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Feb 10, Connor rated it liked it Shelves: comics. I wasn't a big fan of the guest artists as a whole. Some were great but most styles were not my cup of tea. One of the big reasons why I loved this series in the first place was the artwork, so that was obviously not present here. Some of the individual issues were just meh in plot for me as well. I feel like you could probably just look up what happens in this one and move on to the forth volume when that comes out with the original artist back.

A bit disappointed in this volume for sure. Oct 23, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: anticipatedcomics-and-graphic-novels. This one provides the background story to several gods and also a new insight into the intrigues and lies. At times it is very confusing, other times totally mind-blowing, but overall very enjoyable and I am really looking forward to the next volume after the cliffhanger in this one Just no. I'd prefer it if the authors u This one provides the background story to several gods and also a new insight into the intrigues and lies.

I'd prefer it if the authors used one style, or at least settled on two or three that look good enough, not this Jun 20, Jeannette Nikolova rated it liked it. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog. And we had a story on the moodier side, a bit slow-pacing, but with potential. There was maybe one guest artist that I kind of liked and one that I did not totally hate.

The rest of it was offensive, most of all Sakhmet's issue. Offensive, I tell y Also available on the WondrousBooks blog. Offensive, I tell you. If anything it is just distracting the reader from the story AND the personality through really poor, childish art.

Example 2, from issue one of Commercial Suicide : To the right you see what I think should be a girl?!? She used to be one? Verrrryyy disappointing. The story was alright, I guess. The Persephone arc was interesting, some of the events finally started unraveling. Tara was not what I expected, though. I was very excited to see her but she turned out to be not nearly as cool as anticipated and very whiny. Now that I have listed these things, I almost can't remember why I decided the rating to be 3 stars.

I guess it is because I liked the last issue of this volume? I will not change it now, but I am definitely not as convinced as before.

The art basically ruined what was really good about this series because as I have said before, the story was not and is still not superb, it could definitely use more speed and depth. I loved you And it makes me sad. Now lets add new artists every issue for 6 issues and see if we can completely confuse and alienate our readers. Mission accomplished. What the hell happened? Meet Baal… at least how I know him to be drawn after the first 11 issues. The art is stunning. We go from vibrant illustrations that pop off the page to sun bleached and faded.

Now meet Baal in issue 13 as drawn by Tula Lotay. Now meet Baal in issue 15 as drawn by Stephanie Hans. My point is for an already confusing plot, new artist renditions every issue just confuses the reader. Now meet Baal in issue 16 as drawn by Leila Del Duca. Is this an Archie comic? Last time, meet Baal in issue 17 as drawn by Brandon Graham. I just shake my head in disappointment. Unless Jamie McKelvie returns on a permanent basis for Volume 4, I will not be continuing this series.

View all 4 comments. Dec 06, Calista rated it it was ok Shelves: comics-graphic-novel, diversitygenre-fantasyaward-goodreads-choicegenre-horror-gothicseries-unfinishedseriesbage-young-adulti-image. I couldn't follow this story. They didn't do enough to link things together. What is happening - who knows. I really enjoyed the 1st 2 books. This was a huge let down. I still want to know what happens and I hope it gets better again. I didn't enjoy this one. Dripping with disappointment. This was a very undivine attempt at a story.

I hear these are guest artists and it wasn't as good. Total Fail! I didn't give it one star because I have enjoyed the series. Only saving grace. Dec 23, Emily B rated it it was ok Shelves: comics-read. The face that there are quite a few guest artists then confused me even more! However It was cool to find out more about the characters back story. Jun 14, Ashley DiNorcia rated it liked it Shelves: comics. So, not much plot going on in this volume which could probably be attributed to Laura not being in it.

There were a few predictable reveals and a little backstory but it could have used a fair bit of oomph. About the art- Ugh. I'm so torn. I love the idea of guest artists. I really really do. It works great in some series. Unfortunately it didn't do it for me in this case. The changes in artists and huge range of styles really pulled me out of what little story was going on. In some cases I had t So, not much plot going on in this volume which could probably be attributed to Laura not being in it.

In some cases I had to really sit there and figure out who I was even looking at. Very much anticipating the next volume and hoping we get back into a good story flow. Oct 29, Michelle Morrell rated it liked it Shelves: librarygraphic-novels-tradesx-read I'm not as into this series as I was, I lost track of the plot and who is which god.

The story of The Morrigan raised it a star though, she's pretty awesome. I'm reading this collected volume but since each issue kind of feels like a self-contained story I'm just going to give some thoughts for them separately while I read.

Super distracting and kind of ugly. Finally get to meet a new character and now she's dead too. Also, the green text and font are super annoying to read. It's I'm reading this collected volume but since each issue kind of feels like a self-contained story I'm just going to give some thoughts for them separately while I read. It's Stephanie Hans - I just read Lucifer 6 coincidentally, that she also drew for. I hope she keeps turning up more often because her work is lovely.

Absolutely hideous. I know it seems like I care about the art more than the story It's a graphic novel, if I didn't want pretty pictures I'd just read I'm not sure what the endgame of this story is though, I don't know why someone is going around killing the gods one by one.

We know who it is, but not why yet, and I'm kind of losing my patience. Mar 05, Joshie rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novelsown2-star. It didn't continue where the 2nd volume left off hence avoiding the matter at hand and Commercial Suicide instead on other background, flat characters. I still am curious for the 4th volume and would likely check that out since I do see them continuing where the 2nd volume left off. But at the rate with where this is going, my interest, too, dwindles.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Feb 08, Temi Panayotova rated it really liked it. Really amazing - the artwork in this volume are even better and than the ones before, however the story is not that good, like the one with Laura. Still do not regret reading! Feb 16, Antonomasia rated it really liked it Shelves: arcmusiccomics-and-graphic-novels, sffnetgalleydecadesbritish.

This volume, though I didn't like it at first, turned out the most varied and interesting of all in storyline, effect perhaps augmented by the variety of guest artists, and more depth for a few characters. The hollowness, cynicism and meta-commentary behind the gorgeous mythical pop-tropes which, as a big fan of Phonogram I both loved, and hated to see reused until hackneyed seemed even more overwhelming in the first half of vol. Both the comic and this review are the work of jaded people born in the 70s, and I don't think it's possible to know exactly what it all feels like from the inside, no matter how many Tumblrs you read, without actually being younger and experiencing this stuff in your teens and twenties.

Maybe the culture isn't quite so hopeless and recursive, and some of it does feel new, if you haven't been alive as long. Then I started to see that, via the characters of Tara, Woden, Amaterasu and Cassandra, issues were a multi-sided commentary on internet social justice issues, including, but not limited to those affecting comics.

I mostly hear about the comics world second-hand, through friends and articles; it may be that commentary about these controversies within comics themselves has itself become a dull cliche. Meanwhile I haven't encountered it directly before, and some of the analyses here were interesting, and welcome in their balance.

This was part of a pretty dark phase of the story, in issues 12 to partway through The title, exhaustively knowing as ever, alludes to the difficult uncommercial album that sees off some fans; the mood also evoked those bad-decadent periods of the typical rock biography when everyone's at each other's throats and getting paranoid from the drugs.

It doesn't faze me that most of the cast are destined to die soon - I see things much as one character says later in the wonderful issue We're all walking dead. But we get to choose what we do whilst we're here I'm dancing.

They say that having experienced not being able to choose anything, or 'dance'; so it's not naive thoughtlessness disregarding more limited existences, just a statement of how they feel, that day. Meanwhile, these darkest episodes of WicDiv were uncomfortable because there was precious little 'dancing'. Tara's story is one that's been frequently told in the last few years, about misogynistic bullying and a woman who feels she's only been valued - if and when she is valued at all - for her appearance and for who people think she is or want her to be, not for who she [feels she] really is.

In vol. Tara also evokes those celebrities, who, sometimes for no apparent reason as here, have become love-to-hate figures and objects of derision, an invisible 'kick me' sign permanently pinned to them, and the story reflects how stressful it might be to be them, increasingly unable to do anything right in the eyes of the public and commentariat.

She had experiences that make the following feel universally true to her, rather than merely the case with certain nasty pieces of work my second clause is implied nowhere in the book : I heard "Hey goddess, hey beautiful" turn into "I'm going to rape you bitch" enough times to know that the former is just the latter with a bow on it.

In the way it takes up a fourth-wave feminist mantle wholesale and perhaps as fanservice, I found this issue somewhat similar to the New Year episode of Sherlock.

Although it wasn't quite so out of step with established characters. And given its awareness of online social justice politics, had surprisingly little to say about Tara's pre-goddess life as a girl of Pakistani descent.

Where it was - depressingly - enlightening, though, was in the two pages of abusive tweets it printed. Often, I suspect, the worst of these things aren't shown, in press articles, and certainly not in a Reggie Yates documentary I saw recently in which he was shown interviewing Laurie Penny and looking at some tweets that the camera never focused on.

Knowing Yates' oddly yet usefully innocent manner as a presenter, I suspect what he saw wasn't as bad as two of the 'tweets' here - which I was surprised actually to find quite shocking, and contained specifics that I'd never even seen mentioned as actions in popular serial killer or horror stories.

Some people would surely therefore want warnings re. The basically Vader-suited Woden one of the less mythologically convincing incarnations - though another GR reviewer rightly mentions Daft Punk as a basis for his look - has some surprisingly complex things to say. He's partly a portrait of a type of stubborn male commenter on feminist articles, and of a slightly different type, the perhaps sociopathic sort of cynical man who makes use of feminism for his own ends - but in these scenes he also becomes more than a caricature, and a way for the writers to make some worthwhile points.

Importantly - and unlike Tara's story - the writing doesn't recycle the exact statements commonly seen from below-the-line commenters, those ones that mean you don't bother reading comments because you've seen it all before. Mirroring the authoritarian left's tactics to shut down and invalidate argument, Woden has his own nihilistic ways to do so from a different side, for example by acknowledging how patriarchal societies are bad for many men and then not caring about anything because he won't live to see the future - and with slippery, headfucky ultimate cynicism like the following, that could make the listener question everything he and others have said: You want to control someone?

Give them a slice of the truth that confirms all their prejudices. The gender-based power structure in WicDiv defies straightforward analysis, view spoiler [although so far no macho god has died hide spoiler ]. And the underlying logic is dark, inspired as it was apparently by death and bereavement: view spoiler [the real villain is fate, what can you do about that?

A: You're the one who sees everything in black and white. You care about ideals more than people. You don't care that your ideals are hurting people. You don't care that people are hurting. The characters provide recursive, hall-of-mirrors, commentary on the offensiveness potential of their scene set in Japan, a scene ultimately created so they can talk about cultural appropriation. Later, Cassandra, referring to a shared past on Tumblr: If you ever liked anything I wrote, you have to know this, you're doing it wrong.

Black and white again - she has a very all or nothing concept of liking. On here, people often like posts whilst not agreeing with every sentence. I absolutely love issue 16, a mostly realistic comic about pre-fame Morrigan and Baphomet.

The Goodreads single-issue ratings suggest I'm far from alone in this. It's actually good, it's not just that on some level I've always been a bit of a goth, even if I don't have quite the matching wardrobe and record collection.

Both Marian and Cameron are Commercial Suicide hot, and romantic in an intelligent, stormy gothic kitchen-sink kind of way. Like Tara and Sekhmet, they appear to have reached their mid-twenties before the gods incarnated into them, more interesting for the reader well past their own teens.

The art was great too, by Leila del Duca - who I was surprised to find does superhero type comics rather than realistic, so well does her style suit this story.

I liked this episode so much, it was going to be difficult not to give the whole volume four stars in the afterglow of reading it. Sekhmet's backstory was good, a change from the mostly middle-class characters, and her incarnation's predatory nature provides a foil to Tara's sacrificial victimhood, but I wasn't sure about the art here.

I don't go for 'messy' art styles generally, but whilst it really didn't work for gig scenes, Commercial Suicide, it did give plot-appropriate visual chaos to the life of a character who previously looked sleek and fully in control. I'm surprised so many other readers disliked it, as I thought high volume comics readers were well au fait with the idea of guest artists via webcomics, and were more open minded than I am about different styles.

Oh yes, what it is these days with its having been cool to like The Bluetones? All these 'Slight Returns' here for instance - and it's not just here. Not bothered so much as baffled; I'm not aware of any other minor band apparently bland at the time, though very definitely hummable whose stock seems to have gone up in such a way. In McKelvie's "video" shorts in the end gallery, I was very fond of Inanna's My regrets are the one thing I don't regret.

If you're older and you've pissed a few people off who didn't deserve it, it's only decent to have some regrets - and it may be a reminder not to make the same mistakes again. Yet it's unpopular in popular culture to suggest regret has any value. Would I read more if I could, if vol 4 was around now? The difficult third album sure as hell Commercial Suicide as pretty, but it was interesting. This was a free advance copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

View all 8 comments. Sep 01, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: fantasycomics. Received from Netgalley for review. Definitely the weakest volume of WicDiv so far, which is intentional? I guess? McKelvie's absence from the book apparently Commercial Suicide work on Phonogram means both a volume full of guest artists who I just don't like quite as much and an exposition filled volume that almost entirely ignores major plot developments from the last volume.

But I knew all of that going in, and I suppose that there was at least a modicum of an effort to keep fan expectations low. Still, m Received from Netgalley for review. Still, maybe not the best way to handle the situation, I don't know. So if we don't get further development on the story, what do we get?

A lot of character development. There are a lot of characters floating around the WicDiv universe who are really interesting, but haven't had time spent on them beyond establishing their basic looks and personalities.

And I really did like getting this extra insight, I just think it might have worked better being a bit more spread out through the series, instead of being one giant exposition bomb. So, good stories, but no real storyline, which is something of a let down.

But I'm a sucker for this series, even when it isn't at its best, so I'll be back for more. Of course. Aug 13, Shadowdenizen rated it really liked it Shelves: comics-other. Far better than "Fandemonium" [the second arc], in any event.

Though this arc answers a few questions, and brings up some more, it ultimately fails to live up to the promise of the first few issues. This is still on my monthly "Pull List", but it's not necessarily "Top of the Pile" material anymore.

Jan 31, Cat cat-thecatlady rated it liked it. I'm not that interested in the gods' backstories when there's such a big thing going on in the present! I think this was a poor decision that did a lot of damage and will definitely have repercussions with the fans.

View 1 comment. Feb 11, Nicky rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels-and-manga. Commercial Suicide is right, sadly. I wanted to love this book. I adored the heck out of the first two volumes, and especially with that twist at the end of volume two. It has broken the consistency of the series, but it was interesting looking at other takes on the characters — and I actually liked the art in the comic about Sekhmet, which I know other people really hated.

It just seems to suit her, somehow. But… this just feels so thin compared to the other volumes. I wanted so much more, especially after Fandemonium. Originally posted here. Mar 09, Jacquelyn rated it it was ok.

The art styles were just so choppy. I really didn't like the art that was being used towards the end and it was so different than what was being used beforehand.

The story wasn't really captivating me. I enjoyed this volume up to and including the whole part about Tara but Commercial Suicide seems like once that happened, my interest faded and I wasn't connected.

I have been told that there will be more volumes and I have also heard that next volume, the Meh I have been told that there will be more volumes and I have also heard that next volume, the only artist will be Jamie which makes me still want to continue. Any help would be appropriated.

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  1. 29 rows · This American Airlines Boeing , registration NAA, operating as American .
  2. I recently bought this new batch of Commercial Suicide at Jester King three weeks ago and I drank it last night. It is a Mild Farmhouse Ale based on the traditional English Mild Dark Ale. It is fermented entirely in French oak foudres. (L) It has a very dark almost black hue and very thin head that dissipated quickly%().
  3. rows · Dec 25,  · It doesn't surprise me that this is the first review of Commercial Suicide .
  4. Commercial Suicide Top Ten Tracks. 1. Dark Star Homemade Weapons Remix Homemade Weapons, Quadrant, Iris Commercial Suicide. $ 2. Angular Philth Remix Philth.
  5. Commercial Suicide is the drum and bass and once in awhile techno label run by London based producer and Disc Jockey Klute aka Tom Withers. Started in Commercial Suicide has released over 50 reco. London. Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Commercial Suicide on your desktop or mobile device.
  6. 'Commercial Suicide' (a typical Newman title; good, but bleeding obvious and he DOESN'T CARE!) isn't as good as 'Not To'. Not many albums are, but as a music it's moved on, been opened out considerably. Now some of the arrangements are simply sensational. The first song, 'This Terrain' is a neat example of the case in point/5(7).
  7. "Suicide" is used primarly to refer to "the action of killing oneself intentionally," in the context of human life, of course. In the sentence you've read, "commercial suicide" means just what that dictionary gave you: A damage to the commercial prospects or interests of a company or a firm that is so big, it is like destroying it, "killing.
  8. Coming almost five years after Not To (), the ominously titled Commercial Suicide was Colin Newman 's fourth solo album. It was so named because one track -- in the early stages of its recording -- sounded like a song by Suicide, only more commercial.8/

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