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Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD)
Label: Potomak - 919812,Indigo (2) - 919812 • Format: CD DVD DVD-Audio, DVD-Video • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient

Luda's biggest talent, perhaps because of his time in radio broadcast or because he's just that adept, is that he can adjust his cadence, intensity and the heaviness of his accent at will.

He's an actor even on wax, and when he paired his colorful lyrics with creative visual concepts, multi-platinum sales, chart hits and Grammy nods were all but guaranteed. His personality drove Word Of Mouf to commercial success and propelled the rapper to big screen opportunities, Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD), and that still holds up.

I was doing the "Bunny Hop, a dance not unlike the "Cupid Shuffle," long before I realized how crass the track really was. Chalk it up to my Louisiana roots. Composed of soft kicks and turns, the dance adds a youthfulness to the cut, and the clean version makes grandmas think it's appropriate for family reunions, though the song is all about the club scene and potential infidelities.

The rappers know they have someone at home waiting for them, but they're completely unfazed, insteading opting to chase the flavor of the night. From the way they make this belle sound, can you blame them? The general sentiment about Houston rappers is that they are either no-nonsense, blunt and unflinching about the matters of the world see Scarface, Willie D, Z-Roflamboyant, flashy hardheads see Lil' Flip or individuals who found themselves somewhere in the middle Fat Pat, Pimp C.

Dre's Devin's sophomore album, Just Tryin' Ta Liveis a day-in-the-life transition between your car being an extension to the rest of the universe "Lacville '79"playing mediator to a domestic incident "WXYZ" and how a red light internal conversation becomes paramount for life "Doobie Ashtray". Devin's only trying to get home to smoke and have sex, but the world and his mind press him to dig deeper into existentialism at every turn. Just Tryin' Ta Live is a blockbuster Houston rap album complete with big-name producers and featured guests that doesn't actually hold the distinction of blockbuster sales.

Inrap music was largely centered on solo stars. Big names were making even bigger headlines. Stille, R. Not country in the honky-tonk, pick-up truck, red solo cup sense, but in the idea of embracing the connotations of Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD) word as it pertains to growing up in Black in the South, and being proud of that — warts and all. I just learned the name of the song "Still Fly" is "Still Fly. If there was a "Songs to Run To" mixtape, this would be the first or last track.

It was equal parts aspirational anthem and homage to struggle bars. Honestly, as a runner, the song made me feel like an automobile, which is weird because I never played this song in my truck. And trucks and cars were where all the flyness of the song was located.

It's also where all the visible flyness in our lives at that point was located. Like Smokey, we had car alarms on hoopties. We barely had any careers. We had no homes. We had no accomplishments. But whatever car or truck we had, or had access to, the outside was always clean, the system was always booming, and we knew how to lean at a "Still Fly" angle in the passenger or driver's seat.

So in the rules of our lives, passed on from the rules of our uncles' lives — and Mannie Fresh and Baby came on the scene looking like uncles — if we had more style than disposable income, and if we spent that disposable income on car accoutrement, we were "Still Fly.

And whether intentional or not, I can hear a warning in the song today that I never heard when it was released in If you're reading this inyou're probably looking at this album's appearance on this list and asking yourself the same questions you did when you first heard it in Is this hip-hop? What is Cee-Lo doing here? Well, if you want to be literal, he's "Gettin' Grown," as one of the album's highlights says. But if you want to be honest, he's pushing boundaries and still rapping circles around every other rapper at the time, which is what an artist is supposed to do in hip-hop, right?

While he only technically "raps" on a handful of songs, those skillful displays more than make up for any rap withdrawal you may have experienced listening to this album. On "Big Ole Words Damn " he opens telling concerned listeners i. But so have rappers who can touch his skillset. How Lord Willin' or Hell Hath No Fury didn't make the final album cut for this list is an entry point into a larger conversation — one I've been battling pretty much since I moved into James Hall my freshman year at Hampton University.

Geographically and historically, Virginia is the South. Musically, however, is where it gets dicey. Every facet of the song represented the 10th state to the core, from The Neptunes and Clipse both being natives of "The aka Seven Cities" the southeastern coastal portion of the state all the way to Pusha T's Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD) "Dr.

J" Erving Virginia Squires throwback jersey. When the record dropped in the summer ofNo Malice then known as Malice and Pusha's street pharmaceutical tales atop Chad Hugo and Pharrell's production sounded like nothing else in music.

In reality, that's the story of Virginia hip-hop as a whole. In no state is the debate around "Southerness" more prevalent than it is within Virginia. It's an impossible argument to win on either side of the aisle because "Southerness" isn't painted with a definitive, clear cut brush. And, to be honest, Virginia rap, in particular rap from Richmond and below, doesn't replicate the same texture, drawls or even outright geographical alignment as other Southern rap metropolises like Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston or Miami.

But like the Black experience as a whole, rap music from the South isn't monolithic. I'm admittedly biased when it comes to this discussion, but "Grindin'" is a classic Southern rap tune and the greatest lunch table beat of all time. The sound itself may not reflect it, but the environment that gave the Clipse its musical script is as Southern as the two HBCUs, Hampton and Norfolk State, that share the same zip code.

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz have been hitting the airwaves and your favorite mixtapes since the mids and their regional smash " Who U Wit? Kings of Crunk took full advantage of the region's devotion to s and party culture: The album boasted smash singles like "Get Low" and "Play No Games" as well as deeper cuts like "Throw It Up," which was a staple at parties and football games across the South. It showed crunk at its purest and what happens when it hybridizes with other genres of music, most notably the beginning of Cuban-American sensation Pitbull's crossover into not only rap but American pop music.

Lil Jon himself would also become a pop culture staple, most notably catching the attention of Dave Chappelle and earning Lil Jon a coveted characterization on Chappelle's wildly successful skit show Chappelle's Show in Bradley, Ph. The music video for David Banner's "Like A Pimp" combines imagery of Banner escaping an attempted lynching with scenes of him and Lil Flip, pimp cup in hand, commanding a crowd that has gathered around candy-colored cars.

The juxtaposition of terror and triumph offers a glimpse of the contrasting experiences that sometimes come with growing up Black in the South. The references to Southern staple Pappadeaux and strip club encounters create a sense of place that's only heightened by the accents of Banner and Houston rapper Lil Flip, whose pronunciation of "door" and "floor" rhymes with "hoes. Today, Banner is more known for his public speaking and a podcast that aims to make you "laugh, push your thinking, liberate your mind and move you to disrupt the status quo," than for songs about pimping, apparently honing the political and social commentary he weaved into his earlier music videos and songs.

It's still debatable if Trap Muzik is the album that actually gave the self-proclaimed "King of the South" his crown, but it did at least give T. Obviously, music about trapping and the word "trap" itself existed long before this release from a then year old rapper. But no one, even in Atlanta, was rooting their entire musical identities in the idea so deep that they would go so far as to name their album after it. Up to this point, Atlanta was either bouncing and booty shaking, nodding to Dungeon Family's heartbeat, dancing to So So Def's hits or getting hit by crunk's elbows.

Any music that dared to talk vividly about the Black Mecca's underbelly of poverty, crime and drugs i. Ghetto Mafia, Hitman Sammy Sam was considered underground. What kept Trap Muzik above water is that T. He speaks directly to his transition at the end of Trap Muzik 's title track saying, "Listen to I'm Seriousthinking, 'How did he not end up way up on top of the chart? As much is proven when you realize that each of the album's singles "24's," "Be Easy," "Rubberband Man" and "Let's Get Away" were produced by either DJ Toomp, David Banner or Jazze Pha — a Southern trifecta that makes you forget that an already-platinum Kanye West had two beats on this Dancing Hands - Arbeit* - Solo (CD) as well.

There was a moment in the mid-aughts when it seemed like Houston was untouchable. But before all of that, it was Swishahouse and "Still Tippin" that transported us to the city and leveled the floodgates to let loose a Texas wave. Every element is a compass pointing south, every line a possibility.

Mike Jones converted his own words into another track as did Paul Wall and Slim Thug ; "Magnificent 'bout his cash" nods to lesser known labelmate Magno who turned the lyric into a song of his own.

Rap is an especially self-referential genre, and you will know a Southern rapper by the way he connects himself to his lineage and builds it out in real time. To claim the South, one need only call on its sonic history, need only invoke its legends and their progeny by name. Few places do this as well as Houston, whose music is a map that opens up the city and insists on its past in its present.

That may have been Trillville's introduction to the world, but it did little to foreshadow what was to come. In contrast with the belligerent style of their aggro anthem, "Some Cut" is one of the raunchier numbers from the crunk era.

The single features late singer Cutty and walks us through your everyday Southern mall harassment in all of its blunt persistence. One of the biggest draws of crunk music is how it converts aggression to euphoria; just the potential of confrontation offers a rush of adrenaline all the same.

There's little remarkable about men allowing their testosterone to take over their bodies isn't that the history of the planet? Despite the men of the group, Lil' Jay, M. The hook adheres to the standard crunk structure — or, aptly, buck, as its Memphis originators called the sound — with its simple one-line chant, primed for club conflicts.

It's in the verses of Princess and Diamond, though, that the song explodes with the fire of a thousand suns as does everyone hearing it in its natural habitat. It's not just the contrast of their voices to their counterparts' but the energy they conjure in service of ensuring that we have a proper soundtrack for stomping someone out should the need arise.

Like Chyna Whyte before them, Crime Mob's first ladies are a welcome injection of feminine magic into a decidedly hypermasculine style; test them at your own risk. The beef between T. As the story goes, Buck reached out to T. In between, there's a buffet of clever one-liners that emphasize just how compelling both artists were at the time. Rap beefs tend to yield some of the genre's best music whole lists are dedicated to ranking these verbal faceoffsbut "Stomp" is a rare instance of the two opposing parties trading barbs in the space of one track.

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