term for players who join in at the last moment, trade in a Keystone, obtain the Blood Shards from the Rift Guardian, and promptly leave for another close-to-ending Nephalem Rift. LMB: short for "left mouse button. Lollipop: refers to the set wand, " Chantodo's Will ," which is shaped very much like a lollipop see: 'Chant'.

More Hidden Footprints! It is a nod to the Enchantress follower's lines in Act II: Shadows in the Desert, when the player seeks out the hidden cultist outposts. Loot: any item gear, gold, potions, tomes, gems, etc. LS: short for "loot share" or the act of sharing and trading new item drops within a party. The stat completely loses its effects at level M6: stands for "Marauder 6-piece," or six pieces of the "Marauder" set example: Marauder's Spines.

See: 'Sentry DH. Main: the player's primary character. Most of the hours spent, blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes money will be poured into the main character. See: 'Alt. Main stats are dexterity demon hunters and monksintelligence witch doctors and wizardsand strength barbarians and crusaders. Manti: short for " Manticore ," a high-tier legendary crossbow. Mats: short for "crafting materials" or just "materials. It has since lost its popularity in Reaper of Souls. MF: short for "magic find," a type of stat in the Diablo series that passively improves the chances of a rarer item to drop within the game.

MFD: short for " Marked for Death ," a demon hunter skill. MH: stands for "Main hand," or weapons that Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr) placed in the primary weapon slot for dual-wielding characters see: DW'.

Also see: 'OH. It plays heavily in determining a player's defensive prowess. MLW: short for " Moonlight Ward ," a legendary amulet. Mobs: essentially describes the different types of monsters and enemies the player encounters in the world of Diablo III. These can range from standard weak monsters to elite and champion varieties. See: 'e' and 'Trash mobs. MOH: short for " Mantra of Healing ," an ability specific to monks.

MoJ: short for " Mask of Jeram ," a witch doctor voodoo mask that is centerpiece for most pet builds. See: 'Zookeeper. Monk: a melee dexterity-based class in D3. Sometimes called a "monkey. It replaced Mantra of Evasion in Patch 2. MP: vanilla - short for "monster power," an in-game option that allows players to adjust game difficulty by raising or lowering monster health and damage.

Ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult. This feature was removed in Reaper of Souls. MS: short for "movement speed," a stat that is used by characters to gain faster mobility across the game world. Not to be confused with Microsoft. MVPs are not Blizzard employees. As such, their posts will be highlighted in green as opposed to the Blizzard employees' blue.

MW: short for " Magic Weapon ," an ability specific to wizards. Naked: refers to characters without any equipped gear. Nat: short for the "Natalya" set items example: Natalya's Embracemore specifically the Natalya's Solace set, which mostly benefit dexterity-based classes. See: 'Legacy Nat's. Usually occurs when the consensus is that one of the aforementioned aspects is far stronger or more effective than intended.

See: 'OP. The term "nirvana" is used for when the monk reaches nirvana and can spam high damage spells in quick succession. NS: short for "non-Season" or non-Seasonal characters and games.

OBO: vanilla - short for "or best offer," a term paired with selling items or auctioning items. Usually included by the seller in order to negotiate buyout prices with potential buyers. Wizard sources, witch doctor mojos, demon hunter quivers, and shields can also be referred to as off-hands. The latter refers to forums and people who start topics or threads. OS: stands for "open socket," an item property that can roll on most helms, chest armor, pants, weapons, off-hands, and jewelry.

It was replaced by " Harmony " in Patch 2. P : refers to Paragon level or shortened to "PL". Examples include "P12" for Paragon level 12, "P" for Paragonetc. See: 'Paragon. Not to be confused with the Pinpoint Armor rune see: 'PP'. Also see: 'EA. However, one Paragon Point will be awarded per level, which can be assigned to a variety of stats, such as vitality, critical hit chance, life percentage, resource cost reduction, etc. Patch 2. It was a transitional patch bridging the original D3 with the expansion, Reaper of Souls.

PE: short for " Pain Enhancer ," a legendary gem. Perma-: a prefix that is attached to various builds that indicate a "permanent" or near permanent effect. Examples include "permafreeze," a common way wizards focusing on various cold spells to continuously lock down enemies, "permastun," which a variety of classes can use, notably monks wielding the Sledge Fist weapon, "perma-Vault," which involves demon hunters running the Danetta's set see: 'Danetta's' with Hatred regeneration items to use Vault nonstop.

Pets: refers to summonable entities that serve the player's character. Most often affiliated with witch doctors, but can also be found with other classes like demon hunters and wizards. Pineapple: refers to " The Fist of Az'Turrasq " due to its resemblance to the fruit. Pity Timer: refers to a system within Diablo III that virtually guarantees a legendary or set item drop sometimes called a "pity drop" for a player once he or she plays through an extended phase without seeing a legendary or set item drop in-game.

The exact timer is unknown, but has been mentioned by Blizzard officials on several occasions since Reaper of Souls' Beta. Once a legendary or set item does drop, the timer is reset. The timer is not affected by legendary items obtained through the blacksmith, Kadala and Horadric Caches and unique drops like Blacksmith plans do not count toward resetting the timer.

PK: short for "player kill" or "player killer," which refers to the act of a player-controlled character killing or directly causing the death of another player-controlled character. See: 'PVP. Pony Sader: refers to crusader builds that revolve around Phalanx - Stampede and Unrelenting Phalanxa legendary crusader shield. Both helms shared high primary stats and attack speed. Andariel's Visage always came with critical hit chance, but Mempo had the chance to roll higher critical hit chance.

Mempos always came with a socket, and Andariel's Visage could also roll a socket. However, Mempo also came with high resistance and life bonus, which made it a better all-around helm. This changed in Patch 2. Can sometimes be used alongside "prepping," "prime" or "priming. Common uses for prepping include multiplayer Crypt Runs see: 'Crypt Run' and loot runs where players separate beforehand to "prepare" the Decaying Crypt, Dynamo - Ice Cream Smash Bot - Coagulated (CDr), round up clusters of mobs in the Fields of Misery, the Weeping Hallow, and also weaken elite and champion packs in the Festering Woods.

Primary Stat: In the original Diablo III, this is an umbrella term for dexterity demon hunters and monksintelligence witch doctors and wizardsand strength barbarians. However, with Patch 2. Each ability also has a coefficient hidden number that further alters the overall chance of the proc. See: 'Proc Coefficient. The coefficients determine how often a proc will take place in addition to any pre-existing effects of a spell. The lower the proc coefficient, the less likely the bonus effect will take place.

See: 'Proc. This method of bidding relies on computer-generated bids rather than human bids that must be manually inputted. For proxy bidding, one player simply has to place a bid higher than the current bid and let it sit in the system. Whenever another bidder comes in to make an offer, if the bid is lower than the first player's, the proxy bid will automatically increase the current bid to just higher than the new bid.


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  2. Check out Dynamoob's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfog: Smash Bot.
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  5. For more information about expression attribute names, see Accessing Item Attributes in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.. Keys - An array of primary key attribute values that define specific items in the table. For each primary key, you must provide all of the key attributes. For example, with a simple primary key, you only need to provide the partition key wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfog: Smash Bot.
  6. Dynamo Cover is a trading style of Dynamo Cover Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration Number: Tel: 22 32 - Email: [email protected] - Address: Cardiff House Cardiff Road Barry CF63 2AWMissing: Smash Bot.
  7. Jan 22,  · AC short for "Acid Cloud," a witch doctor ability or "Akarat's Champion," a crusader ability. AD short for "Arcane Dynamo," a wizard passive skill. Affix: a term that refers to properties that are assigned to a given object, which can include magical properties on items or abilities on in-game monsters. It is usually associated with the latter and can also be called “boss modifiers.”Missing: Smash Bot.

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