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Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD, Album)
Label: Projekt - PROJEKT262 • Format: 2x, CD Album, Mixed • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient

The result is an organic sound tapestry that impels you to move—freeing the mind, energizing the body, and opening your spirit to inspiration. The result is a truly unique synthesis of the primordial and contemporary rhythms and sounds of trance, ritual dance and transformation — authentically informed with shamanic wisdom and practice by all of those involved in Shamanic Trance Dance. The six tracks on Shamanic Trance Dance invite the Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD and the dancer to explore the various landscapes of the shamanic world in a personal and experiential way.

Dance and merge with your own inner-wisdom and animal spirits; travel through your inner and outer realities from a totally embodied perspective; play with the rhythms of your breath and body; confront and transcend blocks and barriers that inhibit and stifle your growth and creative energies. Digital Downloads available at these retailers. Sounds True. Award-winning shamanic-trance drummer Byron Metcalf and master didgeridoo artist Rob Thomas of Inlakesh combine their musical and personal medicines to create an extremely potent sonic brew.

Thankfully for us, trance percussion alchemist Byron Metcalf and didgeridoo maven Rob Thomas Inlakesh are not hidden away in another era doing their medicine work for a forgotten tribe obscured by time.

Mark: Bansuri flutes, overtone vocals. Guest Musicians. Daniel Hirtz: Tabla track 5. Max Link: Water Pot Udu track 5. Cover art: Kancano kancano. Graphic Design: Sam Rosenthal. Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig join forces again to focus and intensify the transformative power of their musical collaboration.

Rob Thomas Inlakesh and Dashmesh Khalsa contribute aboriginal didgeridoo textures to further deepen and expand the sonic field. This is especially important for those involved in deep inner-work, visionary rituals, ceremonies and practices.

To listen to entire tracks and purchase digital downloads go here. Seeking the Unknown Within, the voyage begins - Wachuma, Spirit of the four winds, the night-blooming king of night, ushers us on a voyage of soulful remembrance; a remembrance of what we are, and what we may be.

Wachuma's Wave is sacred music in the truest sense. It is a portal of travel, a soul retrieval, a ritual of deep time dreaming. Veteran trance percussionist Byron Metcalf teams up with German-based musician and shamanic practitioner Mark Seelig to bring forth a multi-textural blend of bansuri flutes, sacred chants and overtone singing, simmering percussion and other hybrid grooves, augmented by rich offerings of deep drift ambient synthesizer and didgeridoo from soundscape maestro Steve Roach.

Fans of The Serpent's Lair Roach-Metcalf will be thrilled by this innovative and heart-stirring alchemy. Composed and Recorded:. Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf. Cover Image by Ralph Prata. Layout by Sam Rosenthal. After two years pushing the creative edges, Tales From the Ultra Tribe emerges as a fire-breathing life form.

The deep trance-shamanic-atmospheric collaboration between Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf evokes the primordial caverns and aeon-blasted landscapes of their groundbreaking The Serpent's Lair Projekt, And yet on Tales From the Ultra Tribea new sound emerges. It's a lucid trance-groove experience, a searing combination of acoustic percussion and hyper-dimensional electronic rhythms.

The Ultra Tribe are the future primitives: the future-tech foundation wrapped by the organic. It's no longer clear where the human ends and the machine begins. The elements of this sound are Steve's complex hybrid-grooves overlaid by Byron's primal, fluid and organic - yet precise - frame drums and percussion. It's an atmosphere of shifting soundworlds in which the forms of the Ultra Tribe exist.

An alchemy of electronic sequencers, drum machines and percussion locks in the groove, while the human element jumps in and out of the steady pulse, giving the music a passionate intensity. The elements are deftly shaped to a point of complete integration where the final result is transformed into a living breathing body with an electro-organic soul. As one the original architects of the tribal-ambient genre, Steve Roach's innovations are mapped out on the landmark albums Origins, Artifacts, and Dreamtime Return, along with releases from the Suspended Memories trio and the more recent Fever Dreams series.

In the late 90's, Steve teamed up with Byron, and over the span of a dozen years they've created an array of releases that explore and push the outer edges of shamanic-electronic tribalism. The eight pieces on Tales From the Ultra Tribe are built into a seamless minute deep-journey experience. Adding to the overall impact is a high resolution sound achieved through masterful recording and mixing techniques.

With a multi-dimensional trance-groove trajectory, the sound is a tribal-electronic well of experience, Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD. A continuous kaleidoscope of visionary power, mystery and visceral awe envelops the listener. After being out of print for over 2 years, by popular request the original is now available in a new eco-friendly digipak.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system that helps develop the capacity to live fully in the world of the heart. The uninterrupted experience is created from a collection of buffalo drums, frame drums and rattles. This time and space altering Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD is supported with an evolving, breathing atmosphere of subtle contrasting harmonic embraces.

Adding to the experience is the sense that it is all occurring in a grounded, environmental space through the use of sounds from the natural world. Earth Om - Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD Resonance. Exploring Your Relationship with the Earth. Byron Metcalf, Ph. As we face the truth about our global crisis and the devastating impact of climate change, it is clear that we, as human inhabitants of this planet, now find ourselves at a critical point where our survival depends on our ability and willingness to develop a healthy, balanced and sustainable relationship with the Earth — the Mother of Us All.

The intention of the Earth Om — Sacred Resonance exercise is to help you explore your relationship with the Earth in a very personal way — and to cultivate a deeper and more personal connection with Her.

This exercise is highly experiential and interactive, and will provide you with an opportunity to closely examine the unique qualities, characteristics, beliefs and other dynamics that form your relationship with the Earth and all that this relationship means to you.

Designed to be used as a stand-alone exercise or as an advanced exercise with. Earth Om. Field Effect Audio Technology. From In this latest solo project, Byron expands his sonic explorations of the shamanic path of soul-based and heart-centered living that is the foundation of his work.

Inspired and driven by his increasing frustration related to our current global and planetary challenges, A Warning From The Elders invites the listener to whole-heartedly embrace the urgency facing the planet, while also birthing the dormant seeds of hope and vision that lie within each of us. Together, the two sonic explorers find a meeting place where vapor trails and glowing man-made cityscapes reveal that we, the modern humans, are the ones who bring into existence the enlightened earth: our explorations illuminate to bring cascading insight.

Cycles of layered synthesizers, harmonies, introspective slow-motion soundscaping, vibrant acoustic percussion, and illuminated electric guitar produce expansive and fluid tracks. Digital downloads available here. This psychoactive composition is designed to guide and support you into deeper territories of your own inner worlds — far beyond the known and familiar. I personally found the depth of the trance state achieved to be amazing!

Many thanks to Monroe Products studio engineer Kevin Cowan for helping to create such an incredible psychoactive sonic brew! Note: This Metamusic version is a single continuous track designed for uninterrupted listening - preferrably on headphones. Scroll up to the original Medicine Work album to hear clips of the various sections. Byron Metcalf. Featuring Steve Roach. This powerful and potent shamanic journey invites the listener to make full contact with their heart, their own inner wisdom, and non-physical helpers and guides to reveal, heal and transform the habitual patterns and blocks that inhibit and stifle growth and creativity.

This is also the ideal album for extended shamanic journeys, breathwork, dynamic meditation, and other deep inner-work practices. Check it out here:. Byron — Buffalo drums, ceremonial toms, frame drums, clay pot, medicine rattles, ambient percussion, voice, spirit wind, huasca breaths. Steve Roach — Didgeridoo, ocarinas, analog and digital hardware synths, analog modular system, looping. Graphic Design — Sam Rosenthal. The Shaman's Heart Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD — The Healing Journey is an entrancing minute shamanic journey of uninterrupted, evolving tribal-trance drumming and percussion that continuously builds in rhythmic complexity and dynamic intensity.

Byron is joined by Steve Roach who provides the harmonic and textural psychotropic stew created from a rich, organic and analog blend. The alchemy with the percussion results in an ecstasy that helps hold the space for the listener to journey far and deep into powerful and sustained shamanic states of consciousness.

The journey culminates in a bursting forth through the full spectrum portal of pure existence — returning safely home to the heart-centered presence and potential of the true self.

With focused and clear intention, this sonic call to adventure draws on the traditional shamanic model that is proven over the eons to open the primal mind to access all levels of human experience including the upper, middle, and lower worlds of the shamanic landscape and various transpersonal realms of reality.

The Shaman's Heart II is a powerful and potent shamanic journey that invites the listener to make full contact with their heart — their own inner wisdom and various non-physical helpers, guides and allies, to reveal, release, heal and transform the habitual patterns and blocks that inhibit and stifle their growth and creative energies.

Steve's pinnacle performance from 's SoundQuest Fest proved to be a real moment in time, and fortunately it was documented with a high resolution recording that places the listener front and center on that special night. Presented as a single CD, the first 74 minutes of the concert are experienced as it unfolded. Three distinct realms are seamlessly mapped out in this inspired set.

From here we experience an amazing interplay between didgeridoo players Dashmesh Khalsa, Brian Parnham, percussionist Byron Metcalf and Steve performing real-time looping, processing and mixing along with soundworlds, ocarina and voice. The last portion of the set settles into an ultra drifting electro-organic zone. Byron Metcalf: Frame drums, djembes, doumbek, udu, clay pot, bass drums, various ethnic percussion,voice. Dashmesh Khalsa: Didgeridoo, tabla, hapi drum. Steve Roach: Analog and digital soundworlds, loops, processing, eurorack analog modular system, bullroarer, and Australian field recordings.

The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent new release. Byron carved out a collection of incredible trance grooves for nearly a year, eventually bringing in the prana-infused didgeridoo of Dashmesh Khalsa on every track.

Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. It graciously floates from deeply evocative and longing pieces with expressive guitars "Part 2", "Part 3", "Part 10" through spiraling aerials "Part 4", "Part 6" to more quiet and serene spacewashes "Part 5"from more monumental "Part 1"nearly orchestral pieces "Part 8" through rather tranquilizing ethereals "Part 7", "Part 12" to hauntingly tribal-infused "Part 11" or heart beat groove perfumed piece "Part 9".

Quite colorful batch of compositions showcasing Erik's highly sensitive touch and craft to fuse wonderful atmospheres with radiant guitar arrangements. Disc Two, recorded at October 28th, and consisting of 14 sections, enters the stage with abyssal intro, that later shifts into more mechanizing and progressing level, Part 2 - Erik Wøllo - Silent Currents (Live At Stars End) (CD, yet still deeply evocative and hypnotic.

Slowed-down grooves on "Part 5" attractively color the deeper drifts. Ethereal and slightly dramatic "Part 6" evokes highly imaginative sky high odyssey while "Part 7" is painted by some spooky cosmic soundscapes.

This sonic tension is easily relieved through "Part 8" with its more breathing and colossal texture and yearning guitar riffs. Strongly aerial and mesmerizing "Part 9" is gently enriched by some quiet pulses on the background. High-tech grooves, organics and guitars are the main flavors of the following three pieces, with "Part 12" being the most expressive and melancholic. Watery sounds on "Part 13" soon traverse into sequenced high-tech bubling trancey tune, a truly submersible journey! Reply Notify me 2 Helpful.

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  1. Silent Currents (Live at Star’s End) 2-CD. SKU: PRO Category: Other Labels Tags: Bit Audiophile, CD Quality Lossless, Download, MP3. Erik Wøllo. Silent Currents (Live at Star’s End) 2-CD $ 10 – $ Double Album – Download only.
  2. May 01,  · Erik Wøllo: Silent Currents 4 Erik Wøllo’s new digital-only electronic/ambient release is a live performance at the late-night Star’s End radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia. This is a long-form, introspective minute piece with thirteen sections of enigmatic textural components organically flowing into each other.
  3. Oct 07,  · The 2-CD Silent Currents showcases a different side of Erik Wøllo's sound. Here he explores fascinating electronic / ambient landscapes with slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes and.
  4. Release of my new album called "SILENT CURRENTS 3". (Digital Download only). This is a live recording at the Star ' s End radioshow in Philadelphia, USA, in Similar to the double CD set release in , but this time the music has been edited and remixed in my studio. More information here Available now at iTunes and wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo May 07
  5. As well as two download live albums "Silent Currents 3" (), and "Star’s End " (Silent Currents 4). I have also done several live concerts with Ian Boddy and Steve Roach. In August , I performed a main act concert with special written music for an outdoor festival in Norway, featuring Trey Gunn, Kouame Sereba and Jerry Marotta.".
  6. This gorgeously looking 6-panel 2CD digipak (photos by Erik Wøllo and Chuck van Zyl, design by Sam Rosenthal), released in September , features on each CD a live radio performance at Star's End, legendary radio show delivering ambient music in the Philadelphia area .
  7. Star’s End (Silent Currents 4), an album by Erik Wøllo on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  8. Silent Currents 3 by Erik Wollo, released 20 June 1. Silent Currents 3 SILENT CURRENTS 3 is a digital-only album based on a live performance at the famous Star's End radio show in Philadelphia. This show was Erik's third Star's End performance; the previous two were released on the double CD Silent Currents/Live at Star's End (Projekt .

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