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We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know  (Cassette)
Label: Not On Label - 1 • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Noise

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Browse Christian News. About GodTube. Popular video sections on Godtube include; Christian bands and singers in Christian music videos, Christian comedians and comedy skits, spoofs and parodies in funny videos, cute videos featuring kids and animals, sports videos, Christian news videos and inspirational videos. What power can you get? And they came back and they said you need 3.

And so that's how it was set. So it was never going to be a big engine. Yeah, so I read in the The response rate of the engine. I mean, as an engineer I can't go there because the F1 well you've driven it. What was the F1? The F1, well I seem to remember about 10, The record for a road car is the Rocket, which is 11, for revs. But that's a bike engine.

Yep, and it's a bike engine, so it's cheating really. We need to, valve springs 12, anyway, they came back very quickly and said yep, we can do that. And then I said, we need to better the response time because if there's one single thing about driving We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) F1 that people remember for a long time.

It's the response and the noise. Yeah, that's it. Really forget the power. But it's the response to the noise. Induction noise. So they said, Okay, let's go away. And I've got a rather facetious email from about 18 months ago to say, as we think we've met your target beaten your target. How does 28, revs a second sound?

And even as an engineer, I my head can't go there. You know, really can't go there. So the combination ofkilos and that engine pickup is going to produce something that no other road car has ever produced.

And you talk about the noise, obviously, and I was just explaining, because obviously such a big thing of Their phones were sitting in the passenger seat and hearing their yeah induction was so the point you see with a central driving position you can push the driver forward to the front axle line which is about mil further forward than a two seater car.

So you'll drive it's ears all along way from the exhaust and on the F1 we didn't have any valving so it was had to pass the switch drive by test which I think was 73 decibel or something. So you were never gonna hear the exhaust. So I thought right you know induction sound. Lovely old web a carbureted front engine, 60s cars, you know, it's almost as good as he thought.

And of course, this is just like the F1. It's got a ram induction box, straight down to the inlet valves. There's direct path. And with a very highly tuned engine, you get the valve overlap where you've got the inlet and exhaust open at the same time and you get quite a strong pulse coming back up. So this on purpose finishes right by the driver's ears. And what I did on the F1 I didn't have much time but I tuned the thickness of the roof. So the induction used the roof is a loud speaker so the noise was natural and there it just gets transferred into the cabin.

But the great thing about that is unlike an exhaust, which is noisy, and it just goes up with the revs with the f1. And that's what I've done again except now we can take a lot longer to tune that sound and get it even nicer.

The next one, go next, and it's going to gearbox- Okay As well. Extract is done Yes, I believe that's Yeah, they're great to work with both extracts. I think it's important that I wanted this to be a very British motorcar this time.

So all the major suppliers are in the UK. And extract was a complete no brainer, rarely because They do a great work and they'd like Cosworth very good to work with and they got they absolutely got my mission for lightweight and packaging. So they've done a great job. Yeah, it's about, nine and a half kilos lighter and smaller. Then the F one box. And as Einstein the first five ratios are relatively sort of close and then sixes Yeah, that was a that was a problem I on the I was never interested in acceleration figures on the f1 and same again so I on purpose made a sort of an overdrive feeling six that wasn't overdrive because you could get top speed and sixth.

I did that on purpose with the F1. So the car would just calm down. That's why I'm nought to times so relatively slow because he changed from 56 and the resistance drop die. On this one we had another problem because Even having that gap with an engine revving to 12 at miles an hour, it's still revving relatively high.

So what we've done is they've packaged in space for a very over driven sixth gear which will be an option for owners. So nobody's ever going to do top speed and don't people don't do the top speed.

You know, I think the fastest I ever went in an f1 was I've never ever been top speed. So that's something we're going to offer as an option.

For owners, And obviously the the actual shift itself is Yeah, well, that's Yeah. I mean, once again, I've developed that transmission and the shift with Pete Wiseman in the States. And I can remember sitting out in his backyard amongst all the sort of beach buggies and Rusty helicopter wrecks and stuff.

In an old Chevy seat, and with the cables and the gearbox but and we tuned it until it was pretty good and once the oil is warm and an f1, it was quite an off shift but this is another planet because this is all titanium.

And of course, everything's moved on cable technology and we've made the gate change. So when we're sitting and we've got a regal ready, when we're sitting tuning the gear change, we can change the 10 field, throw cross gate Live if you like so we should be able to get an even better gear change.

I want that to be the best manual change on the planet. And what for you? Is that sort of what are you looking for? It's a mixture funnily enough, it's not as simple as you think it's the obvious ones are Lengths of throw Yeah And cross great angle, on the F1 only had a nine degree cross great angle which Formula One stuff when they had gear leavers.

This one is going to have an equally it's going to have a quite a narrow cross gate degrees probably the throw I will develop on the rig just to see what it feels like.

But then the next thing is the actual feel of the detent. So going into gear and coming out With this gearbox, it's much more We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) than I had on the f1. The actual interference in a synchro cones. And one of the issues we had the gears We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) so big because of the six liter engine in those days, and the gears were relatively heavy, and we had to go to a triple cone synchro from first to second.

So until the oil warmed up, it was a bit sticky. Once it got really over 90 or something, We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette), it was much better. We're working with Shell this time, on lubricants. And the synchro technology has moved on night and day from those days, from the 90s.

And again, with tuning, with extract, I think we could get fill much much better. In terms of things moving on, brings me on to the next, because, let's talk about the. Festival, any 24 karat gold in the engine engine? Well, again, you see it's whatever's best. I mean this this car, once again, whatever is best if there's a hotspot that we can't fix, modern thermal protection material has moved on massively.

However gold is still the best. So Where we can get away with the top quality stuff that's available now we will if there's a real hotspot, it will be gold again, that's it is just whatever is best basically the what I was actually going to was Chapada topic is carbon fiber has moved on. I mean, every survey, I run robotics,a lot of my combined knowledge comes from that because they're always talking about the land, resins and the different sort of units. So again what salutely I mean, the the F one was pretty basic, I just whatever we were using in Formula On I just used on the FOM, I just I didn't experiment I didn't look at I didn't have time to look around and go, where's the next fibre?

Can we modify the matrix, the productionization of the panels that was just formed one technology full stop, which actually was quite straightforward in those days, honeycomb everywhere. Now of course, I mean it's just moved on. We've got the whole body and chassis weighs kilos, which is 50 kilos lighter than the F1.

And the torsional stiffness is double. So that just shows and we're working with a British company again former Plex on the south coast. On the carbon fibre, everything really the chassis and the body. And they've been fantastic to work with once again. So we've picked people that really know the business and we've we've embedded people in their business and they've embedded people in our business in all the major supply chain so we get exactly what we want.

And is there anything this or any other materials that have appeared since Jeff one We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) you've obviously hadn't been able to incorporate and allow you to do anything different with this? Everything on the f1 was calculated by hand, including the tub and front crash structure was a handcuff. Now the analysis tools are so good.

They allow you to use materials that you thought maybe we couldn't get away with by doing the stress work. You know, we've got a big analysis department in the company and I've got away with stuff.

I mean, the pedals are a good example. I thought I couldn't get them lighter than the f1 and we've managed to get We Know So - Dasher (3) - Yeah I Know (Cassette) out of them.

And we got grams out of the gear change. And that's all things that obviously, If you get the lightweight in that, then the the actual response of the pedal is every lighter. Everything goes. It's like taking the watch off your wrist when you you stay. It's all to do. Weight is just a designer's enemy and everything gets better with lightweight and you're right. It's not just a car.

It's a component. It's the weight of the wheel, the inertia of the steering wheel. It's Lots of different things. And let's exhaust titanium. I'll see and suspension because I can see that Yep. Through the back here. For sure. See I've given up a bit of weight on a few things on the car and that's one of them because Rod operated rising rates suspension is heavier.

I think it's 2. But it's something you always. That this car produces more downforce and therefore not not a ridiculous amount but much more than the f1.

And I did that just to manage the vertical wheel travel a little bit better. So you know, rather than using up the wheel travel. And in terms of that result of because the F1 has a very distinct fit. It's obviously a road car. And I always loved that sense of wheel travel, obviously had quite high profile tires compared to lots of other cars.

Is this going to be the same sort of it is, I mean, these days, I'm working with Michelin in my opinion, the best Tire company around and I know some some ps4 is not on cup twos. That's right. So that's right and the low. These are low ish profile. They're not ridiculous but they're low ish. But now they are so good at tuning the sidewall That you can get away with a lower profile tire, you know, particularly when you've got like unsprung weight and the tires are massive because these are which for supercars relatively modest.

So we're heading for absolutely A driving experience not just in performance but in comfort as well. So the car won't have a natural, high natural frequency, it'll be quite softly sprung.

It's got passive dampers, no trick hydraulics or electrics or anything. You don't need it.


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