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Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette)

Label: Not On Label (Fanatik (6) Self-released) - none • Format: Cassette Mixed • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardcore

Very convenient indeed: what-ifs are so much more reliable than proofs or vetted testimonies. That's what you get when you design a legal system using the principles of a professional sport. Better safe than sorry, I'd say.

Since you are temporarily gagged by the dA system right now, I'll take this opportunity to say that you are wrong, wrong, wrong, absolutely wrong! I'm sorry to say, but the gagging is not working on replies! Das ist dir wieder toll gelungen und die kleinen Details wie feuchte Haut, spritzendes Wasser und die Beleuchtung ist auch wunderbar. Spectacular render, really!

The best way to celebrate the second life of your GTX The turmoil of emotions is perfectly conveyed here and very few words are needed. Highly dramatic picture, Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette), very well done, posing included.

I'm impressed. Thank you very much This render was still from before my issues with the GTX. And yesterday, the GPU completely gave up, after it did run with some helpers for a while. It really looks as if one of it's memory-modules has a defect, that got worse with the time. I now even remember that when rendering heavy scenes it already happened in the past that the render-engine fell back to CPU render only.

Now I'm searching the markets for its successor. Oh, gosh. This really sucks. Anyway, regarding this point: "I now even remember that when rendering heavy scenes it already happened in the past that the render-engine fell back to CPU render only.

I strongly hope it is not the signal of an incoming failure. She has regulars and enjoys them both, when she accidentally sends a text to both her playmates she gets a surprise in return. Both Danvers's sisters want to come and Play, will they feel the same when they both arrive, Lena is excited to see.

When both arrive and looked equal parts shocked and excited Lena decides that it will be all or nothing, will they both play and satisfy their mistress and each other? Just as integral a part of Kara. For Lena, loving Kara is loving Alex. When Lena Luthor gets threatened, she goes running to Supergirl, only to find herself interrupting Kara and Alex spending a quiet evening together.

With a threat above her head, the sisters decide to keep watch over the Luthor. Feelings start, there's some pinning, and eventually they all just give in to what's going on. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. She had seen Andy had given in because she knew she couldn't fight the Originals on this.

Though, Rebekah knew that if given the chance, Andy would cut someone's throat to save Davina. Rebekah visited the Garden and fed Thierry a bag of blood until he was lucid enough to speak. She, after promising to hold up her deal of freeing him from this prison, got the location where Marcel was with Davina.

Rebekah headed there immediately through the pouring rain. As she looked around, she picked up on Davina's voice and followed it. He played a song that he wrote for me, and he kissed me, and we were just normal. Rebekah stood in the doorway and stared at them with a sad expression. Rebekah looked over at him finally.

Your stubbornness will mean her death. Marcel stared at her with a determined expression. I'm not breaking that promise. You and Andy are the only family that this girl has. You owe it to her to fight for her to live," Rebekah said as she took a step closer towards him. She'll live. Marcel stared at her a moment and Rebekah thought for the longest of moments he would say no.

He turned towards Davina and the young girl nodded at him. Rebekah felt her stomach churn knowing that it would be bad enough having to watch the harvest. Klaus was waiting around the cemetery with everyone.

He had his hood over his head while Andy stood with hers on near Elijah, staring numbly out into the rain. Kol was off to the side minding his own business while Elijah and Hayley were both standing there.

Kieran was there to help with the ritual as well. Rebekah walked up after a good bit of them all just standing there. Will he bring her? Klaus looked at each of his siblings. He took a dagger out and sliced open his hand, and handed it to Rebekah. She did the same, then Elijah, then Kol, and finally Hayley. Kieran took the dagger and threw it into Esther's grave. Let me say good-bye. Please, Rebekah. Marcel was staring outside, a solemn expression on his face as the rain continued on.

He knew the next phase would begin any minute now. If you look at it that way, it's kind of selfish not to do it. If this is all I have, I've had a lot," Davina said. Marcel, I'm ready," Davina said in her hoarse voice and he felt his heart being torn apart. The vampire ran over and hugged Davina tightly. Why does it have to be good-bye? Our little family that we had these past few months… It's not going to end. You guys will have each other. You have to promise me you won't leave each other.

This entire thing felt like her parents, Jenna, and Alaric's deaths all over again she would add Klaus, Jeremy, and Kol, but they were all brought back to life — or in Klaus's situation he never was. It was like they were all hitting her like a brick wall all over again and it hurt.

She felt her heart clenching over and over again. Marcel was carrying Davina to the cemetery and when they got halfway there, fire began to appear behind Marcel and Davina so they had to run. By the time they got to the cemetery the flames were getting worse and worse.

As they maneuvered through the cemetery, Andy heard Sophie whisper, "Fire" and she wanted to kill the witch more than anything. Her attempt earlier had failed because of Elijah, and if she tried it now then she would have four Originals there to stop her. Marcel and Andy turned the corner and saw all of the Mikaelsons and Sophie. They were all watching them as they walked over sat Davina down.

Marcel and Andy wrapped an arm around each other and squeezed the other tight. Andy watched with a frown as Davina looked over at Kol. She looked at Andy and Marcel and gave them a small and forced smile. Andy looked back at Kol, who simply stared at Davina for a moment before turning away and walking off.

Davina's eyes went back to him and a frown formed on her face. Andy was tempted to call after him but she was distracted by Sophie. Sophie stuck a dagger in the flames and then walked toward Davina.

Sophie slit Davina's throat and Andy felt a cry escape her lips. Davina fell back and Marcel let go of Andy to catch her in his arms. Once he had her he laid her down on the ground. Klaus walked over to Andy and he wrapped his arms around her and she accepted his embrace by tightly hugging him back and resting her head on his shoulder. Sophie bent next to Davina's body. Their sacrifices made and accepted.

We call upon our elders to resurrect the chosen ones," Sophie said and Andy felt anxious as she waited for something to happen but… nothing did. Resurrect your chosen ones I beg Andy separated herself from Klaus to see Marcel look towards Klaus with look of hatred, then sped away.

Andy leaned down next to Davina's body and gently caressed the young girl's face. She had just seen her friend, her sisterbe slaughtered. Davina was supposed to be resurrected. She was supposed to be alive. She's not the one to blame.

She continued sobbing and Klaus turned her around so she was resting against his chest. Andy eventually felt a Klaus let go of her and another pair of arms pick her up. She looked up to see it was Elijah carrying her bridal style. In all honesty she could walk, but she didn't want to so she didn't complain. She put her head against Elijah's chest and continued crying as he moved away from the cemetery. Klaus had left Andy with Elijah because he wanted to check on Marcel.

He followed his scent to the Abattoir and found Marcel throwing things. Klaus did hold some of the blame and that's what he had been saying to Andy after she tried attacking Sophie, but she seemed to grief-stricken to notice.

We were fine! Davina was safe, she was in control! If you hadn't gotten her worked up, if you hadn't killed that boy! Klaus frowned. But don't lose perspective. We still have our community. The vampires of this town—". Marcel interrupted as he sped in front of him. She is dead! Do you hear me?! Klaus couldn't help but hug Marcel. You may think I know nothing of your grief, but you Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette) wrong," He pulled back at look Marcel in the eyes and felt his heartstrings being pulled at.

It was years before I could speak your name, so keenly did I feel that loss. Just then Elijah arrived with Andy and she immediately jumped out of his arms before rushing over to Marcel. I'm so sorry," She repeated over and over again as she squeezed him tightly. I was supposed to protect her—". Klaus decided to give them privacy and glanced at Elijah, who was standing with Hayley, before heading to his room.

Elijah watched as Niklaus retreated upstairs and disappeared. Andy and Marcel were mourning together Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette) Elijah took it upon himself to pull Hayley away to give them their privacy.

Hayley and he stood there in silence for a while. He was reflecting on her actions with Sophie by unburying Celeste. He still felt like she had betrayed his trust and that was not something easily obtainable. Hayley, evidently catching onto his distracted expression, asked, "Are you ready to forgive me yet?

She exhaled before speaking again. Elijah looked at her with anger. During my fever in the bayou, you were inside my mind.

You know what Celeste means to me. Do you have any idea how rare love is? In a thousand years, I have found it but three times, and when I have, I have honored it," Elijah said as he took a few steps closer to her. I live in the now. If I feel something, I act.

If I want something, I take it. I won't choose the dead over the living, so why are you? I'm sorry, Elijah," Hayley said before she started to walk back into the Abattoir.

Elijah couldn't help but in that moment feel something shift in him. It was a small shift, but it was something. It was similar to that something with Andy, but slightly different. In that moment he couldn't help but felt a pull towards Hayley and before he knew it he had grabbed her wrist to pull her back to him. Their faces go so close, and he saw she wanted to kiss him just as much as he wanted to her, but as Elijah stared at her, he realized how unfair he was being to her and himself.

He was still in love with another woman and doing this would ruin things. He wouldn't allow himself to, he just wouldn't put Hayley through that. Elijah let go of Hayley's wrist and stayed there a second longer before walking away and into the Abattoir.

Elijah exhaled and put his head down, wondering how he had gotten to this point. He was staring into his glass. You were quite resourceful today. How did you find them down at the docks? Rebekah smiled at him, though it was a sad one. Rebekah finished off her drink before setting the glass down. She stared into the fireplace and they were both quiet for a long moment.

I was sure Davina would survive. There was so much life in her," Klaus responded. Rebekah was quiet for a few more moments before looking over at him. Four were supposed to rise, and none did. Where did all that power go? We've got two highly emotional vampires and a missing brother. Maybe we should focus on those two things to begin with?

Anyways, I was thinking of making a trip to say good-bye to our doppelganger. We leave in the Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette) Klaus started to head for the door. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Originals. Klaus loves Andrea Gilbert and he will always love her, there's no changing that; the same can be said for his brother. But with ghosts from the past at every corner, can Andy remain sane? Or will the Mikaelsons prove to be her ultimate downfall? I swear I didn't—" "It's not me who you need to apologize to, Klaus. You got to be starving," Marcel started out with. Marcel sighed. So we can be one big happy Frankenstein family? Elijah took another small sip of his.

Klaus softly laid his hands on her arms. And I didn't think anything of it, but then Davina started doing those pictures of Celeste—" "Whatever this is, you have to tell me," He interrupted her. Perks of being a vampire, huh? She shouldn't—" "Rebekah, listen to me. Davina will be resurrected anyhow. Slowly, Andy's features fell into a hurt and upset expression. Now you care about the city," Marcel said in a condescending tone.

We Fanatik (6) - Remember Derval - Alex (Cassette) it. Do you have a minute? Klaus said not to," the vampire said. Elijah glanced briefly at Sabine.

I owe her this. Elijah exhaled slightly. But that didn't end well, either. Perhaps we could try a locator spell? That's very kind of you? We can't practice magic or own property for that matter. Count me in," Niklaus said. Our decision must be unanimous," Elijah insisted. Count me in. It… It has to happen," He said over the rain. Elijah wrapped his arms around her tight. Help me, please," Davina was saying. Rebekah ignored him. I failed you. This is not how it ends. He saw tears in her eyes.

It stopped raining and Andy turned to look back at Davina to see the magic leaving her body. The vampires of this town—" Marcel interrupted as he sped in front of him. I was supposed to protect her—" "It's not your fault, Drea," Marcel murmured as he hugged her tightly.

Chapter 1: Here Without You 2. Chapter 2: Red 3. Chapter 3: Better Than Me 4. Chapter 4: Bad Luck 5. Chapter 5: The Power of Scars 6. Chapter 6: Losing Your Memory 7. Chapter 7: New Day, New Drama 8. Chapter 8: Remember Me 9. Chapter 9:I Love You Anyways Chapter But I Love Him Chapter The Harvest Chapter Honeymoon Phase Chapter Celeste Chapter The Beginning of the End Chapter The End - Part 1 Chapter Siblings Chapter Pain and Tension Chapter Torn Chapter Memory Chapter Damn Witches Chapter Dusk Chapter Mad World Chapter Alone Again Naturally Chapter Total Eclipse of the Heart Chapter Fire and Rain Chapter Refuge Chapter Home Chapter Reflection Chapter Reconciliation Chapter Puppy Love Chapter Meet the Family Chapter Honey, Who Attacked the Kid?

Chapter Helen of Troy Chapter Impossible Chapter Faithless Chapter Difficulty Chapter Inigo Montoya Chapter Dreamscapes Chapter The Rolling Stone Chapter Broken Family Chapter Champagne Supernova Chapter The Return Chapter National Lampoon's Chapter This Ain't Goodbye Chapter Bruises


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  4. Cassette Review // Darko the Super & Steel Tipped Dove "The Devil Defeated" (Already Dead Tapes)Missing: Remember Derval.
  5. Kara and Alex are together, but no one knows except Eliza and J’onn. They go on a date one night, and Lena sees them (she’s not mad that Kara didn’t tell her about being Supergirl) doesn’t quite catch that they’re leaving a date, asks Kara out on a date.
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