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Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File, MP3)
Label: Test Tube - tube002 • Format: 7x, File MP3 192 kbps • Country: Portugal • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Breakbeat, Downtempo, Hip Hop

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Sound Packs. All Sound Effects. Print Templates. Product Mockups. UX and UI Kits. All Graphic Templates. All Graphics. All Photos. They declare Paris to be the new moral center of the show, and Demi reaffirms that Logan is growing on him, while Chris breaks down white privilege by looking at Richard and Emily. All three guys also declare themselves to be "Team Judge" as she is the only voice of reason in the episode, and Chris reminds the audience that you "don't steal a yacht.

Bailey De Young. They explore the different perspectives of Rory and Lorelai's fight, debate the ramifications of Amy Sherman-Palladino leaving the show, and discuss the many aspects of Star Wars. Television writer Carina Mackenzie joins the guys to break down the third episode of season six. The trio discusses how the show is different whenever Rory and Lorelai are apart, and whether Paul Anka is supposed to represent Rory in Lorelai's life.

They also touch on Luke's tenderness with Paul Anka and discuss his many good qualities. Parks and Recreation star, Retta comes on the podcast to discuss the episode with Kevin and Demi. They gab about Zack's riff, their dislike of the milkmaid storyline, as well as the reference to Riding the Bus with My Sisterand wonder where Jackson's family is from. Sarah Ramos and Sarah Heyward return to the podcast to break down episode 6. They discuss whether Mitchum Huntzberger is wrong in what he says or if the show is just painting him as a villain and delve into the complexity of his character.

They delight in Paris' sudden Marxismand discuss how Richard's list of Rory's accomplishments is ridiculously unrealistic. Demi admits that his opinion of Emily has changed for the worse, and explains how to Krump. Liz Torres Patricia "Ms. Patty" Lacosta" joins the guys to discuss her decades-spanning career in show business.

She fills them in on "wasbands", how her whisper could "stun a Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File, and how she flirted with Ed Herrmann.

Brock rejoins the guys to talk through the all of the news and interviews revolving around the series revival, following the official announcement from Netflix.

They discuss Amy Sherman-Palladino 's interviews, the timeline of events that led up to the revival, and speculate on where they expect certain characters to be. Jamie Woodham returns for his 6th appearance on the podcast, in what Demi refers to as a "goofy little episode".

They discuss Rory's complacency toward returning to school, Emily's "aroused" reaction to the Birkin bagand criticize the premise of changing all of the street names in a town at once. Kevin, Demi, and Jamie then pitch their characters for the revival as Mr. Kevin and Demi respond to emails and voicemails sent in by fans of the show, with special guest Jamie Woodham.

The trio discusses questions revolving around repetitive storylines, whether their parents ever "replaced" them with a pet as Lorelai did with Paul Ankaand who should play Rory's new boyfriend in the revival.

Recorded live at The Showbox in Seattle. Kevin and Demi celebrate the official revival announcement while breaking down episode 6. They praise the performances of GrahamBishopand Herrmannas well of the power couple of Paris and Doyle. Recorded live at the Aladdin Theater in Portland.

Comedian Caitlin Weierhauser joins the guys to Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File down the return of Jess. They discuss his great character growth, how he and Rory make each other better people by not being together, and how Logan's behavior becomes almost cartoonishly villainous for the purpose of providing contrast.

Hrishikesh returns to the podcast for the episode he views as the end of the series. The trio praise the character of Lanecomparing her to a slow cooker in an analogy where Lorelai and Rory are microwaveswhile comparing Zack to the beginning boyfriend in a Romcom who is gotten rid of after the first act. They point out that the Gilmores couldn't possibly afford to buy a plane, and while the episode provides emotional comfort, the conflict between Lorelai and Rory isn't resolved.

They break down the introduction of Aprildescribing her as a combination of Lorelai and Rory. Comedian Ian Karmel joins the guys to break down episode 6. They debating the merits of adding the character of Aprilas well as the suddenness of Christopher 's reversal of fortune. They debate whether Rory is in the right for rejecting Emily and Richard's tuition money. They criticize Luke's handling of the April situation.

They dive into Zack's breakdown at the Hep Alien show, and explore the overall tragedy of Lane's character throughout the show. Michael Winters joins the guys to talk about his recurring role as Stars Hollow Town Selectman Taylor Doose on the show, and how he balanced that role with his active career on the stage. Comedian Brandi Brown joins the guys to break down The Perfect Dresswhich they all decide was particularly unflattering.

They also call out the show's odd attitude towards therapy, and voice their conspiracy theories concerning the significance of the date June 3. Kevin and Demi respond to emails and voicemails sent in by fans of Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File show. Recorded live at Thalia Hall in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally they attribute peoples' hatred of April to what the addition of her character changes in Luke.

Actor and comedian Ross Kimball joins the guys for their second show in Chicago. They ponder the contents of Lorelai's notes, whether this episode redeems Logan as a character, and whether more creative directing would benefit the series as a whole.

They question the buildup to Paris's breakdown, but praise Liza Weil 's acting, and all three concur that the ending scene is one of the best of the series. Jake and Amir join the guys for their April 1 adventure recapping the 69th episode of the television show Entourage. Demi lavishes praise on the character of Parisespecially her resignation speech in the newsroom.

He lobbies for a spin-off that follows Paris 's mental breakdown. The trio considers Emily's subtle manipulation tactics and Lorelai 's treatment of Emily and Richard. Guest Emily Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File criticizes the way in which Lorelai and Rory approach their romantic relationships.

They discuss what kind of man would be right for Rory. They debate Michel 's sexuality and consider how the show approaches it. Sarah Heyward returns for her 6th episode of the podcast to discuss A Vineyard Valentine with the guys. They praise the confrontation between Mitchum and Loganbut Kevin and Demi otherwise declare it to be one of their least favorite episodes while Sarah defends it from a storytelling perspective — particularly how it shows the changes in the core relationship between Rory and Lorelai since the start of the series.

The trio questions the rationale of Zach 's sudden proposal and conclude that the proposal scene is one of the saddest moments in Lane 's storyline. They compare Lorelai 's relationship with Christopher and her relationship with Luke. They consider Lorelai 's role in her family and community.

They all decry Logan 's actions and manipulation of Rory. The trio expresses their disappointment that two strong characters such as Rory and Lorelai are so passive in this episode. They all agree that Lane 's storyline is depressing, but that they enjoyed Zach 's interactions with Mrs.

They decide that Lorelai 's treatment of her parents is unwarranted. The trio expresses their delight over the opening dream sequence, noting how the show is experimenting in cinematic styles in this season. They praise the scenes of conflict between Rory and Logan.

They commend the show for developing April as a distinctive character rather than just a plot device. Kevin and Demi debate whether Emily 's actions in this episode are consistent with her character.

They all agree that they loved Jess in his last appearance of the series, particularly his interaction with Luke. The trio determines who each character would vote for in the United States presidential election. They debate whether Lane should have been more of a central figure at her wedding. In an effort to explain Mrs. Kim 's unfortunate view on sex, Demi posits that she is a closeted lesbian.

They compare and contrast Lorelai 's relationship with Christopher and her relationship with Luke. They praise the interaction between Lane and Mrs. Kim after the two weddings. Milo Ventimiglia stops by to discuss his career. They commend the show's ability to create nuanced characters that develop over the course of the series.

They also praise the conflict between Lorelai and Anna and decide that both characters are in the right. Kevin, Demi, and Jason Mantzoukas debate whether Emily is manipulating Lorelai to get her back together with Christopher. They propose a number of spin-offs focusing on supporting characters.

Kevin, Demi, and Aisha discuss whether the character of April is the sitcom version of Rory. They question whether marriage would take the interest out of Luke and Lorelai's relationship. They break down Lorelai's impromptu therapy session, and whether she received good advice. They debate the good and bad points of Christopher. Patterson returns to the podcast to chat with Kevin about the revival, his musical endeavors, and Bruce Springsteen.

Kevin and Demi respond to listener emails and voicemails, and discuss their reactions to Captain America: Civil War, Pod #02 - Pitch Boys - Random Teleports I (File. Jamie Woodham returns to the podcast to discuss the first episode of season 7the first episode after the show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino parted ways with the series.

They discuss the changing tone, pace, and dialogue under new showrunner David S. Rosenthaland talk about how new show runners have affected other popular TV shows. The guys discuss how they don't hate the new season as much as they thought, and are curious to see how it changes as it goes on.

Kevin's Rating: 4 Racquetballs Demi's Rating: 6. Recurring guest Ben Siemon rejoins the guys to discuss the second episode of season 7. They discuss how the show even with the original showrunner punishes women's sexuality and the tragic tale of Lane Kim. The guys also grapple with the extreme racism found in this episode towards Asian Culture. Ben posits that the last four words will be something along the lines of "I love-" interrupted with "I know".

Demi pitches new scenes for the revival season on Netflix. The guys discuss the importance of Pop-Tarts in the Gilmore Girls mythos, how Rory does not understand how phones work, and the new writers trying to reach for thematic importance and relevance with the new season. The guys respond to listener emails and voicemails, with help from Buster the Dog.

The guys talk about dates and planning dates, as well as sing several songs throughout the episode. They also spend a lot of time referencing the Air Bud movies, and Demi raps about Chili's to the tune of Macklemore. The guys also discuss if the changing personalities of the characters is emblematic of an intentional choice from the writers, or if the writers simply don't understand how to write them effectively without Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm.

Ross guesses the final four words will be "I love you, too". Kevin and Demi are joined by Anthony Troli to talk about the Chili's restaurant, and mourn the loss of an episode recording with guest Anthony Troli for the previous episode.

They talk about the differences between Christopher and Lukeand debate if season 7 is turning the Gilmore Girls into ciphers for the men in their lives.

They also posit that several plotlines from season 7 are simple retreads of earlier plotlines, and wonder if the writers are purposely trying to mirror, or if it is lazy writing. Anthony guesses the final four words will be "I'll have coffee, black". Kevin's Rating: 5 Pickles Demi's Rating: 6. Kevin and Demi are joined by Matt Mira, who guesses that the final four words will be "No Rory, that's stupid.

They acknowledge that the seventh season seems to be trying to redeem Christopher 's past actions. Kevin and Demi respond to listener emails and voicemails, and cast all of the podcast guests as residents of Stars Hollow. Kevin and Demi live in Boston!

They discuss the distortion of time when Lorelai and Christopher are in Paris, France and the rare funny moments in Lane's storyline. Kevin's Rating: 3. The guys discuss why the podcasts episodes run so long, and decide the season would be much better if April became a belligerent angry child instead of annoying.

They also discuss how this show now resembles two separate sitcoms- one starring Luke and his daughter, the other starring Lorelai and Christopher. They question Rory 's reaction to her parents' impulsive marriage.

Brock guesses that the final four words are "Where is CiCi's Pizza? The guys respond to listener emails and voicemails. Alice Wetterlund. The guys talk about the differences between Christopher and Lukeand discuss why this season feels different for most people from the first six seasons. Demi disagrees and actually enjoys the season. Alice does numerous impressions and they all sing several songs. Ben Schwartz briefly drops by and the group discusses dogs. Alice, while clarifying that this is a "joke suggestion," predicts that the final four words will be "Luke or Christopher - which??

The guys talk about the sudden character changes in this episode and speculate it might be a result of the director's choice and the writers attempting to move a story along abruptly.

They consider the character of Anna and speculate over her past relationship with Luke. Demi expresses his opinion that Lorelai isn't as funny in this episode while Kevin believes that she has been less funny all season. Allie posits that it is because Lorelai isn't feeling like herself, MP3).

They criticize Christopher 's manipulation of Lorelai. Kevin argues that the fight scene between Luke and Christopher is antithetical to Gilmore Girlswhile Allie argues that there are greater nuances within the fight.

The trio debates whether Logan did the right thing by telling Lucy that Rory and Marty already knew each other. They also complain that this was a bad ending for the character of Marty.

Allie posits that the final four words will be "Are you sure? Kevin's Rating: 2. Actress Emily Kuroda joins the guys to discuss her long acting career, including her time as Mrs.

Kim on Gilmore Girls, and compare cameras with Kevin. Fellow podcaster, Hrishikesh Hirway joins the guys to discuss episode 7. Kevin predicts that the final four words will be "Well, too bad, kid.

The guys respond to listener emails and voicemails, while attempting to recast all of the residents of Stars Hollow. They also discuss Rory's potentially troubling lack of social skills, and whether her passivity is based upon her upbringing and her ease of getting whatever she needed from the Stars Hollow community.

The gang expresses surprise that the show is rehashing plotlines about Sookie's pregnancy and Richard's illness. Additionally, Demi and Kevin explicitly state that they do not want to see any pre-revival content before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life drops on Netflix. Jessica guesses that the final four words will be "You were actually adopted.

Demi and Kevin sit down with actual doctor Myles McNutt, and they bring up how Richard's plotline is too similar to "Forgiveness and Stuff" from Season 1. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Useyou can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview User Reviews Specs. It allows you to play music from your iPod while it is connected to your PC. When launched, it will look for an attached iPod and when it finds one it will read the music database on the iPod. You will then be able to views your songs in a similar way as in iTunes by artist, genre, album, playlist.

You can now also extract songs from it. There are a few little extra features such as iPod Hacks checking for duplicates. You can play your music on any computer when you iPod is connected without the need to install any programs such as iTunes. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. User Reviews. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Does exactly what it says.

Super fast extraction.


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