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The rest I remedy for Kidney and Bladder fls Is the Ringworm Trouble Quickly Ended : T. I ialtSmeitaIs dMU. A If your bruise or cut takes long to heal Staff, Hand Arnold Ltd L Taylor Moravian Churches, Trinidad Rex Brooks. Forest Reserve Victory Fair.

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MW Poisons and im atls are aim i. Ues filtered out of the blood. Do yeou ijov the p ictuIe b- liUhed in your newspae? Te numbered cuto are An pom. I turet appeaing on Fridasy, May Roosevelt c Lady de Vere 2-The cap this young soldier Is wearing. And it oc- curred in a England b Italy c Altape.

Read Jut the two from a host of letters. WMdtu-"fw evr a yewe I uffm with W tribie bum- Ing pila. Thn I Mof ManZe. Exercisingr is the only way actually to reduce inches from the hip measurement of course diet- Ig helps but one should not diet drastically If one is working hard all day. I suggest you clip these exceroises and follow them. I -Lie flat on the floor with arms stretched out at shoulder level and shoulders against the floor.

Kelog left leg an straight ase posible, swing the right leg ikiee- is straight across; the body and try to touch the left hand with the right foot. Shoulders must be kept on the floor the twisto comes in the watlIne. Return the right lea to position and then swing the 1leg. TUhV Souhe b. TO OI many? Remember you want to get those po s off. This also reduces the thighs.

Lie flat on the floor arms stretched out shoulder level, legs together. Draw your knees tup close to your stomach and then roll over on your right hip but keep your arm and should- er against the floor. Then straight- en out both legs without lowering them and roll over on your back and then on to voWr left hip. You should feel a pul on your abdominal muscles and clear up to the tip of your spine If you do It properly.

Twice a day until you master It without straining. I One rood rerult of UlV 10U-at The kitchen was "Madas. A unexpected callers at. This can be u those days. Such conduct would have if she puts the proper earned the hearty contempt of the appearance. Even M cook, who would almost certainly job of work can sponi. Thus the decline of domestic. J the downward grade until the I ' outbreak of war, when the need Thi eto a e "U" for all classes of the community to awesn.

L S re "terg at their home. B hMr. Denllsholwfi play. J epu a n tuesday, 13, at j pym k eperormed by Mr. Ift"knf the Prin. In the evening, Iea special King's Birthday dinner with variety enter- -- bA U who go ctie carr their evening gowns or dreses Swthere, thus avoiding atri to town. The tickets have a numbered coupon wil entitle the winner to a door prize. There will Iand a bar'. Plerre, Ste.

Madeleine and Hbourng oilfleld and sugar estate districts will have to see "Land of the Calypso," the Carnival musical under the patronage o Bis xcellency the oer- o-American ar cantile, on Wednesday, June Connected lon is an old San Frnando resident, Mr. Two performances win be iven, a an. Bookings sIew will be opened this week.

Tracey Holmes In the usual haunts, I en- g to her whereabouts and was told that she has been S peat few weeks. Henri POerrin, son d Mrs. Perrin was made known last night at a ijMr. Harferd's home. M Older are guests of the Misses Scbo-Poard. Date had a slight attack" of sarIa. However, she tueh better and hopes to be quite well again soon. The man- -rm two BW. PS will be served as. Dun- Mt W. Orimstone and Lieut. Balfour will go to British Ouxins be- -n to Jamaica. Thermophlisa; and the yeast which Is made up by this wonder orgaantsm gives a very high yield on sugar, 60 per cent of d"y yeast, on the weight of sugar uti- lised.

The yeast contains 40 to 50 per cent protein and the whole range of B vitamins in a lhrtcu- larly valuable form. Cost of the new yeast Is likely to be about 12 cents per pound,I and one half-ounce per day Is Rapsodie N°19, pie to provide the normal person with all necessary proteins and B vitamins.

An interesting comparison of pro- duction statistics was released to the "Gleaner" last week by the Hon'ble I L. ML Kirkwood, local agent for W. He declared that one acre of agricultural land devoted to protein production In the form of meat or milk will pro- duce only 70 lbs per annum of pro. Hie added that at the present British prices for beef or mutton and eggs, and assuming food yeast will be produced at 6d. The new factory i being erected In Westmoreland where the West Indies Sugar Company have their big Frome Central, one of tbe larg- et cane sugar manufacturing plants in the world.

Financial Secretary and Treasurer. Purpoe of the sehemipe Is to I- manc further expansion of land settlement o a- to ma0e more laor available penimaiently to small culttvators. The beads will bear Interest, probably at 3 per cent and will be negotiable. They will be msed to finance pur- chases only, and not for develop- aent or settlements.

Details of the sheme a have not Yet been placed before the Council but a detailed Message from the Governor on the subject is expect- ed to be laid shortly. May SGreat opposltion to the measure SIs expected from real estate Invest- ors, who have flooded the market atc or othqrwise they m atno back to fr-for pilot er which some pilots drew MO in- comes and others got little.

Pilots stlcklng to their association, e- dclare they will not back down. O0 war bonus, aud worked on a tmeter under control of the Harbour Master. Pilots are claim- ing at least U2, and war bonut If they are to go back to free-for- all piloting, they will demand ln- creased scale of fees to meet all.

Exclusive of men serving in local or Caribbean forces the roll lists names and therm are many others still to come. Juno 3. Vincent Circuit in its criminal, divorce and original Jurisdictionas which lasted from April 71, to KaY 25, returned to Grenada by 'plane on Monday, May Julie 3.

The Police dance of me kind hee- organised by Major D. Ooat, Acting Superintendent of Polioe and was a great ucc 2ss. Among others present were His Lordship the Rt.

Bishop of the Windward Islands: Mr. Blkckbourne, o tan e secretary to the for Development and Welfe and Mrs. Blackbourne; the Hon'bl Oeorge A. Mentosh, the Hon'ble t8 l.

Coler, and Capt. M clte aesiquele and Lleut. Vnmoent, June 3. They allege that they are un-British In their alm and objects. TODAY 4. Jut E Iptmto nt tmwril the ond df11 thl a. Boo--as, T Proe teoo Boa for the finalhlBn line. Thrry ad abrlow were e a Vernmnded had raced throughout am. Tiet 1O. P, peous ittla to eMM between tea first t.

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I began to suspect that the warm senuou land One day I travelled below would perhaps elicit irro me a much more village, built on the sea diversified evocation, of picturesque enery, SMy suspicion was well founded.

On severalnt and settlements with tan ocaslons during my week's sojourn, the pageantry and encountering at er i of natural beauty was such as to belittle and even picture that 1i so famit to shame the shert vainglory of my. The sea water here Is perhaps Nature's finest Indeed, iK s esay In concoction; and though men have reproduced and and fervent faith, In t ewV Improved upon, Its refineent of texture, we sacrednes of all art o not yet produce thmpo e i quan14tes everywhere-n thUe IrtA stuch cr to Nau e' a the warm fea e Mtoj tfr leture s ensumik atll Qfa.

The 7 air l redoleAt with the musk tented ad, beyond the i of things past, whether It be the quaint tumnel, the waste of water going old church on the hill, the joints of rmd that are la all this joy merely still cobblestone--the impression Is that Time has and ananihilation'iis ' stood still, poised a It were, above al this. If anyone in the tree their gia of Andreow ohea wold wa ever impressed by their pretended better they a eit.

AS drewdeaoaed rfeehee never eat with a knife the fisah stolen from starving the mouth and tonue. AaTrewsttlesth stoemah he to a perfect nobleman, except for the killing In aM Wsrets aciy. Andrew toae up the liver The nobleman Gerd von Rundstedt bas a plndild I ,d. T ohe mebia peleeM oseomiv C8eoe invasion fevr. Meet recent erl'totM came o -r from so distingutlhed a forum an te House of Iords: an4 It Is to be seen whether tho Government speaker's mient reply wi llcalm the scruples of come of the nobl1 lords.

D Criticism of the kind has come not for the first time from that high easqmbly. Thisn choice is signl- fcant tor two reasons. To a certain extent, It might have been impoaeed on the waning Fuehmr by the cate that has always been the trouble-making element In the very heart of Europe.

Altogether, it reflects the Nails' vague hope for U possilblllty of a negotiated pesi. Vlth Ileld-Marshal Gord van Rusdatedt, not deMperedo rwin Rommel, coming on top of the German iUlitary et-up, It becomes clear that auch hope hab aot been burled inside the beleaguered fortress.

The argument on which the futile desire is based, has something frightfully naive. Tho Allies have declared over again they would sever deal with any German government even remotely connected with Hitler or his gang. Better manners or not, there will be no better terms than unconditional surrender, Junkers or sals, both have to be liquidated If the oominX ace shall be more than a prelude for a third world bat, Nothing better could happen to the Junkers if th de are given a chance to survive the Next dNsster of which they are guilty all the a me.

L They know they cannot win the war. Their ly hope i a negotiated peace, another Versailles itott of complicated clausIe that can be broken m fMash. That's all they w. Ior that purpose, they would easily 'anefteq.

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The special bacterial emulsion contained in'Genozo' strengthens the gums against infection. New W. VMSthe performed y v knockout final Wedes. Wmiais doeg a the shooting for after holfigu. Void stly mane Clunl The winner of Motnday. A : umpires Mr. Beat Promenade Daunt a mr.

Outsider Wins wasdjj a two of tht four. Harry Nelson who The ladies hockey league final took two for is. Mclntyre Wins. McIntyre and L. Palmer Stnday Guardian Correspedeit. Maynard tobinson were third with M. Th qualifying round for the It was decided to abide with to P. Mclntyre, bago should havs certain of the L. Palmer, 0. Martin, Oapt. Robinson, J. Dickie, D.

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Greaves, a year tl 10li3-Major N. Rea old San Juan rin, who has never I. Wt sad Robinson Oreaves left San Juan on Sun- day at 6. Today rfched back to San Juan at 8 p.

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Applica- tiopa to b. Ann's 'Phlee Newly re- novated. Two minutes from tram. RIervatlSeto on app- eation. If he considers two sea- onds in a four-day meeting good enough for 'he champion of British Guiana t b ; is nothing more to be said.

I repeat that Porcora always s' jwed promise in Trinidad-at ex- ercise particularly-but was da0- itely a failure before. Kirton, Ltd. SU2M Per Case of 4 os. C Wounds. I4, 7 Ca40tte trel. It's always fair weather when you shop by telephone. Our No. Instructed yhi R. SHow, Xs Porty 0? Most elegant re- inforced concrete throughoutu ragl EtI. AU Sttngs sew -pwtd. Welterweight Champ. Alexander, Piety by the 1. Harry A. Walker ea oen event.

AUllahar won from 3lir ti. Swon from W. Bichow --No play. Ooolcharan won U As- t e won from S. IMs won from M. Damanie and Mr. McLean for the and yards events, respectively, on the Parsa- taria third day athletic and cycle sports programme sponsored by tae San Juan Athletic Club on Sunday, June 11, at the Baraturta Oval. With the Arangues Estates, Ltd. Two bicycles, one for the 9-miles open and the other for the 5 miles "B" and Intermediate Classe cycle events, are among the prizes offered.

The Industrial Gau Company has offered a cup for the yard feat and tne Arangues Estate for the 2-miles "B" c'riss cycle race. The meeting will carry a item card, and along with the bicycle prize for the open 9-mile cycle Rapsodie N°19, there will be three ap- prizes donated by Mr. Alex- ander. Whiley, and Mr. Post entry will be allowed to all athletess and cyclists. Knap'js, recently ap- pointed manager of the Caroni Vs- tate, will perform the christening ceer'iny and deliver the first ball in the match, which will be played between Mirry Boy 0.

Merry Boys will ulay Sookram David fcapt. Let us prepare bgh capt. Sing, therefore to rejoice together over ffS. Singh, R. Victory of the United Nations. Snxar, F. Wk Works. Boyce, L. Mast, Donald Chai-utte, w. Joaeph la, 3. Mapleal 11, J. Wardlaw 17, 0. Govia 14, J. Stollmeyer 14, R. Seon 12, S. Hamel-Smlth OTr James 9, J. Bart 9, H. Brath- waite 8. Joseph 8, J. Alkie I8, C. Downes 7. Cain 7 and B. Thompson S. United British was called the out- standing t'am In the Colony last year.

The orthodox manner of play was responsible, in no little measure, for the success which they achieved. Mathura, B. Chlckare, R. Hostin, B. Dawrika, R. Sohun, H. Bedeshi, H. Finley, B. Singh, and A. Bush All. Motion Picture v I. Inniss and J. Williami: Siwell v Bradford,--R. Liverpool and A. Trimmlnglhmin Essex v Hut.

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There i nothing to ampare with is mild fluid form of mansiM It seode a way tummy pains, dispa wind, aede by bland. F on May The Arm on June IT7. Neither the Ncw Zcotander hho h. James and C0. Demuseer,t nar U - Car,dians appear in the Lords ft. The Army piv the R. Command have an interesting fixture a7. The wartime Innovation. Middle- s'x and Ztsex v. Tv'ne '1. June 7, at 8. Ibrahim Capt. Ramperaad, K. Akal, N Sarkar and Y. Gem Boys will play the following: L. Prudent Capt. Jakxnan, H. Thorne and F.

La Morell. The umpi'es will be Mr. Auguste and Mr. Hitchns, Editor of the Trind4 Ouardla. Gharlue Perreira will preside at the meeting today. To facilitate representtlvee cf country clubs, the meeting has been carded t3 begin at 3 n. Persons interested are Invited to attend. Melbourne C. C, Journeyed Piarco and soared an outright vic- tory against the Navy men on Sat- urday, but on their retro vi on the following day were held to d draw.

Vebb Mason 4 for 31, and H. Charles 3 for it. Melbourne G. Joseph T17, R. Mason 22, J. Belford 28; A. Hartley a for Charles 8 lor 36, Wiltshire I for 6.

Frederick 18, Joseph 14, J. Itor Bowie 4 for 22 and Ia land 3 for His wealthy family intended Poulenc for a business career and did not allow him to enrol at a music college. Poulenc soon came under the influence of Erik Satieunder whose tutelage he became one of a group of young composers known collectively as Les Six. In his early works Poulenc became known for his high spirits and irreverence.

During the s a much more serious side to his nature emerged, particularly in the religious music he composed from onwards, which he alternated with his more light-hearted works.

In addition to composing, Poulenc was an accomplished pianist. He was particularly celebrated for his performing partnerships with the baritone Pierre Bernac who also advised him in vocal writing and the soprano Denise Duvaltouring in Europe and America with each, and making many recordings.

He was among the first composers to see the importance of the gramophone, and he recorded extensively from onwards. In his later years, and for decades after his death, Poulenc had a reputation, particularly in his native country, as a humorous, lightweight composer, and his religious music was often overlooked. Jenny Poulenc was from a Parisian family with wide artistic interests. In Poulenc's view, the two sides of his nature grew out of this background: a deep religious faith from his father's family and a worldly and artistic side from his mother's.

Poulenc grew up in a musical household; his mother was a capable pianist, with a wide repertoire ranging from classical to less elevated works that gave him a lifelong taste for what he called "adorable bad music". Other composers whose works influenced his development were Schubert and Stravinsky : the former's Winterreise and the latter's The Rite of Spring made a deep impression on him.

He later set many of their poems to music. He was a most delightful man, a bizarre hidalgo with enormous moustachios, a flat-brimmed sombrero in the purest Spanish style, and button boots which he used to rap my shins when I didn't change the pedalling enough.

I admired him madly, because, at this time, inhe was the only virtuoso who played Debussy and Ravel. When Poulenc was sixteen his mother died; his father died two years later. Auric, who was the same age as Poulenc, was an early developer musically; by the time the two met, Auric's music had already been performed at important Parisian concert venues. The two young composers shared a similar musical outlook and enthusiasms, and for the rest of Poulenc's life Auric was his most trusted friend and guide.

There was a fashion for African arts in Paris at the time, and Poulenc was delighted to run across some published verses purportedly Liberian, but full of Parisian boulevard slang.

He used one of the poems in two sections of the rhapsody. The baritone engaged for the first performance lost his nerve on the platform, and the composer, though no singer, jumped in. This jeu d'esprit was the first of many examples of what Anglophone critics came to call "leg-Poulenc". In Poulenc got to know Ravel well enough to have serious discussions with him about music. He was dismayed by Ravel's judgments, which exalted composers whom Poulenc thought little of above those he greatly admired.

Ravel's Rapsodie N°19 about his own music particularly appealed to Poulenc, who sought throughout his life to follow Ravel's example. From January to January Poulenc was a conscript in the French army in the last months of the First World War and the immediate post-war period.

Between July and October he served at the Franco-German front, after which he was given a series of auxiliary posts, ending as a typist at the Ministry of Aviation. At this stage in his career Poulenc was conscious of his lack of academic musical training; the critic and biographer Jeremy Sams writes that it was the composer's good luck that the public mood was turning against late-romantic lushness in favour of the "freshness and insouciant charm" of his works, technically unsophisticated though they were.

According to Milhaud:. In completely arbitrary fashion Collet chose the names of six composers, Auric, Durey, Honegger, Poulenc, Tailleferre and myself, for no other reason than that we knew each other, that we were friends and were represented in the same programmes, but without the slightest concern for our different attitudes and our different natures.

Auric and Poulenc followed the ideas of CocteauHonegger was a product of German Romanticism and my leanings were towards a Mediterranean lyrical art Collet's article made such a wide impression that the Groupe des Six had come into being. Cocteau, though similar in age to Les Sixwas something of a father-figure to the group.

Their piano suite L'Album des Six consists of six separate and unrelated pieces. In the early s Poulenc remained concerned at his lack of formal musical training. Satie was suspicious of music colleges, but Ravel advised Poulenc to take composition lessons; Milhaud suggested the composer and teacher Charles Koechlin. From the early s Poulenc was well received abroad, particularly in Britain, both as a performer and a composer.

He ought to develop into a farceur of the first order. Neither of the French composers was influenced by their Austrian colleagues' revolutionary twelve tone system, but they admired the three as its leading proponents. As the decade progressed, Poulenc produced a range of compositions, from songs to chamber music and another ballet, Aubade.

Henri Hell suggests that Koechlin's influence occasionally inhibited Poulenc's natural simple style, and that Auric offered useful guidance to help him appear in his true colours. At a concert of music by the two friends inPoulenc's songs were sung for the first time by the baritone Pierre Bernacfrom whom, in Henri Hell's phrase, "the name of Poulenc was soon to be inseparable.

He heard her as the soloist in Falla 's El retablo de maese Pedroan early example of the use of a harpsichord in a modern work, and was immediately taken with the sound.

As she was not only well aware of his homosexuality but was also romantically attached elsewhere, she refused him, and their relationship became strained.

On her death he wrote, "All my youth departs with her, all that part of my life that belonged only to her. I sob I am now twenty years older". At the start of the decade, Poulenc returned to writing songs, after a two-year break from doing so.

His "Epitaphe", to a poem by MalherbeRapsodie N°19 written in memory of Linossier, and is described by the pianist Graham Johnson as "a profound song in every sense". Destouches, who married in the s, remained close to Poulenc until the end of the composer's life. Two unrelated events in combined to inspire a reawakening of religious faith and a new depth of seriousness in Poulenc's music.

His fellow composer Pierre-Octave Ferroud was killed in a car crash so violent that he was decapitated, and almost immediately afterwards, while on holiday, Poulenc visited the sanctuary of Rocamadour.

He later explained:. A few days earlier I'd just heard of the tragic death of my colleague As I meditated on the fragility of our human frame, I was drawn once more to the life of the spirit.

Rocamadour had the effect of restoring me to the faith of my childhood. This sanctuary, undoubtedly the oldest in France In that work I tried to get across the atmosphere of "peasant devotion" that had struck me so forcibly in that lofty chapel.

In he composed his first major liturgical work, the Mass in G Major for soprano and mixed choir a cappellawhich has become the most frequently performed of all his sacred works. In Poulenc began giving frequent recitals with Bernac. They continued to perform together for more than twenty years, in Paris and internationally, until Bernac's retirement in Throughout the decade, Poulenc was popular with British audiences; he established a fruitful relationship with the BBC in London, which broadcast many of his works.

Poulenc was briefly a soldier again during the Second World War; he was called up on 2 June and served in an anti-aircraft unit at Bordeaux. He spent the summer of that year with family and friends at Brive-la-Gaillarde in south-central France.

At Brive-la-Gaillarde he began three new works, and once back at his home in Noizay in October he started on a fourth. For most of the war, Poulenc was in Paris, giving recitals with Bernac, concentrating on French songs, Rapsodie N°19. In Januarycommissioned by the French government, Poulenc and Bernac flew from Paris to London, where they received an enthusiastic welcome. The child was brought up without knowing who her father was Poulenc was supposedly her "godfather" but he made generous provision for her, and she was the principal beneficiary of his will.

In the post-war period Poulenc crossed swords with composers of the younger generation who rejected Stravinsky's recent work and insisted that only the precepts of the Second Viennese School were valid. Poulenc defended Stravinsky and expressed incredulity that "in we are speaking as if the aesthetic of twelve tones is the only possible salvation for contemporary music".

This led him to focus on his more serious works, and to try to persuade the French public to listen to them. In the US and Britain, with their strong choral traditions, his religious music was frequently performed, but performances in France were much rarer, so that the public and the critics were often unaware of his serious compositions. In Poulenc made his first visit to the US, in a two-month concert tour with Bernac. Poulenc began the s with a new partner in his private life, Lucien Roubert, a travelling salesman.

He considered the story of St Margaret of Cortona but found a dance version of her life impracticable. Poulenc found it "such a moving and noble work", [35] ideal for his libretto, and he began composition in August During the composition of the opera, Poulenc suffered two blows: the Bernanos estate made unforeseen difficulties about allowing him the rights to set the text, and simultaneously Roubert became gravely ill.

As his personal wealth had declined since the s he required the substantial income earned from his recitals. The opera was first given in January at La Scala in Italian translation.

It was a tremendous success, to the composer's considerable relief. In Poulenc embarked on a collaboration with his old friend Cocteau, in an operatic version of the latter's monodrama La Voix humaine. Poulenc visited the US in and


Oubliette - Shallow Seas (CDr), Dangerously - Charlie Puth - Nine Track Mind (Vinyl, Album), Suite For Piano Op. 25, Deep Sea Diver - OhmikRon* - Gehirnerschùtterung (File, MP3), Hledám Rým - Junior (36) - Hledání Radosti (Vinyl, LP, Album), Alla En Pontevedra - Rey Diaz Calvet Y Su Orquesta* - Noches De Veracruz (Vinyl, LP, Album), An Ordinary Couple - Leland Hayward, Richard Halliday, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein 2nd* Prese, Arbeit Macht Krank - Agathocles / MPG (3) - And The Loser Is... (Vinyl), STAR - Amamjaubb - INTO THE WILD (CD, Album)


  1. Explore releases from the Classica Licorne label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Classica Licorne releases.
  2. Encoure: Szymanowski – Paganini caprice N. 19, Ravel - Berceuse or Piece un form de Habanera. B/ “Alla Barock“ or „Alla Manniere du barrock“ 1/ Pugnani - Preludium allegro 2/ Corelli - „La follia“ – Sonata d-moll op N 3/ Vitalli - Ciacconna g-moll (or Ysaye Sonata N2 with Bach and Mozart´s Dies Irae themes) PAUSA.
  3. Giacomo Puccini, Crisantemi, SC 65 Sergei Rachmaninov, Rapsodie op een thema van Paganini / Rhapsodie sur un thème de Paganini, op. 43 (soliste .
  4. Jul 20,  · Mon plus joli chat et le plus titré était une chatte lilas «Rapsodie in lilac de Chatterley» qui a été première Birmane mondiale en TICA (The International Cat .
  5. n° BAYERISCHE STAATSOPER. KIRILL PETRENKO ZEIT‒ ZEUGEN. Zu Beginn wird Maurice Ravels Rapsodie espagnole gespielt, in der er – womöglich angeregt durch seine baskische Mutter.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Liszt*, Edith Farnadi - Rhapsodie Espagnole: Consolations; Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. at Discogs. Complete your Liszt*, Edith Farnadi collection/5(2).
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  8. Aug 24,  · Performed by Maria Joāo Pires & Ricardo Castro. Painting: by Piet Mondriaan ().
  9. [n 19] Ravel began work with Diaghilev's choreographer, Michel Fokine, and designer, Léon Bakst. [] Rapsodie espagnole is an orchestral rhapsody written by Maurice Ravel. Composed between and , the Rapsodie is one of Ravel's first major works for orchestra. It was first performed in Paris in and quickly entered the.

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