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Skullduggery - Moonloonies - Detonator (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Skullduggery - Moonloonies - Detonator (CD, Album)
Label: Mystic Stones - RUNECD016 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Reggae • Style: Dub, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient

Cheika "crazy" Rimitti began her musical career in about The horrors of war and the epidemics that ravaged her native region of Oran in Algeria gave the inspiration for her first Looks are deceiving.

Sure, this leather clad biker dude on the cover, clutching a flashy black Ibanez and covered with tattoos might lead one to believe this is just some average screaming hard Cinema are a new project that Belle Antique are promoting. The band consists of former members of Fromage, and includes two keyboardists, an operatic female vocalist, and string players performing Nothing original about their name, but I was surprised by the plethora of creative compositional ideas put forth by this young Brazilian five-piece from Porto Alegre.

As one might suspect, their Flight after the escape. Unconfined wildlife. Frenetic cello, rhythmic cello, unbridled cello soloing. Claude Lamothe, cellist with a classical formation, who played with the chamber It's been a while since we've heard from SI Music, the Dutch label whose main thrust seems to range from decent neo-progressive bands on one end, to a very mainstream sounding rock on the Their sound is firmly in the Not too many groups these days play in the late 60s early 70s classic blues rock style, and fewer yet do it with an inventive outlook.

Courtyard Moth are from Leicester, England and play somewhere Normally I don't go for prog-metal, but this Norwegian four piece is so far above average that I can't help get excited about their debut Natural Needs. From the ashes of Charisma, the duo of Mutsuhiko Izumi and Kenji Konishi — both on guitars and synthesizers — released two albums during its existence. Their debut, entitled During their short career, which spans the late seventies, Swedish band Dice never to be confused with the Swiss neo-proggers Deyss released only one self-titled album, an excellent testament to Sometimes one gets totally caught off guard.

Best known for their classic Garden ShedEngland will forever be remembered as one of the few "new" bands of the late 70s United Kingdom brave enough to make unadulterated, Pick Up Records is a relatively new Italian label, their first release Midian's Soulinside came at the end ofand they have since released a number of releases by relatively Epilogue sounds like a combination of more accessible current neo-prog bands and mids synth-rock bands.

Another among a number of great bands from the Basque region in northern Spain, Errobi produced four albums between and ErrobiGure LekukotasunaAmetsaren These four releases represent the more commercial side of the SI sound, and while I'm happy to report on them, they do seem at a bit of a letdown compared to other more challenging and Cheese jokes aside, Album) band was active throughout the eighties, and released two regular albums.

Their approach was symphonic, featuring guitar, bass, Skullduggery - Moonloonies - Detonator (CD, keys, drums and flute, and female vocals, Fukkeduk sure aren't shooting to be Their music — while not strictly traditional in itself — uses the Keyboardist Toshio Egawa is one of the prime movers in Japan's progressive rock scene since the late 70s — originally with the band Novela, then splitting in the early 70s to form his own Gift is one of the second generation of German bands, which aims its sights on rock.

Both albums released in the early 70s show the band's love of blistering guitar leads. This is a long overdue re-issue of Branca's first LP, before the days of the army of guitars, but well past his punk days. On this album, Branca was joined by three other guitarists, a bassist, Existing from around through the early 90s, Golden Avant-Garde was formed around mainstays Chihiro Saito bass and Takeshi Naganuma drumsthe former having played with Katra Turana and his Goma was a five piece in the grand Spanish tradition, mixing a hard rock sound with elements of folk, in many ways similar to bands like Triana and Bloque, but Goma came several years earlier, and Reissued late last year without much fanfare, this was recorded by an early version of Gong circa Camembert Electriqueand was the score to the film by Jerome Lapperrousaz by the same Just what the world needs, another live album by Gong!?!

On some terms The Birthday Party can be compared to the live albums released by their conceptually inferior contemporaries, Another Henry Cow re-release which has much more information in the expanded liner notes which detail the proceedings.

Western Culture was originally released in as the final official album from Henry Cow. This single disc is separated into two 18 minute tracks: "History and Broken Active in Kyoto from until aboutHeretic was a trio which consisted of Hirofumi Kawahara, Toru Ohta, and Suguru Mori, performing on synths, guitar, and cello. For this CD release Belle High Wheel is a relatively new German outfit with two albums solidly in the neo-progressive vein.

While both are private releases, the band would fit very comfortably on the SI label as the music The band was a quintet of bass, Anyone who owned the original LP of this on Cuneiform and got to know it well will be initially shocked by this CD reissue. Indeed, However has taken great liberties with the reissue of this, Another example of re-issue heaven? The New Trolls Family tree is a convoluted structure — if you piece it together, it includes most of the well known Italian rock groups of the 70s whether closely or barely related.

Ibis was Il Berlione"s second comes across as more jazzy and zany It must have been or so when I received a tape from a friend of this group. Dutifully impressed to say the least, I couldn't believe that they had no CD releases yet. But finally, after a This is extremely powerful music, hard driving, jagged, complex and unusual, and the overall feeling is very dark.

Nothing really compares, although something like Il Baletto di Bronzo's This is their first. Again, this was originally released on the Elkar label, which seemed to specialize After a fairly long stint with Magma from Attahk thru the Merci periodJean-Luc Chevalier has also chosen to pursue the pure jazz avenue recently, much like many other Magma So who is this guy without a last name?

Actually, Jeremy Morris a. Jeremy has a number of records out as a Christian folk-rock singer. This time out he's set out to convey a similar Forget about the jester, it's not neo-prog or any other sort of music one would normally associate jesters with.

JC is a very promising four-piece from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, playing Of all the Spotted Peccary releases to date, Continuum is by far the most dense, lush, and intensely symphonic. The material seems to focus on the essence of life, self-realization, and An impressive effort, bringing the compositions of Paganini, Wieniawski, Vivaldi, Bach, Sarasate, and Rimsky-Korsakov from the realm of violins, string quartets, and orchestras to the world of the How many songs can you get on one CD?

Krokodil is a rock band — let's make no mistake. Their strong points are the guitars and vocals. However on An Invisible World Revealed they have mixed in two tracks with a Lacrymosa is a collective of musicians loosely organized around bassist Chihiro S. Landberk's Riktigt Akta the Swedish vocal equivalent of Lonely Land was in many ways the precursor of the new Swedish symphonic scene and was the first of many well received Here is an album worth getting excited about.

That should give one a good idea as to what this French duo is all about, and It's rejuvenating to hear a modern-sounding progressive rock band that is driven by a solid guitar player. With Light, Mario Driessen not only supplies the guitar, he also writes all the music Limbus 3 were a very unusual outfit, bridging Featuring a no-keyboard lineup and two guitars, Lisker don't immediately seem likely to be a source of good olde prog.

But this offbeat Basque group are not to be written off so easily. Here, Lito plays just about everything: piano, Mako seems to delight in perpetrating an image of mystery and enigma. With a history going back toand a load of albums, he never seems to settle into a singular style.

However, along the way Appropriately named, this all-instrumental outfit from Indianapolis plays a driving rock-fusion that is at once complex, energized, and accessible. The lineup varies from track to track, but You may recall our review of their most recent live demo a few issues back, so we welcome this CD release. An interesting album indeed. Dawson is a Bay Area composer who originally released an earlier version of this subtitled "Papa's Got a Brand New Bug" on cassette at the end of Some may remember Ettori's name from the lineup of the late 70s Magma spinoff Weidorje, he was the band's guitarist.

He also appeared on follow-up albums by Jean-Philippe Goude and Patrick The Moonloonies are the latest from Mystic Stones' arsenal of neo-psych electronic bands. Album) the duo of Crum and Cozmo, the creators of the neo-psych band Shockhead, they deliver Mr Bungle?

Aren't they the group the lead singer from Faith No More is in? Yes this is Mr. Bungle, a group radically changed from their debut several years ago and a After passing away in May ofAlan Gowen's last band National Health went on to record this, their third album, comprised entirely of material Alan had put to paper but never recorded. This heavily Miles Davis influenced band effort is like a an extended jam between Terje Rypdal adding in some ethereal, Bill Frisell-ish overtones and Group Or more likely a direct comparison Cleveland's Nick Riff should be a familiar name to followers of the neo- psychedelic scene, from his original band The Attitude's five-song EP, to his earlier releases Heart of Another one of the bright spots on the shaky Germanofon roster, Orange Peel were a one-shot that put out a great album in and then disappeared.

The music is typical of early German groups more This is the second reissue for this Greek prog-psych classic, the first being a horribly scratchy vinyl transcription on the Second Album) label about six years ago. This latest is from the master Led by drummer Masahiro Uemura, P. Guitar duties are handled by Natsuki Kido of Bondage Fruit, for this, their From GAS Gong Appreciation Societythe same folks that brought us Camembert Eclectiquewe now have a disc featuring live recordings by this legendary Gong spinoff featuring At last the quintessential cult artist has received the cherished BBC Peel sessions treatment!

Peter Hammill' 25th official release excluding recent compilations and bootlegs of note Well, what can I say? His name sounds pompous, as does the hyperextended title of the album and 20 minute opening trackand three guesses what the music sounds like? Imagine early Vangelis on For those who enjoy a dark and sinister progressive rock fronted by female vocals — in the vein of Tale Cue, Stromboli, and the like — these two releases are essential listening.

Prometheus is led by the dual guitars of Steve Ball and Sanford Ponder. Although Ponder was one of the original "Private Music" gang, don't let that fool you into thinking that this The original lineup of Quaser, a trio led by then bassist T.

Morita played throughout the late 70s, yet left behind no recorded evidence. With the help of Ain Soph guitarist Yozox, the album Not to be confused with the Swedish band of the same name, this Ragnarok is from New Zealand and released two albums in the mids, of which Nooks is the second.

Their sound was a solid The Rattlemouth recipe: Take elements of European and Middle Eastern folk music, neo-classical, jazz, rock and a lot more, mix 'em all up, and play them back with an agressive four-piece lineup This was a new release on independent vinyl just two years ago, in fact we covered this in part two of our 'New Italian Rock' series in issue 3.

Last year Black Widow reissued it as a CD An instrumental four-piece from the UK, Saddar Bazaar sports a strong ethnic flavor, featuring a variety of non-western instruments such as sitar, kubing, dholak, agoual, and tablas, as well as the This album is the classic Swedish group's third album and perhaps the most impressive of the early Coste Apetrea incarnation. This is one of those albums that seems rather irrelevant in the scheme of things. Not that it's bad, but there are tons of ambient albums even with prominent guitar that are much better.

Quebec, Like many other places in the world, a popular trend was to get back to the earth, to get back listening to the heart in a simple way, far from the concerns of cities and the humdrum Shingetsu was one of the classic Japanese symphonic bands, and their self titled Shingetsu album from is highly regarded, and often compared to classic period Genesis, if only for the Silberbart were a German trio in the early Guru Guru vein, a bass-drums-guitar combination with an eye for the psychedelic.

If you're familiar with Guru Guru albums such as Hinten or The rumors are true. It has now been mathematically proven that every person in Sweden does, in fact, own a Mellotron. They all bought them about ten to fifteen years ago from Americans who Sixty Nine were an unusual "group" being only a duo of keyboards and drums.

For these limitations, Sixty Nine made a pretty big sound, a combination of influences that on the more mundane Jackman is both an experimental composer and a visual artist working Skullduggery - Moonloonies - Detonator (CD oils and canvas.

Momma:KeyJackman's debut release, contains 31 songs, most under For some reason, this genre of music tends to send many "prog" fans screaming for cover. I've always found this strange considering a lot of jazz especially from the 60s was a John Livengood may be better known for his recent collaborations with Richard Pinhas, but this was his electronic duo back in the late 70s, joined by Ivan Coaquette on guitars and bass.

At long last! Finally the eponymous first album by Minnesota guitarist Steve Tibbetts has been reissued. Folks familiar only with his work of late may be a little surprised by the flowing acoustic These are the virtues most strongly imbued in the music of Takami's first recording Y.

Their logo looks like the Gentle Giant guy got a hair transplant and was so happy that he shaved his beard. Pretty cool! At any rate, Ten Ton Tide's album is an interesting combination of If there is one song that exemplifies the best character of the warm, romantic and melodically colorful side of French symphonic progressive rock, it has to be "Conte en Vert," the second Imagine the following sonic configurations: voice, acoustic guitar, alto recorder, fretless bass, and tabla; accoustic guitar, soprano sax, tenor recorder, oboe, double bass, and cymbals; a full Every now and then something comes along that's so unusual or revolutionary that one has to stand up and take note.

What's revolutionary about this album is not so much the music, but how Firmly rooted in the more commercial prog-rock of the late seventies, this quintet from Los Angeles have captured that nice fat sound of bands like Saga, Styx, Boston and Kansas in their heyday, a The story of The Load is a familiar one. A talented and uncompromising young band records an album's worth of material, takes it to a number of different record companies, they all say they Well, you gotta wonder about a band that literally pays homage to themselves in the liner notes.

This new Norwegian band are already eliciting comparisons to White Willow, but that is actually a somewhat superficial comparison used for lack of a better one. The Third and the Mortal bridge the Sadly no longer together, Tiemko were perhaps the most consistently inventive and musicianly of the new wave of French prog on Musea.

After two uneven but promising albums, the promise was at last Tiemko are a French trio here with guests who have been around since the late 80s. The present offering is their fourth album, and it's been at least several years since their last release Tisaris' debut, What's Beyond? Trem do Futuro "Future Train" is a young six-piece from Brazil that shows a lot of promise on this, their debut album.

Hiroyuki Shimada, a. Pneumanow reappears in the 90s in completely different guise. He now fronts Trembling Strain, Apart from the Tokyo scene in the 70s, there were many progressive bands operating in the Kansai region, outside of Tokyo and in the west of Japan, in places like Osaka, Kyoto, and elsewhere With all of these recent tribute releases, there seem to be three types of covers: those which stay true to the original or at least attempt tothose who take the original concept and try to This one made it in just under the wire, finding release in the fading days of December.

This album was just what the doctor ordered back in Finally someone saw fit to start focusing on other styles besides the symphonic rock that the eighties were glutted with. Featured here are Unlike volume one, there is no theme governing this one other than the fact that all the groups record for Belle Antique.

They have intended it as a sort of beginner's guide. All the songs are Whether it's Delerium, Musea, Cuneiform, SI, Kinesis, or whatever label, a sampler CD is probably the best way to get familiar with a lot of new artists in short order. Typically, these CDs are When it finally appeared at Progfest '95, the ink was still drying on the booklet of this two-CD retrospective of the show a year before. Each of the nine featured bands Halloween, Kalaban, In my opinion, this and the music herein speaks for Space Rock a lot more effectively than the book, as when it comes to Yet another tribute to the late, once great Genesis, this time by the crew at Magna Carta records.

This single CD is an excellent production, though the choice of material often leaves something to With the blessing of original artwork by Roger Dean and performances included by three Yes alumni, this one contains a little bit of everything — some of the more 'faithful' covers, Let me start off by saying that if I never heard Dark Side of the Moon again in my life, that would be perfectly fine by me. This totally commercial piece of flashy overproduction, posters This one features The Japanese symphonic rock scene didn't really pick up steam until the mids, at least as far as record releases were concerned.

Numerous bands existed prior to that time but were generally How often is it that one can find a double-CD set where every song is a winner? Most various artist sets will typically have some good, and some not-so-hot stuff, but this long awaited compilation Five good reasons to buy Unsettled Scores.

Various artists compilations don't get much better than this. From what started as a joke four years ago, comes the long-awaited double disc release of Cuneiform artists covering other Guigou Chenevier was the drummer and a founding member of that wild and crazy French trio Etron Fou Leloublan, who released six albums between '76 and ' Zou, not to be confused with Zao, nor with an earlier Zou, is another excellent French jazz-rock band on Musea Parallele, Musea's side label for bands stylistically different from their Cardiacs was known for intense and complicated music that combined punk energy with the rhythmic and harmonic sophistication of progressive rock.

Her passing came at the end of a long illness, though which she continued to work. The creator of scores for more than movies, some of his works have become the most recognizable sounds in the history of cinema. His soundtracks for Sergio Leone's Westerns made from toare iconic landmarks in film music, but he also composed for dramas, comedies, and other genres.

Keith Graham Tippetts, known professionally as Keith Tippett, died today at the age of His work from the late 60s into the 70s and beyond includes some of the greatest jazz produced in the UK, and stands as an impressive oevre to this day. The band's album S. Sorrow is one of the enduring classics of the psychedelic era, and the group existed in various forms until finally retiring in Covenant - Nature's Divine Reflection — It seems that the one-man band is making a comeback in the American mid-west.

Whether this is a positive happening or not, I will leave to the individual listener. Covenant consists solely of one Dave Esagono apparently only recorded this one album as a group, but members of the band were involved with many other projects, including Arti e Silver Apples - Beacon — Last issue you read about Silver Apples being active and touring again, now there's a brand new record by the trio of Simeon oscillators, keys, voiceXian Hawkins keyboardsand Michael The time: late night Saturday, or actually early morning Sunday.

The entire band is here, as well as their manager Mr. All the while, fans who caught their show are stopping by to get CDs and posters signed, and a couple of side conversations are going on between Ueno and others. Their sound encompasses everything, from polished symphonic prog, to fusion, Canterbury, even touches of Japanese traditional music.

The music is with a couple of exceptions entirely instrumental, melodically rich, highly spirited, and completely energized.

They've been together since the late 70s, off and on, and the lineup has changed over time, but has always centered around guitarist Yoshihisa Shimizu. In addition to guitar, the lineup typically features dual keyboards, bass, and drums — and early on included a flautist as well. Lead vocalist Allen McKenzie sounds amazingly like Geddy Lee, and the music bears many similarities to Their focus has always been more on Suld Remembers Their Nomad History.

It is also harmonically rich, rhythmically detailed, and exclusively virtuosic. Latest news. More news. Random review. Search Artist Title Release Label. More recommendations. Print issues. Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12 Issue 13 Issue 14 Issue 15 Issue 16 Issue 17 Issue 18 Issue 19 Issue 20 Issue 21 Issue 22 Issue 23 Issue 24 Issue 25 Issue 26 Issue 27 Issue 28 Issue 29 Issue 30 Issue 31 Issue 32 Skullduggery - Moonloonies - Detonator (CD 33 Issue 34 Issue 35 Issue 36 Issue 37 Issue 38 Issue 39 Issue 40


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  2. Moonloonies - Detonator () Artist: Moonloonies Album: Detonator Date: Label: Mystic Stones – RUNE LP16 Format: Vinyl, LP Country: UK Isostasis A7. Crispy Cosmic Luggage B1. Hear B2. Mass Transfer B3. Skullduggery B4. Skyways B5. Orbital B6. Detonator B7. Celtic Tree. Moonloonies - марта 14,
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  4. May 23,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Moonloonies - Detonator at Discogs. Complete your Moonloonies collection/5(10).
  5. Jul 19,  · A belated CD release came out in called 'Spacelines' featuring a few of the tracks from this tape and adding others, some recorded with Merv Pepler. I was just to lazy to find out where the Chinese Cowboys album was recorded. I guess it was the same approximate setlist - Kill 'em and Eat 'em era Fairies. Moonloonies - Detonator.
  6. Detonator was recorded and mixed at Temple Studios, Cardiff, in and released in early The sound on Detonator is heavily influenced by the likes of Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream and Steve Hillage, but is quite original: punky, symphonic, ambient, spacey and above all psychedelic.
  7. Moonloonies - Detonator. The Moonloonies are the latest from Mystic Stones' arsenal of neo-psych electronic bands. Essentially the duo of Crum and Cozmo, the creators of the neo-psych band Shockhead, they deliver » Read more (Posted by Henry Schneider ).

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