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Lake - Savaging Spires - National Supper Session (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Lake - Savaging Spires - National Supper Session (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Critical Heights - CRITTER25LP • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock

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Concert Tickets. Groovy Objects books, mags, t-shirts Sell Compare. Price : Format : LP. Seller : merlinmoosik. Format : 12 inch 45 rpm. Seller : netdiscs. However, there are still jaw-dropping solos and instrumentals such as the emotional "Crying" and "Trilogy Suite Op: 5" which might bring to mind "Far Beyond the Sun" from his debut. Those who love his instrumental side, might prefer Rising Force but in terms of a song-oriented album, Trilogy is the maestro's masterpiece.

The songwriting is very engaging and completely justifies the duration of the songs, the melodies are memorable, and the atmosphere is convincing. Also, what distinguishes these guys is that they go the extra mile by putting serious effort on their lyrics.

Only thing I don't love here is the production. The song structures are quite intricate, there is an array of great riffs and the vocals are ideal for the subject matter.

In terms of music, this is the album of theirs that I enjoyed the most probably due to the strong Blue Oyster Cult elements and the medieval aura because of the subject matter. All in all, a great effort. Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes Live At The Greek High-octane live performance which comprises mostly of Led Zeppelin covers and -rdespite the fact that to some it might seem blasphemous - can rival any Led Zeppelin live release.

The Black Crowes are an incredible backing band who play the classic Zeppelin tracks to perfection, while Jimmy Page delivers old-school solos that kids these day can only dream of. Kate Bush The Kick Inside Kate Bush's debut is not only a brilliant album but an incredible achievement, considering that she was younger than 20 years old when it was released and even younger when she wrote the songs.

Being backed by almost the entire The Alan Parsons Project also played a role, as the music here has strong progressive leanings, while Kate's youthful voice provides an extra layer of charm.

Overall, a consistently brilliant and atmospheric journey. Cohen and his band. Leonard is as smooth as it gets and his band instrumentalists and backing singers are extremely professional and yet deliver an emotional performance. A great gateway into Leonard Cohen's music as well. Poetic Champions Compose oozes of maturity and quality.

Van Morrison through the years has reinvented himself by adding more celtic influences and instruments, and even though Poetic Champions Compose sounds different than his earlier material, it is still based on the same emotional foundations. Warren Zevon Excitable Boy This one just strikes a chord with me. Is it the beautiful melodies or the memorable choruses? Is it something deeper? I have no idea, but Excitable Boy feels comforting and sincere, which is enough for me.

Every song is covered in a respectful manner but each band infuses it with its own identity which gives the material a fresh breath of new air. The LP contains several highlights and feels like it lasts less than it actually does. Do not miss out on this one. Warlord The Holy Empire 4. On first listen, this one felt kinda safe and as if it played too much into the band's comfort zone. However, Queen of Time is dense and rich, combining seamlessly multiple layers and elements.

The songwriting is as solid as ever and the melodies are once again excellent. Makes you look forward to their next LP. The Annihilation of Bavaria serves not only as a testament of Atlantean Kodex's stellar live performances but also as a gateway to the Germans' music. King Live at the Regal B.

Only complaint is that the crowd doesn't get much into it. King Lucille B. King Singin' The Blues B. The songwriting is excellent as the album is very atmospheric and grand, while the vocals bring a power metal flavor which makes the offering less monolithic than your typical doom. The only thing which remains to be seen is how Upon a Pale Horse will age and whether it will make me want to jam it in the future.

The vocals are on a high level but what really shines is the dual guitar playing with inspired leads and catchy riffs. Lastly, the production is not overpolished, in order for the music to transmit a genuine vintage feeling. As good as modern heavy metal gets.

Budgie Bandolier Budgie In for the Kill! A tribute to bands like Venom, Motorhead and Bathory that is bound to be enjoyed by metalheads. Highly recommended to fans of Midnight - No Mercy for Mayhem.

The Seductiveness of Decaythe masters of Victorian gothic horror built on everything that made Hammer of the Witches such a revelation, expanded on those ideas, and created a less instant but deeper and more developed offering. Smerda and Shaw brought new life to a classic formula, infusing it with an array of brilliant riffs and solos while contributing to one of the most guitar-driven albums in the band?

Actually, if one could transport Cryptoriana right between Cruelty and the Beast and Midianit would make sense. Music that you live not just listen. Mostly a matter of preference which version one prefers but this is still killer material.

The instrumentation is very interesting - and quite unusual for a Greek artist - and the lyrics masterful. Half of the setlist comprises of their recent material which might be a turnoff to some older fans but those who are not discouraged will be treated to an awesome audiovisual experience. Dimmu's music is perfectly combined with that of the orchestra and choir and results in a cinematic performance which is even more impressive after the sun no longer rises.

Absolutely beautiful with an array of amazing melodies and a very natural feel. The music is not overly repetitive and there are scarce screaming vocals about battles, ghosts and magic. Overall, a very atmospheric effort. Well, almost because the sound of keyboards give some hints of early '80s, but contrary to other prog bands who changed their sound to fit the '80s with little or great success, Eloy maintained their signature sound and differentiated it only slightly.

Compared to earlier LPs, Planets is more energetic, lush and maybe more expansive with "Queen of the Night" having some orchestral elements and "At the Gates of Dawn" being the New Age track of the album. Besides the solid songwriting, the amazing keyboards and the fretless bass make Planets one of the strongest albums in Eloy's discography.

Very relaxing and atmospheric. Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri Peter Green is one of the most emotional guitar players and it shows on this LP).

Highly recommended for those who want to branch out. Features guitarist Peter Frampton. Very upbeat with not a dull moment and an overall great atmosphere. Heart of the Ages In the Woods The neoclassical moments provide a nice flair and this is the very definition of a feel-good album.

Granted, originality is not these guys' strong card check "Beware Of The Dragons" to spot a part taken from "Hotel California"but still, this is a very enjoyable effort. The first half is more relaxed and flowery whereas the second is more psych. The addition of violin compliments greatly the overall sound of the album. Cale Five Excellent album by a sadly underrated bluesman. JJ Cale's laid-back approach to the blues makes this man's music almost always enjoyable. Cale Okie J. Frank Jackson C.

Jason Becker Perspective It's very rare to come across an album in this genre without any wankery and with lots of emotion. Other notable artists included are The Maytals and Desmond Dekker. Judee Sill Judee Sill Judicator The Last Emperor This is total Blind Guardian worship but it doesn't reduce the overall experience as the songwriting is extremely solid and also because Blind Guardian haven't written similar material in the last 20 years or so. Judicator have a great sense of melody, which is translated in infectious vocal lines and catchy guitar harmonies.

The subject matter of the album adds an extra layer of epicness, and it has to be noted that Hansi Kursch participates in one track "Spiritual Treason". This is Judicator's best album to date. Highly energetic with exceptional guitar playing and drumming. To a point, this one renders In Concert Abigail useless, as it contains Abigail in its entirety, plus 3 songs from Them2 from The Eyeand 1 from Conspiracy and Fatal Portraitrespectively.

Of course, the two Mercyful Fate songs are an added bonus, as well. The band's performance is excellent, LaRocque's solos are impeccable and Kind Diamond, despite his age, is as solid as ever. We needed a properly recorded King Diamond live album, and Songs for the Dead Live does not disappoint. Wonder no more because Lacrimas Profundere are here.

Some might say that the final outcome is too safe or similar to its influences and that does play a role on my rating but it certainly does not influence negatively my enjoyment or the fact that this album transported me to my youth. If you are a fan of the genre, I highly recommend it. Instrumentally, Gods Of War - At War is at a high level but it also impresses lyrically with stories revolving around Greek mythology and the loss of loved ones.

Macbeth Romantic Tragedy's Crescendo Excellent gothic metal album with beauty and the beast vocals that reminds early Theatre of Tragedy.

Magic Sam's performance is emotional on the slower tracks and electric on the more playful ones. Lastly, it has that nice "live" feeling that a blues album can benefit from greatly. But Who's Buying? Nevertheless, Motorhead are so good live and this is such a solid performance that even the weakest tracks sound excellent. Mountain Climbing! Or is Wild Notion that summer breeze that carries with it images of past summers and summers to come?

Night Flowers' debut is a solid dream pop affair not only because of its instrumentation and songwriting, but mostly due to the images, smells and feelings it evokes so vividly. And just like the summer, the album ends before you know it. Nightstalker Use A couple of odd tracks are not enough to downgrade what is an excellent stoner album. Used to hate this one back in the day mainly because of how overplayed "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger" were, and also as a metalhead you're supposed to shit on albums like this one and bands like Oasis.

Love it today, as it contains great tunes but also because it's one of those albums that transport me so efficiently in the mid-'90s. Phil Collins performing live some of his best solo material on his prime. That should be enough for you. Only reason this does nothing to you, is you either hate Christmas or Christmas music. Very energetic with interesting songwriting, great guitar playing and fitting vocals. However, LP), I am not disappointed at all, as Forever in Time contains amazing melodies, many memorable choruses, great twin guitar solos, and a variety of sweet vocal harmonies.

This is severely underrated. Day of the Oppressor is enough to give you an idea about those guys? When Quayde LaHue become the next best thing in the underground rock scene, remember where you first read about them. An atmospheric tour de force that indeed transports the listener right into the The Myths and Legends of King Arthur.

This could have easily been the soundtrack of a theatrical play as it has such a cinematic nature and some of the arrangements are so lush. It is amazing how Wakeman conveys the feats of every character with notes such as on "Merlin the Magician" or "Guinevere". A great progressive album. The use of cello is a very welcome addition and a step in the right direction as it provides an extra layer and accents the great songwriting.

Add some piano, maybe some rain effects, violins on your next 6-minute track and the world will talk about the new Rota Fortunae album. Melancholic and emotional. Listen to "The Pusher" and "The Ostrich". Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a godly track like "Love Like A Man" on here. Powerman and the Moneygoround The Last Drive Heatwave Excellent blend of rockabilly, punk and surf rock from a sadly underrated Greek band.

The songwriting brings to mind Opeth and the soundscapes are similar to Amorphis or sometimes early-Anathema. Lastly, the duration of the album is perfect as it leaves you wanting more which is always a good thing. Great album, equally progressive and psychedelic. And those dinosaurs Twisted Tower Dire The Isle of Hydra Quality heavy metal with engaging songwriting, a great sense of melody and awesome guitar playing.

It is surprising how Roth managed to recreate the magic of a classic live album and the only element that separates this performance from the original Tokyo Tapes is the eternal voice of Klaus Meine. Uli Jon Roth's band is perfectly rehearsed and the guitar hero's performance is impeccable despite his age. It takes a special artist to make a song like "Fly to the Rainbow" sound as mystical as 32 years ago but Uli is a true shaman. Ulver Kveldssanger Ulver Messe I. However, the combination of solid songwriting and commercial appeal is highly successful here, with some great tunes like Jump, Panama, Hot for Teacher and I'll Wait.

Irish Heartbeat is the outcome of Van's collaboration with The Chieftains, a band which has transported successfully so many listeners to green landscapes and this LP is no exception. With the exception of two tracks, the album consists mainly of traditional Irish classics which are very accessible, and Van's vocals are on the forefront.

Of course, the instrumentation is impeccable, which makes Irish Heartbeat feel like a breeze of fresh cold air like the one sweeping the Irish land and mountains.

That was mainly because of my increased expectations and the fact that the guys decided to differentiate from Riza by cutting down on the folk elements and instruments and focused more on the post side of their music. Nevertheless, once Age of Aquarius started to sink in, it gave more with each listen as it revealed its progressive nature which in turn makes it a bold step for Villagers of Ioannina City, as there is a possibility that with this album they might alienate part of their fanbase.

Therefore, this LP is less immediate than its predecessor but more mature and will probably bring more fans outside Greece as it doesn't contain Greek lyrics at all.

The Headless Children W. The songwriting is interesting with plenty of hooks in the form of guitar leads and riffs, while the vocalist might bring to mind Paul Di'Anno due to his delivery. Overall, a great effort. Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems Progressive metal with neoclassical inclinations that features solid songwriting, fitting vocals that are not over the top, and very interesting guitar playing that brings to mind Yngwie Malmsteen at times.

Only complaint is that some of the songs could have been a bit shorter but otherwise, a very promising debut. This is a concept album that revolves around Norse Mythology and has a strong epic flavor. Excellent guitar work, great job on the story and good a good singer who stays on his comfort zone by avoiding over the top vocals. Solid performance by the band on which Yngwie definitely shines with his incredible playing and impressive soloing.

A brilliant exhibition of shredding leads to a very fun album fusing hair metal and neoclassical accompanied by a strong Joe Lynn Turner vocal performance. The music is based on infectious grooves and is riff-driven with interesting drumming and fitting vocals; a modern comparison would be The Sword. If these guys manage to build on their formula and improve, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Highland Loyal to the Nightsky Excellent second wave black metal with a few elements of frantic thrash that brings to mind Absu and Gorgoroth.

There is some variety with a couple of mid-tempo tracks but Loyal to the Nightsky is essentially a storm of riffs that grabs you from the very first seconds and does not let go until the end. Only complaint is that it could have been trimmed slightly but that doesn't impact negatively the overall experience.

There is a strong English scent on this one and a sweet melancholy scattered throughout. The arrangements are meticulous and the songwriting is interesting enough to keep the listener's attention despite the length of some songs. Black Sabbath Vol. The songwriting feels as if it comes straight from Bill Tsamis' drawer. For those who aren't familiar with the aforementioned bands, Black Sword Thunder Attack play a brand of epic heavy metal with a very dreamy atmosphere and minor melodies.

The guitars are in the forefront but the keyboards play a very significant role. If these guys manage to create an LP as engaging, we will be up for something really special. Besides the older material and Robbie Krieger's participation on "Roadhouse Blues", Extraterrestrial Live contains an extended version of the classic "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" that is one of the highlights on here.

A must-listen for BOC fans. These guys' sound is close to that of Sabbaton while some melodies are reminiscent of Blackmore's Night. The subject matter revolves around Norse mythology, whereas the female vocals may bring to your mind Amy Lee. Only drawback for me is the male growls but they are not enough to seriously impact the overall experience. Cellar Darling The Spell This is the perfect substitute for those who long the best days of The Gathering as in essence, it sounds like a modernized version of Nighttime Birds which is not only due to Anna Murphy whose vocals sounds like they are directly influenced by Anneke van Giersbergen.

Lots of vocal hooks, memorable moments, a great sense of melody and most of all, solid songwriting. This one combines a punk rock attitude with the riff-based approach of Budgie.

Highly recommended. The eastern influences - which are used sparingly - fuse the Greek act's music with the necessary spice, while Jim Morris of Morrisound Studios helps in forming a heavy but balanced sound. The highlight of the album is the vocalist's amazing performance which is coupled by the strong songwriting and the convincing atmosphere. Dwarrowdelf From Beneath the Fells Pretty dreamy and epic dungeon syth, perfect when working, daydreaming or reading a book.

The music is very atmospheric and engaging and brings to mind The Lord of the Rings. Eternal Champion The Armor of Ire Fazerdaze Morningside You know an album is going to be special when from the very first seconds it takes you places and makes you reminisce on various memories.

Amelia Murray's dreamy vocals and fairly simplistic yet very effective instrumentation make up for a highly evocative listen which may arouse positive feelings but are a product of frustration and anxiety once you read her lyrics. Overall, Morningside is an emotional and rather cathartic trip. Fief V Fief is quality and V is yet another excellent release which transports you successfully into a medieval setting.

This is a fine slab of female-fronted European power metal which seems to be influenced by the likes of Gamma Ray, Edguy, Rhapsody and Stratovarious but still retains a fair amount of character in order to avoid being characterized as a cheap imitation of the aforementioned bands.

The female vocals are not over the top, the keyboards are used in a clever manner, the guitarist does not prioritize speed over catchiness, there are some great and memorable melodies, and an overall punch to this band? Lastly, the music has a medieval flavor which makes this a great listen for those who appreciate an epic touch to their power metal.

The band's music isn't as heavy as that of the originators of the genre, Running Wild, but that's a good thing because this way they managed to differentiate themselves and offer what is a really fun album with solid songwriting and a number of addictive melodies and hooks.

Hallas Excerpts From a Future Past Quality proto-heavy metal with progressive tendencies which brings to mind the less heavy moments of Uriah Heep, early-Jethro Tull, some Wishbone Ash or maybe a couple of obscure - but still awesome - bands from the early '80s such as Ashbury and Winterhawk.

Nevertheless, the emphasis here should not be on the instrumentation per se but at the hazy, dream-like experience these guys create on this magical journey of an album. As good as retro rock gets. Chris Impellitteri can absolutely play his ass off but he's quite constrained, which is a nice surprise for a guitarist as talented as him, and focuses more on the riffs. Rob Rock's vocals also contribute to making this one a very enjoyable listen.

Needles to say, the album rules and my only complaint is that after some point it felt a bit tiresome. The instrumentation is influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Dio and mid-'90s Euro-Power metal which means that the music is guitar driven, and equally melodic and beefy.

The vocals are one of the album's highlights and might bring Bruce Dickinson to your mind based on the delivery rather than the tone though. What makes Lightning Strikes the Crown an even more impressive accomplishment is the fact that everything is composed and performed by Andrew D? Cagna Brimstone Coven, bass bar the guitar solos. If Andrew manages to release an even better sophomore effort than this one, we may be talking about one of the better modern traditional metal albums of the last years.

Granted, it doesn't feature a song like "Wuthering Heights" but it has it's fair share of great tracks and is quite consistent with only a misstep around "Fullhouse" and "In the Warm Room", before it picks up again towards the end. More importantly though, it is a great trip to Kate Bush's magical world. This sounds honest and original and this is why it rules.

Their long-winded compositions bring to mind Manilla Road but I can definitely sense some '70s vibes which can be traced back to Uriah Heep. Apart from the interesting songwriting, the great guitar playing makes the songs flow really nicely and the entire album a very atmospheric listen. Masters of Reality Sunrise on the Sufferbus Calling Sunrise on the Sufferbus a stoner or a hard rock LP would be slightly limiting as it includes a variety of different genres and influences.

Overall, there is a light-hearted atmosphere which is very apparent on "T. Lastly, special mention should be made regarding the sound of drums which is unusually high in the mix but doesn't take away anything from this album because Baker's performance is top-notch. Of course, he didn't do much to help his amazing talent but The Michael Schenker Group is hands down the best MSG release and an album that influenced a whole generation of guitarists as it contains a great all-around guitar performance accompanied by good vocals and solid songwriting.

What can possibly go wrong? Well, a lot Lake - Savaging Spires - National Supper Session (Vinyl things, but how many times have you been disappointed by a metal album that starts with the sound of a horse neighing or even better, a horse? The music here sounds like if it?

Granted, some may find the strong Russian accent on the spoken passages a bit cheesy but think of it as part of the theatrics like on Dracula movies and the majestic journey that Moongates Guardian seem to take us while we are transported into Middle Earth. The songs have been reworked in order to fit with the orchestra and everything works great to the point where I prefer these versions to the original ones even though I am biased by the fact that this was the album the got me to Rage back in when this was groundbreaking due to the aforementioned combination.

The major drawback of the album is the poor production which brings the orchestra to the forefront and buries every instrument and especially the drums. However, given the album's release date and the fact that the mix of metal and orchestra wasn't a thing back then, the production issues are justified. The songwriting is tight with plenty of hooks and catchy melodies by the underrated Mark Reale while Guy Speranza oozes of attitude and is very fitting for this kind of music.

Overall, the most fun album in Riot's discography along with Fire Down Under. Rotting Christ Non Serviam Running Wild Blazon Stone A solid successor to Death or GloryBlazon Stone is a slightly slowed down affair compared to previous releases, probably in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, Blazon Stone does not include the level of songwriting of Port Royal or the ambitious scope of Black Hand Inn but is released right in the middle of Running Wild's golden era which makes it a definite success and a very enjoyable listen. Sanctuary Inception This is essentially the prequel to Refuge Denied as 7 of its 9 tracks were included in Sanctuary's debut back in Given that the album contains demo versions of these songs, there are slight differences which don't take away anything from the album's value.

The sound quality is much better on here, the performances are more dynamic and there are also two tracks that didn't make it on Refuge Denied. Even though Emotionale Odnis is 60 minutes long, it easily draws you into its world and feels much shorter. In addition, the album consists of 5 interludes and 5 tracks that are at least eight and a half minutes long which provides consistency on one hand and the opportunity for the band to fully develop their ideas on the other.

The tortured vocals might put some listeners off but they fit the overall mood. Overall, an excellent debut.

The fact that he plays with the guitar on his lap allows him to play fast but with precision and he is not afraid to opt in for the extra note. Overall, a very enjoyable blues album. Nevertheless, the emphasis is on bluesy guitar riffs and the album does not disappoint as Danny Methric delivers an array of catchy riffs and delicious licks. Probably, as good as retro rock gets. Sacred is not your typical doom metal record as it's sleazy, injected with generous doses of blues and biker rock and sprinkled with some punk.

It is really surprising that Wino even at this stage of his career has so many quality riffs in him which help in making this album feel that it last less than it actually does.

The level of songwriting is very high and keeps the listener's attention at a very high level throughout the album's duration.

Visigoth, on their second offering provide us with a much more focused effort which includes tighter songwriting with a better sense of direction and great melodies.

The songs are memorable and the vocal layering brings to my mind that of Blind Guardian and even though nobody even approaches the German bards on that department, Visigoth's vocalist is amazing at what he does. Overall, this album is a step towards the right direction and puts Visigoth among the best acts of modern traditional metal.

Warrior Path Warrior Path Quality epic metal from Greece with one of metal's best modern voices and great production courtesy of Bob Katsionis. Nonetheless, the highlight of the album is undoubtedly Andreas Sinanoglou's songwriting which owes a lot to Iron Maiden first and foremostManilla Road and American power metal.

I just hope Andreas hasn't used all of his tricks on this album because the bar has been set pretty high. Winterstorm A Coming Storm How can you go wrong when there is an eagle, a mountain and sea on the cover art?

Well, you can but this is some fine mix of power metal and folk with emphasis on the power metal elements. The guitar playing is inspired by Kai Hansen and the vocals are very fitting of the music, never going over the top. All in all, post-2K power metal rarely gets that good.

Wotan The Song of the Nibelungs If you're okay with extra-long epic metal operas, then this has a lot to offer. However, it's too much to take into one sitting and that's not only due to its runtime almost minutesbut also due to the vocal approach which at points becomes even weirder when the idiosyncratic male vocals are accompanied by female operatic ones.

Nevertheless, don't give up on this album, as it features a genuine epic cinematic feeling, and becomes better with each listen. Their influences come from bands like Wishbone Ash and Thin Lizzy, and there are times where you might get a Kansas vibe as well. However, Wytch Hazel have their own identity which makes them one of the most successful hard rock bands today. Yngwie Malmsteen Odyssey 3. Arduini and Balich both shine with their performance and the songwriting which is influenced by the likes of Rainbow, Martin-era Black Sabbath and Solitude Aeturnus among others, is solid.

The long duration of the songs and album make Dawn of Ages a somewhat demanding yet rewarding listen. Beyond the Barricade?

Those who are familiar with their amazing debut, already know what to expect; great twin guitar sound with brilliant harmonies and leads a la Wishbone Ash, evocative vocals, and an overall epic atmosphere. Ashbury needs much more love. Live Beyond the Spheres is not as magical as Live or Imaginations Through the Looking Glass and the absence of Stauch behind the drum set does show even though Frederik Ehmke does a very good job. However, they present us with a complete setlist and the live performance feels like a party and a compilation of their better moments.

In addition, the band has managed to incorporate a few songs from their last albums quite successfully and the audience is participates in a meaningful manner. Overall, another testament by one of the greatest metal acts ever. The instrumentation is fairly basic but the blend of piano, alto sax, drums and guitar is very effective. Lastly, the lyrics are not only hard-hitting but also controversial on some songs bearing in mind the release date of this LP.

The music is influenced by the likes of classic '80s acts like Bon Jovi, Ratt, Def Leppard and Firehouse, among others. Even though originality is not one of the LPs selling points, this is a great take on the glorious hair metal days and an excellent alternative for when you had too much Big Guns if it's ever possible Dame Silu de Mordomoire Ordeals Atmospheric dungeon synth that blends medieval, dark ambient and new age elements.

Very engaging songwriting and an overall admirable work for a debut. Their brand of traditional heavy metal is full of catchy melodies and nice harmonies, while their songwriting seems to keep improving as they can hold the listener's attention even on longer tracks.

Only thing that's bugging me is that I'd like them to sound just a tad heavier but, regardless, this is a very enjoyable EP. Of course, the cover art is all sorts of awesome as well bringing to mind '90s action video games. Enchanter Defenders of the Realm US metal that flies under the radar with an epic ambiance and progressive tendencies that brings to mind early Queensryche and Fates Warning.

Fief IV Excellent slab of medieval dungeon synth Lake - Savaging Spires - National Supper Session (Vinyl a very dreamy atmosphere which makes it a perfect companion while looking outside your window.

Fief is one of the premier DS acts and IV provides further proof for that. Fragile Vastness Perception Very well-performed progressive rock with pop elements and a sense of experimentation which brings to mind the shift of gothic bands at the end of the '90s towards more electronic music. The song structure is adventurous without being too complex and the female vocals are very fitting and reasonably constrained.

Overall, a great effort which would be better if it included a few more emotional crescendos. There is an emphasis on creating a dreamy and hypnotic atmosphere with a slightly loose instrumentation. The band draws influences from classic acts such as Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and Donovan among others but these guys and girls have developed their own sound. The album features some variety by utilizing medieval-type melodies such as on "Lorelei" or different instruments and a bacchanalian atmosphere like on the trippy "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme".

Overall, a very interesting slab of modern? The songwriting here is more varied and engaging than their EP they even go into a semi-prog mode on "May Queen"and the occult elements are very well-done. Very atmospheric and perfect for this season, Winterstead is the perfect soundtrack if you are in a cabin at a remote village while snowing. The album flows seamlessly with engaging compositions that don't lack imagination and have a characteristic Guild Of Lore sound.

Gullinbursti Mythical Metallurgy One of the best dungeon synth releases I've heard all year. Gullinbursti does a great job at creating a mythical dimension similar to the one in the cover. The music is energetic, full of memorable riffs and, with a duration of less than 30 minutes, the album finishes before you know it.

Perfect for a beer or two. A mix of traditional and gothic metal that brings to mind the vibes of late-Paradise Lost albums but with a more metal sound. There are plenty of hooks and memorable melodies, and "Can You Hear The Rain" is easily one of my favorite tracks of the year. If these guys manage to release an LP that further expands this EP, we will be up for something special. Containing elements from various stages in their discography and an amazing performance by Rob Halford, Firepower will go down not only as a surprising comeback but also one of Priest's more solid efforts.

Albums like this one attract new metalheads and this is Firepower's biggest achievement. Fans of Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road will enjoy this one. London Grammar Truth is a Beautiful Thing Truth is a Beautiful Thingeven though slightly front-loaded, is full of memorable vocal melodies. Hannah Reid? Overall, London Grammar's sophomore effort is an atmospheric and emotional trip that is both introspective and uplifting. Great sense of melody and focused songwriting, with a clear direction and flow.

Lykantropi Lykantropi As Voivod already mentioned, Lykantropi differentiate themselves by focusing more on the lighter side of the '70s San Francisco psych movement that owes a lot to bands such as Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, among others. In addition, the band's debut exudes a genuinely vintage odor with its warm sound which only adds to the overall experience.

Very promising debut. At the Disco Panic! Kelly R. Sara K. Taio Cruz Taio Cruz feat. Radio Dept. Malmsteen Yoav Yoav You Slut! Yah Yah Yah! Children Nana Mizuki. Bu Sakurakou K-ON! Dalam Irama Pop Benyamin S. Dalam Irama Pop Vol. Quickie Express L. Love Ost. Laskar Pelangi Nu Buzz 1. Benyamin S. Syaharani Syaharani and The Queenfireworks T.

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Urban Dance Squad - Temporarily Expendable (CD), Reunion - Apothek - Apothek (CDr, Album), Dont Let Me Down - The Beatles - 1967-1970 (Vinyl, LP), Jesus Is Coming Soon - Jon Owens & Friends - New Beginnings (Vinyl, LP, Album), Various - Phuture Trax - Stage Three (CD), Forest - Earthborn Visions - Window (File, Album), Quartet - Various - The Best Of Vol. 9 LP (File, MP3), Its Called A Heart - Depeche Mode - The Singles 81 > 85 (CD), Anythings That Rock And Roll - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers* - Breakdown (CD, Album)


  1. Savaging Spires - National Supper Session flac album download free. drake-tickets. Search. Paul McCartney - Try Not To Cry. Tito Alberty - Mambo Borracho. Take 5 - Never Had It So Good. Mario Pezzotta - A Basin Street. The Lomond Cornkisters - Here We Are Again.
  2. wypocisvegongtheresetfatersterno.coinfo je nákupní rádce, který radí, jak vybrat ten nejlepší produkt a nabízí porovnání cen ze stovek internetových obchodů.
  3. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Savaging Spires at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All; Trending Releases Savaging Spires. Members: James Nicholls [a] Savaging Spires: National Supper Session.
  4. Open up your mind's ear as widely as possible, and try to imagine Animal Collective and the Incredible String Band jamming on toy instruments at the Residents' house, with Mark Kozelek as guest vocalist. That should give you a rough idea of what's in store for you within the warmly weird environs of Savaging Spires' self-titled debut album. Savaging Spires, like their music, exist in a cloud.
  5. View all records by Savaging Spires for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch format.
  6. Copy Oflossless BabyLeojna Juli - Free ebook download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. hil''o.
  7. Savaging Spires National Supper Session. Add to cart (£) Add to wishlist; Save for later; Savaging Spires Savaging Spires. Add to cart (£) Add to wishlist; Save for later; Vinyl LP (av) In stock and ready to ship Last copy; Add to cart (£) Add to wishlist;.
  8. superb: Deep Purple Live in Denmark Absolutely blistering live album by Deep Purple less than a month before the release of Machine Head (you can listen to Ian Gillan introducing "Highway Star" as a song which will open their live shows in the future). In terms of performance, this lies somewhere between the jam heavy Live in Stockholm and the more refined Made in Japan.

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