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Download Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl)

This is not the place to just stack up vulgar one-liners and crude rejoinders. While you may support, oppose or introduce any position or argument, submissions must meet our high Roman Catholic and Constitutional American standards of Truth, logical rigor and civil discourse. We will not participate in merely trading insults, nor will we tolerate participants merely trading insults.

Participants should not be thin-skinned or over sensitive to criticism, but should be prepared to defend their arguments when challenged. We humbly apologize to all religious conservative thinkers for the need to even say these things, but the Hard Left is what it always was, the New Leftist Liberals are what they are, and the Internet is what it is. If you fear intolerant Leftist repercussions, do not use your real name and do not include email or any identifying information.

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If a purposeful violator of the Constitution who is a sworn officer of the governemt is not a domestic enemy of America and a traitor, then there is no such thing, and the Constitution itself is without meaning, and America has lost its grounding and its very purpose for being. Pius X. Click the image above to publish your essay or article here, to be included among those below.

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Benedict is still the True Pope, by Frank Albas. Do Catholics Worship Saints? Democrat Communists and Islamism. Energy is at the root of everything. If you have sufficient energy, anything is possible. It's time to remember and reinvigorate his words. The Ship is Off Course.

Elena DiMaria, Saturday, January 20, A Poem by Rochelle Marie Harper. The Anti-Christians. By Nito Gnoci, Part 1 Of 4.

By Nito Gnoci, Part 2 of 4. By Nito Gnoci, Part 3 Of 4. By Nito Gnoci, Part 4 Of 4. The Early Universe and the Human Embryo. Perrone: How our corporate prayers after Mass have been modified following the election. An American Diocese upholds a Marriage against Abandonment. Which should be the norm. Abandonment of a Catholic Sacramental Marriage is assumed a priori to be a mortal sin.

Is this original simple mistake leading us into doctrinal and ecclesial revolution? May God bless him for that. Cardinal Kasper's False Arguments. Pope Benedict, Cardinal Kasper's false arguments for Synod Report: Vatican Council II agrees with the dogma extra ecclesiam nullas salus as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries.

Rahner's "Anonymous Christian" as main line Catholic theology. Coming back full circle? The Heresy of Chrislam. Faith, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. Hope, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. Love, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. Prudence, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. Justice, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. On the word Consubstantial, the Trinity and Infinity.

The challenge describes Capitalism as illusory and Marxism as solid. The mixture of religion just adds to the confusion of all good realists. What is his grounding, his ethos? The Obama Ethos explores Obama's grounds of being; his religious, moral and political guiding principles. Obama the Moslem: Introducing Comrade Obama peace be upon him. Freedom, yes — but from whom, and to do what? Is freedom from God enslavement to the world? Is freedom from the world enslavement to God?

Which is better? The Room: Born of that still inner voice. A story about a small church pastor who erects a small room to serve as a mediation room for his parishioners. Are Catholics Saved, by having been Born Again? The theology of salvation: Catholic vs. Love thy neighbor as thyself: the Law in One Sentence. Can one simple sentence contain the whole of the moral Law of God? The Catholic call is universal; it goes out to everyone. Perfect Unconditional Love can be rejected.

Liberty and free choice may be a blessing or a curse. Of Weeds and Wheat growing together, and the eventual separation. Why Should I Believe in God? On Losing You - a poem by Rosemarie A. Our Beautiful Love - a poem by Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl) A. Mises said that Communism equals Bureaucracy; the Church is a bureaucracy, therefore we have Catholic Communism.

The Source of Anxiety: Improper Priorities. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Leonard E. Endless Concessions to the Palestinians Pamela Levene. Truth Versus Evil. The End Of The Age. Authority Meets Truth. The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

The Little Red Hen. Of Sheep And Men. The Gift Bearers Michael from Florida. Dear Vic And Others John Felland. Hatred of Palin Janet Morana. Proper Catechesis Susan Greve. Who is Barack Obama? Pastor Robert Legg Greve. Jefferson Speaks Declaration of Independence. Re Sydney Airport Security Ahmed. New "race and racism" thread begun by Stephen from VT. On race and racism: the ever changing definition and generic usage of the word "racism. The Bush War Doctrine Revisited: a fresh look at our horrible situation.

A reproduction of the "Bush War Doctrine Revisited" article and discussion points by David Yerushalmi; there is much food for thought here. Marcel Guarnizo's interview with the author that caused the international media frenzy. The Jewish Shabbat. Just Laws for a Godly Nation. Many nations today still lack a core of just laws for a Godly nation. Layman letter to all bishops. Fetal-Microchimerism gives new meaning to the bonding of Motherhood.

How the unborn child blesses the mother and physically changes her, for the rest of her life. To be, or not no be lukewarm; that is the question. Whether tis nobler to fight the good fight, or just smile and be nice Technology: a Two Edged Sword. Technology can be used for good, or for evil. A concerned Catholic spotlights Catholic funded Alinsky organizations. Annecdotes from Shane Leslie Mattison. Ben Carson can return America to being a Constitutional Republic once again. A submission from someone who would be Pope.

If all the last five or so Popes have been invalid Popes, then, where's the valid one? Why, Brother Michaelof course! Never be lukewarm. Life itself demands passion. He who is indifferent to God has already forfeited his soul.

He who is indifferent to politics has already forfeited his liberty. In America, religion is not mere window dressing and citizenship is not a spectator sport. Do not allow our common destiny as a whole people to just happen without your input. Get in the fight! Engage the Enemy! Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life; please God, and live forever. Site Search.

Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it! Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Jesus Christ; Matt The Anti-Christians Part I.

Related Webpages. New Articles by Publication Date. In our Catholic Resistance Movement, where are all the Bishops? The Bishops should be attending our meetings, leading our prayers and inspiring us to action. Where are they? Are the Bishops themselves the Real Problem? A Catholitalist proudly proclaims his Catholitalism. The most naturally prospering secular organization is Capitalism ; the most supernaturally prospering theological organization is Catholicism.

So, Catholitalism. Ash Wednesday Latin Mass Readings. We will let the readings speak for themselves. Eat your last paczki and remember your beginnings. Remember man that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a day of fast and abstinence, beginning Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl) 40 days of Lent.

Quinquagesima Sunday Latin Mass Readings. It's time to take a good look at Badwill, the opposite of Goodwill. Hatred of America among her Citizenry; hatred of Catholicism inside the Catholic Church; hatred of the Constitution from within the Constitutional Government. While I was struggling to describe the way Trump was leading America to toward ultimate Truth, Michael Voris just nailed it, with the word Goodwill. Everywhere you look today you see history threatening to repeat itself, amid boringly redundant and repetitive warnings against it.

Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl) Liberty already lost? Bloomberg's stupid, simplistic and Communist view of the Kulak. From Karl Marx himself, to Lenin, to Mao, to Ho, and to Bloomberg, the Kulak Farmer was an expendable bourgeoisie exploiter of land, which anyone could farm.

America as Constituted was unique in all the world; Unconstitutional and Illegal Political Party Politics are working to make us the same as all the world. Sexagisima Sunday Latin Mass Readings. The President's AG is somehow independent of the Presidency?

Says who? The DOJ is the President's tool. It is time for a new AG. Cultural Concupiscence and the Complimentary Politics of Satan. Cultural Concupiscence leads nations to destruction, but the Politics of Grace will make nations great again, when and if they dominate. Trump, the Non-Catholic Catholic Leader. We call Trump a non-Catholic Catholic because, Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl), although he is not a cleric and not even Catholic, he is more Catholic in his leadership than Pope Francis.

Septuagesima Sunday Latin Mass Readings. We will lit the readings speak for themselves. What do all the politically invented "disenfranchised" so-called "victim-groups" have in common? Nothing much. Devolving man, the Devolution of life and the Degradation of Existence.

The unavoidable entropy facing us, all life forms, every existing object, every form of matter and existence itself. The brilliance of Trump is just beginning to dawn on the public. Without any manifesto, Trump policy TrumpWar in action threatens to have a more profound effect on world politics than even Marx's Communist Manifesto.

Intolerant evil only preaches tolerance until it dominates as Tyrant. Evil is tyrannically intolerant, preaching inclusive tolerance is its trap, and in the end, evil always turns out to be a tyrant. President Trump: the first to recognize and capitalize on the fact that modern international war is best fought economically rather than militarily.

And it's the same inside the Catholic Church, where the Commie-Pol has now taken over. Scientific Fundamentalism joins Christian Fundamentalism for Creation. And American Fundamentalism, with one foot in each camp, supports Creationism. Bernie's raging Communists ready for actual bloody revolution, at least in their tiny little minds. Violent intolerance of opposition defines the Left.

Love of America's enemies and hatred of America, love of sin and hatred of God are driving Marxocratism into committing Impeachicide. Which Moslem Terrorist is most likely to make himself the next Caliph? There are a bunch of underground, wannabe Caliphates brewing in the world, in the unspoken Jihadist competition for the grand title of Caliph.

Traditional Nationalism versus the "Progressive" charge into Globalism. The Leftist Global vision contracepts, aborts and euthanizes individuals, families and nations out of existence, as it forces man to bow before Mother Earth.

The rise of the religious and political stupid, stupider and stupidest. At the pinnacle of stupidity stand the stupidest, in the Vatican as well as among all Globalists. No bones about it. Only degrees of anti-Christianity and anti-Americanism. Will the New Year be the Year of the Sword? We are not the only nation threatened by internal division; the whole world is dividing between distinct nations and Globalism.

And the Swords are coming out. Wherever you find Falsehood, there you will find Hatred. The Opposite of Truth, and the Opposite of Love, i. The ground-up, lay-driven, determined Catholic Restoration has begun. The Restoration of the Catholic Church begins with a restoration of faith coming up from the laity, because the leaders of the Church have become faithless men.

May you be blessed this Christmas with the Peace of Christ. Institutionalized, legalized, legitimized, Insanityin education, in law, in government, and especially in religion. Growing Universal Insanity. How Satan, the god of this world, veils reality, promotes falsehoods, demonizes absolutism and blinds the minds of his fools.

How they can stand on a stage, in the spotlight, at a microphone, on camera, and just lie their asses off, and smile, and not be he least bit worried about it. Catholic Clerical Faggotry's Last Stand? Our Faggot Bishops frame their chief opponent with Faggotry - Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (Vinyl) own faggotry, just as Marxocrat Congressmen frame the President with their own anti-Americanism.

First, our Churches were "clustered" due to a priest shortage. Now, with even fewer priests, the "clusters" will end, leaving one priest for one Church. They just can't help themselves. From the stunned shock of a Mueller to the finger-wagging tantrum of a Pelosi.

Getting Back to Righteousness. How did we ever allow Righteousness to become an Epithet? Getting Back to Godliness. Lord, lead us back to Godliness. Progress Versus Reality. On the Progress of Progressive ism in teaching populations to "know" all that is not true. Disorder, Disorganization, Confusion, Cultural Schizophrenia. The Setup for Dictatorial Takeover. All the New Gospels, leading men to perdition. The Gospel is inspired by God. There can be no later "Replacement" New Gospels inspired by mere men.

On the Honor of being fully Catholic, and the Honor of being American. It is indeed an honor for any Catholic to be called a "Trad", and it is an honor for every American to be both liberated and protected by our Constitution. National Authority is Cultural Authority; national authority is proper only when the citizenry are predominantly moral and the government itself is also moral. At the foundational level, Truth is the opposite of Depravity, for Truth is Good, all that is False is bad, and the more you lie the more depraved you become.

On the Progressive Generational Wimpification of the Population. Cultural Marxism's greatest achievement is not merely in making newer generations Immoral, Dependent and Stupid, but Fragile, Wimpified, Emotional Cripples. Is Liberation Theology actually Communized Catholicism? Of course it is.

It was condemned Communism's foot-in-the-door to infiltrate, convert and destroy the Church from within. Just what the Synod is going on in the Vatican and American politics? It's the Unconstitutionality of the Whole Government versus Trump. The Secret Impeachment of Trump is so secret even Congress can't be in on it. Pelosi has to impeach him first so they can find out what he did. The Abortion Abomination as a Political Agenda.

It's still the same abortion abomination. On Silly Science, or, Sillience. Sillience is Pseudo-Science gone way beyond being stupid, entering the realm of the downright Silly. Catholic American Manifesto. What it means to be Catholic and what it means to be American in an anti-Catholic and anti-American World.

Rush is right; we are in a Cold Civil War. Prescribing Antidotes to Social Stoooopiiiidity. What's the Antidote to Corrupted Education? Shut down Corrupted Education. An Antidote to Party Politics? Eliminate Political Parties. Stupid, stupid, stoooopiiiid Bishops, Presidential Candidates, etc. I just doesn't get any dumber than championing new "rights" for genders that don't even exist. On all of our Disgusting Lukewarm Catholic Bishops. It appears that a clear majority of Catholic Bishops are truly disgusting, faithless worms who will not even defend the True Catholic faith from the rot within.

A Serious Swamp-Drain looks below top agency echelons and way above. It's very simple, really. Just put our Supreme Law of the Land back the way it originally was. We The Enemy. How Shame is turned upside down by evil to destroy Proper Identity. Shame is both noun and verb; by sly use of the verb, evil condemns the natural use of the noun. State of the Union? State of the State?

State of the City? Peter and the Traditional Latin Mass. Our Afghanistan Problem: Never Ending? You may call me a Divisive Divider if you wish; that is what I am. It's not over.

Every victory over Anti-Truth is Temporary. This world is ruled by Satan and he's not going anywhere, yet. With Truth, we can only defeat him, but not vanquish him. No one is above the law, claim the lawless, pointing at the lawful. This is what a Global Identity War looks like. About Criminal Cupich. I mean Cardinal. The Citizenship Question on the Census. Are the Marxocrats Right? Is there really such a thing as Death By Census? The Necessity of an American Crusade.

American Independence Day, Global Civil War? Anti-Church-Bishops and Satan's Billionaires. Democrat Party Treason comes right out in the open. Marxocratism, the unique American species of Marxism driving the Democrat Party no longer hides its hatred of America. The Tyrannical Language Control of Marxocratism. What is a "Limited" War? Is "Just War" doctrine wrong?

War, once begun, cannot be limited. Seeking Reconciliation with one area of Catholic Doctrine that is Unrealistic. Join us for the 22nd Rosary Crusade for Marriage. June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Not any more. Please join in the Rosary Crusade for Marriage. Marxocrats are Liars; we all know that. Praying for the Correction, or, the Deposing of Pope Francis.

Utopian Globalism is an Evil Diversion from Reality. Feminsanity is Feminism gone off the rails. On the glaringly obvious innocence of President Trump. Mueller and his whole gaggle of lawyers should be disbarred for hiding the innocence of Trump. Marxocrat Induced Leftist Lunacy now infecting Republicrats. Could the Senate bring about a Republicrat Impeachment of Trump?

Enlightened, Modern, Leftist Social Mythology. Leftism is Marxism, pure and simple. It's time to recognize that fact and call it what it is. It is a time to Divide.

It has already begun. The Anti-Opposition aspect of the Communist Mindset. Praying to Catholicize Trump. Praying for God to Catholicize our President, or at least move him ever deeper into his own natural Common Sense.

The Divisive Inclusiveness of Marxist Multiculturalism. Alinsky Organized USA. On the New Communism and the New Communists.

In Praise of the VA. The Marxocrats are not the only cockamamie anti-Americans; plenty of Republicrats have gone beyond stupid into evil. In Praise of Bullies and Bullying. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Owned and operated by anti-Americans who throttle and censor Good, and promote and magnify Evil. The Real Racists are those who call everyone else Racist. The anti-discrimination warriors are the real discriminators.

The ones who scream "Bigot! Abomination in the Temple. Hate: The Opposite Of God. Homosexualism is as irreconcilably antithetical to Catholicism as Communism is to Individualism. The Stupid, Unnecessary, yet Demanded "Conversation". The hell we should. Whatever opposes Truth ultimately opposes God, and leads man away from Truth, which is away from God.

On the Meaning of Sovereignty. Marxocrat Party Hatred transcends controllable emotion and becomes Uncontrolled Outrage against the very Institution of America. Catholic Exceptionalism joins condemned American Exceptionalism. Citizen President Trump is singlehandedly draining the Washington Swamp. While that is going on, Catholic Laity are now taking effective action against the Trash in the Church. The Republicrats will be blamed for for the Trump Shutdown.

None of the "Experts" in the Beltway get this, and that's the real problem. American Politics as they are, and as they should be.

All the Enlightened Fools and their Enlightened Follies. Just how Enlightened are they who now deny glaringly obvious simple Reality right in front of their eyes? It's not just Anti-Trump, and it's not just Anti-American; It is the refusal of a sitting government to accept the results of a Democratic Election. It isn't merely Western Civilization that has deep Catholic Roots.

Catholicism, more than anything else, civilized a formerly barbaric world. Political Projection: Politicized Psychological Projection. Political Projection is the Politically Commandeered psychological trick of the Left, weaponized, to attack morality, decency and good order in human society.

We could be witnessing the collapse of Disorder back into Order. Are corrupting Vatican operatives corrupting the Cloisters, too? Are there to be no more Superiors or Prioresses? No more strict Orders to live by? No more separation from the World? Cloisters must join some "Federation"?

Does anyone smell Socialism and Alinsky Organizing yet? All the "Lame-Duck" periods of government are good for is giving defeated politicians time to sabotage the offices, intentions and plans of the political winners before they take office.

Are you really Catholic? Then Stand and be Counted. On Absolute Literalism in Bible Interpretation. Can it be true that the only "True" Catholics are the Flat Earthers? Breaking our Anti-American Court System. E-Zine News Letter. By Plan. Mid-Term results illustrate the width of the Deadly Divide. Either half of the voting population do not recognized that one Party is indeed Marxist, or, Marxism itself is no longer recognized as the mortal enemy of both America of Christianity.

Is that Deadly Divide hardening? Vote Your Morality. If everyone does that, Christianity Wins. Christian Morality is the foundation and basis of all American Civil Law that is Constitutional and therefore Legitimate. Who is the real "Enemy Of The People" here?

Does the Truth Hurt? Open incivility is the least of it. Marxist Tyrannical Power was Winning, and Trump stopped it cold. Or so they hope. Unlimited Unity? With Them? Hell No! Let them be Anathema! If Heaven has Borders and there are no Illegal Immigrants in Heaven, then we should do likewise on earth. There can be no Unlimited Unity. Shutting Down the Southern Border. The Global Humanitarian Crisis of the Migrants. A Global Humanitarian Crisis of their own making. All the homosexuality, homo-crimes and cover-ups are mere symptoms; the disease is Marxism, and all the criminality and political corruption it pushes.

Bloody Revolution, in America? As the slower path of Cultural Marxism into Communism is being turned back by the persistent Trump Presidency, the Marxocrat Party quickly switches back to original, old time Marxist Violent Revolution.

The Intersectionality Versus Equality Stupidity. Intersectionality: Endlessly Identifying Oppressors and Oppressed. Why should America's Treasure be independent of America's government? How it came to be, how it secretly grew, how it took control, and how it is now coming apart. Hugh Owen Presentation - spread the word. One Party Warning. Beware of One Party Rule. The Party became the Government and the Tyrant was the head of the Party.

Something America was neither designed nor intended to be. The most effective traitor to Truth is the one perceived by most to be the Good Guy. Marxist, Islamic and Homosexual Sleeper Cells, here, there and everywhere, being self-exposed for what they are, taking themselves and each other down.

Marxocrat i. On the Genius of Trump: Where does it come from? No one in Washington, or maybe in the worldcould accomplish the things he has accomplished as President, the way he accomplished them, in the time he accomplished them, against all the opposition he faced.

How does he do it? The whole Catholic hierarchy is now shaking as homo time-bomb after homo land-mine go off, and Truth lights up the giant Catholic Homo-Conspiracy. The "Values" driving anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity. American citizens, hating America, white people, men, police, etc. The Modern Catholic Heresy of Homoclericalism. Uncovering the many Heretical Catholic Homoclerics and their well organized crime and heresy of Homoclericalism.

Someone wake up the Lord! The Faithful are now dangerously adrift in a Rudderless Church. Francis is at the top of the evil homo network victimizing men and boys all over the world, while play acting at "Catholicism". Pope Francis is and always was in on the whole mess.

Clintonism, Obamunism, and 18 U. Blacklisting Whites, Christians, Men, Trumpists, etc. Today's not-so-undercover Communists in America now reverse McCarthyism to blacklist all nonconformists to their own narrow, anti-American and Communist Worldview. Infallibility Revisited, in a confused and confusing Pontificate.

When Papal statements are vague, confusing or obviously wrong its time to step back and revisit Infallibility, in light of original Revealed Truth.

Truth is never wrong, and never confusing. Ezechiel's Prophesy to the Evil Shepherds, so prescient today. The Tricky Aha! A Literalist Interpretation of Genesis 1 through 3? As a matter of fact, no. Actual Applied Science confirms it. Well, whaddaya know. The True History of Anti-Christianity belies the false claim that Christianity is brutal; the opposite is true.

Anti-Christians authored the world's worst wars, mass-murders, famines, enslavements and genocides. Strength and Honor Catholic Men's Conference Understanding the Self Despising Phenomenon.

Americans who despise their own country, Cardinals who despise the Catholic Church, white people who despise their own race, men who despise their own sex, and the Self Despising Phenomenon. A twisted-psyche Catholic Shadow Government now runs the Church. The unveiling of the decades-long Cdl. Trumpian Truth now lights up Evil Republicrats. Paul Ryan and other Republicrats now stand self-identified as Evil Conspirators in the bright light of Trumpian Truth.

The Uncivilization of America and Western Civilization. The increasing loss of civil dialogue in politics is not an accident, but a planned, orchestrated evil agenda of Uncivilization. Permanent Revolution? Question: What is a " Permanent " Revolution? Are we looking at the emergence of a Trumpian New World Order?

Is Brett Kavanaugh really Pro-Abortion? Anyone who would let any unconstitutional law, order, regulation or precedent stand just because it is "established" or "settled" or "standing" law is no real Constitutionalist. The mask comes off of all the "Conservative" Trump haters who rage at Trump for not joining them against himself and his Presidency, and publicly calling his own perfectly valid election win into question for them.

The Bamberg musicians are too interested in the sheer, the precise and the subtle [in the Ravel] to stumble into cheap exoticism. View full details Listen to samples. Music at the Berlin Court.

Christiane Karg: Scene! Christiane Karg soprano Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen. Karg, a splendidly accomplished artist, delivers every item with acute sensitivity to mood and verbal nuance…with Arcangelo in perfectly weighted period-instrument support, the disc gives uninterrupted Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days.

View full details. Viktor Ullmann: Piano Concerto Op. Annika Treutler piano. She is also a responsive, intelligent Heimliche Aufforderung: Lieder by Richard Strauss. The Bavarian soprano is a delectably light, idiomatic Straussian, and the covered, pearly underside of her voice is the perfect instrument with which to recreate the secret moments and intimacy Staatskapelle Dresden, Herbert Blomstedt.

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  1. Everlasting Punk & Hardcore Alltime Classics new recorded by well known guitarists like Jay Lansford (Channel 3, Simpletones), Gizz Butt (English Dogs, Prodigy), Dean Rispler (Murphys Law, Crown of Thorns), Rene Beckert (Anticops) and singers like Roger Miret, Jesse Jones, Mad Joe, Mr Chi Pig, Kevin Seconds, Köfte, Yvonne Ducksworth etc. 19 tracks at all.
  2. Everlasting Punk & Hardcore Alltime Classics new recorded by well known guitarists like Jay Lansford (Channel 3, Simpletones), Gizz Butt (English Dogs, Prodigy), Dean Rispler (Murphys Law, Crown of Thorns), Rene Beckert (Anticops) and singers like Roger Miret, Jesse Jones, Mad Joe, Mr Chi Pig, Kevin Seconds, Köfte, Yvonne Ducksworth etc. 19 tracks at all.
  3. Anticops - Berlin Hardcore (7", EP) Unavailable in None. Label: Kugelrecords Cat#: KR Media Condition: Media: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Near Mint (NM or M-) View Release Page: Seller: xstrapsex; %, ratings ; Ships From: Germany; € about $ + shipping: Unavailable in None99%().
  4. On the softer LGBTQ title of the Pro-Faggotry Movement. Pro-Faggotry: Promoting the normalization and enculturation of open homosexuality, as “LGBTQ Rights", imposed on world culture by the US Marxocrat Party, the UN, and by Pope Francis, of all people. Growing Dependency and Destroying Independence, for Marxism.
  5. Aug 17,  · Rear window of a 'Trabbi' (Trabant) car in East Berlin, , with decorative plastic cushion. Photograph: Thomas Hoepker. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Shop window in East Berlin,
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  7. Explore releases from the Mad Mob Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Mad Mob Records releases.
  8. Explore releases from the Mad Mob Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Mad Mob Records releases.
  9. Limited Edition - copies red vinyl including digital downloadcode - copies CD Digipack - Streetdate CD Digipack May vinyl version June LTR (Oct. ) CRUCIAL POINT - s/t (LP) limited black & clear blue Hardcore / Punk Berlin. New. YELLOI! PRESS #4 (Oi! Zine) 3€ ANTICOPS - THIS IS HARDCORE (T-Shirt.

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