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I Think I Fell In Love - Life-Size Men - Up Yours... A Lot!! (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download I Think I Fell In Love - Life-Size Men - Up Yours... A Lot!! (CD, Album)
Label: Life-Size Songs - LSM-2015 • Format: CD Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Rock • Style: Garage Rock

There are some patterns that can be noticed with guys falling in love, things that men look for when they are looking for a transition from a girlfriend to a life-long partner. You can think of the process as a journey transforming a simple relationship into something much more powerful that becomes a center pivot around a man's life.

Figuring out how men fall in love is not a simple task for a woman, especially since men themselves are not fully clear on how it all works, but there are certainly roadsigns down the path to love that we can fill you in on. Men are attracted to a lot of women - it's in their genes. You shouldn't expect anything different, nor should you expect that a man you are with doesn't feel any kind of attractiveness towards other women, but acting up on the attraction is a different matter.

Just because a man is attracted to you doesn't mean he will fall in love - it just means that he may be interested in looking for the right qualities that could make him fall in love with you. Two of the most important features a woman can show during this phase is self-confidence and willingness to explore potential for a relationship. Self-confidence is extremely attractive - if he can see you laugh, take charge of the situation from time to time, show your interests and have him take part in them, he gets exposed to the real you, you are on the right track.

You may also need to send a few signals - men don't always find it obvious when a woman is interested in them. Try getting them to talk more about themselves and about things they like, and get familiar with these things.

You don't need to like exactly the same things, but at least showing interest in them goes a long way towards what makes a man fall in love. The previous two phases are the overture to the longer lasting relationship, a proverbial scouting mission for a man to see if he is able to go along with a woman, but that's just a foundation for longer-lasting love, a pre requirement, but not the only one.

Much of how to make him fall in love revolves around showing a man that he can make you happy and that you can make him happy in turn. This includes a variety of things, and is the biggest "wild card" in a relationship. Some men like having personal space so they can pursue their own interests and hobbies, some would like nothing more than to spend every moment in your company. You can get some general ideas about what men love the most from magazines and sources like this article, but they are pretty unreliable and you may have to do some experimenting with a guy you want to fall in love with you to figure out what is he after - after all, different men want different things.

First thing to realize is that a man who wants to fall in love with you doesn't require way too much maintenance, and his goal is pretty simple - he wants to make you happy. A man is after a woman that smiles when she sees him and that makes him feel like he has done a great job every time he talks to her. That's one of the most important things - stop worrying about how to make him happy, and start focusing more on how he makes you happy.

Exploring this idea and keeping it fresh through time is what makes a man fall in love. If you can make a man feel like your personal hero near you, he's that much more likely to make you the focus of his attention all the time. This is one of the hardest steps when looking for love in this modern society where high individuality is valued so much.

For a man to be sure that he is completely head over heels in love, he needs to see the bad that comes along with the good. Let a man know what makes you vulnerable, what makes you move through the day and what stops you in your tracks. From time to time you may need, not just show him, but tell him what he can expect from your relationship. Just like we are interested in how to make him fall in love, they share interest when it comes to us.

A total package is what men want - physical attraction, liking someone and Album) you can make her happy is excellent, but there's a whole spectrum of emotions in between - kindness,loyalty, ability to see things from her point of view and many others. If a man knows enough about a woman to be able to predict to some extent. The artistic combination of typography, shape and color is like nothing you see today as album art.

His work always reminds me of the better, sleazier parts that made New York great sadly, they are pretty much all gone. I highly suggest looking up a large-scale version of this image so you can fully appreciate all of its intricacies.

Traditionally a symbol of freedom, the bird showcased on the Urban Animals cover is made of dilapidated buildings, smoke stacks and other less-than-flattering signs of city life. Oh, Dan Deacon, you lovable weirdo. You wizard of controlled chaos. What does it mean, and what does it have to do with Marvel or Tolkien? Sometimes weird is just weird. According to Jesse F. I look at the cover now and still, to this day, have trouble distinguishing it from the used electronica bins and an of Montreal album cover reject.

The blurry mess of half robot noise and half punk spritz resonates on the swirly face of The Looks. This sun-saturated, red-orange, kaleidoscopic image depicts a child standing, arms spread, between two trees. The cover represents the tone of the work accurately; there is a sense of dread and an ominous tenor in the compositions. You can always count on producer Juan de Guillebon for something eye-popping and unique.

Put Opera on repeat. Then put it on repeat again. Its downtempo trip-hop take on electronic is best understood with a few big spoonfuls, ideally when the atmosphere is thick and heavy. On a pale, hospital-green cover, some molecular form or sculpture hovers, abstract and intriguing. I have already written about this cover, but it merits a repeat mention.

Using a hand-screened process, no two copies of this work will be the same. That uniqueness of tone and hue brings a kind of intimacy to the act of buying a record. It is one of the elements that make buying an LP so special. It functions as an object; it is art on its own, and combined with the music, it creates a great experience for each of us. Well, here is a painting of such a scenario, suggesting in this instance a sunken Titanic, or WWII battleship survivors—an affecting cover for a sample-heavy more than 3, samples and reverie-inducing soundscape.

Sheep are lounging in this bucolic cover, which in the original versions, had no type or signage of any kind. It is an arresting pastoral image for a contemporary electronic music cover. The music is a continuous composition, a soundtrack for an imaginary journey from the Texas Gulf to Louisiana—ambient to the fullest. From a distance, it looks like dozens of tiny, multicolored circles.

Up close, one can see that each of these circles contains bits of computer-rendered graphic design, as well as images of flowers. While clearly digitally composed, the cover contains trace elements of the organic, which speaks to an album on which hundreds of robot-like electronic beats compose music that is most definitely alive.

When I was a moody pre-teen listening to Blink, my mom decided it was time to introduce me to real punk rock. After an intro to the Clash and the Sex Pistols, I fell down a rabbit hole of infinite angry possibility. I eventually found goth music and, finally, industrial.

On Angst, the band captures every feeling a disillusioned teenager could have and presents it with lyrical style. Some sort of plaster or resin mannequin is shattered and captured in a photograph mid-explosion, with the title and band name simply rendered in the tapeworm font shouts to Ed Ruscha. I first discovered DJ Koze back in my college radio days. It features German producer DJ Koze riding atop a reindeer, sitting in a psychedelic and colorful forest environment.

Needless to say, I played the album on air and fell in love with its unique sound, Album). This is far more free jazz and much less a boom-bap of a record, with a cover that feels—like the music—similar, yet wholly different from before.

By the late aughts, Gregg Gillis, the former biomedical engineer known to most as mashup genius Girl Talk, had perfected his method: take seconds-long snippets of some of the best and most recognizable songs in popular music, and layer them on top of each other in the most surprising and joy-inspiring combinations imaginable. A great pop art cover, Brian is presented like a product. The nostalgia is real. Drop a book on the ground, or even tap a table lightly with your hand.

The resulting energy ripples, like in a body of water, are exactly what I think of when I think of Immunity. Individual tracks rely heavily on sluggish bass sequences that are just as experimental as they are fleeting. The red and purple forms you see in the artwork are actually clusters of food dye molecules crystallizing over a period of time, viewed through a spectral lens to bring out the colors. For Hopkins, such chemical reactions serve to visualize different components of his music and different sounds in his head, a process he often describes as best represented in color changes.

Sound cool? The Creators Project highlighted the phenomenon in this videowhich I definitely recommend giving a watch. Devin Dazzle and his gang of Neon Fever gals chronicle their clubbing mis adventures on this concept album, the fifth for Felix da Housecat. He trades in his electro and house know-how for a heavily synth-pop project, producing a body of work that could have come straight from All I can say is, I wish my fantasies looked this fantastic.

No bigs. And honestly, if Die Antwoord wrapped up a live set with Yo-Landi riding off on a dragon, would you even be surprised? This was a huge record from these titans of electronica. The band is presented like some ersatz lounge act, really one of the first postmodern ironic graphic gestures seen. The painters, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke, had done similar portraits as a show invite, but this was a major artistic gesture and commentary on the idea of an artist portrait.

Sadly, a lot of it is lost in the formatting of the American cover. The colors are changed, and the framing is clumsily altered. The original comes with a great poster, as well. This is not my favorite LP by this band—in fact, probably my least favorite. This is strictly a cover choice. The sculpted multiples of the band members, front and back, is haunting and was very timely when the simulacrum was becoming a much-discussed topic. This album feels as good as it sounds, comparable to warm towels out of the drier or a soft, white robe after a long bath.

If you think nothing good comes out of drinking, just take a look at this Klaxons cover. After realizing how funny a billboard of the image would look, the group decided to make it a reality. The end result is one of the top electronic album covers of all time.

The clean design and rich color tones give the image the look and feel of a s movie poster the A Space Odyssey vibes are strongwhile the solo figure standing in the red field in the bottom-left corner adds a sort of ominous feel to the image.

As soon as I saw it was in the running for our list, I knew it had to make the cut. After releasing two widely acclaimed records that earned him a Mercury Prize nomination, the rumor mill was alive with wild speculations that Burial was a new side project of artists like Fatboy Slim, Four Tet or Aphex Twin. His humble declaration shocked the music blogs and set the internet ablaze.

The illicit references are hard to ignore here—an obvious nod to the psychotropic poison of choice of the hordes of techno heads who would frequent the unregulated, anything-goes raves of yesteryear. Designed to mimic a sheet of LSD, legend has it that the cover once led to a man being taken into custody, after a police officer saw the album sitting in plain sight on the dashboard of his car.

That acid-tinged aesthetic is echoed in the minimalist approach employed by Richie Hawtin throughout the debut album of his Plastikman alias. It was a stroke of genius, to the say the least.

Receiving a polarized response upon its release in1 was hailed by some as a pioneering release, more art-directed than written. It was a little over a week after a tumultuous breakup, and I had started falling for another girl from my past. I imagined the kaleidoscopic spectrum to be the visual equivalent of falling in love.

It looks right. It feels right. I like the Columbia cover with the Joseph Cornell-inspired collage. As with all the best album art, what you saw on the cover panel was just the tip of the iceberg, pun intended.

A cheeky note in the credits for this album reads: The Uterus Goldmine modelled and designed by Openmind layers and counting. This cover depicts the title treatment spelled out using vintage synths—the ultimate eye candy for gear-spotters—and a girl fast asleep on a circuit board rug. Who are these women? What exactly is their job? Is there some sort of Atlas Shrugged statement here about women being unable to balance the weight of the universe?

This one proves that simple yet evocative is always the way to go. The cover sees a traditional athlete cross a plane into a digital rendering. Clear is still the go-to joint for a pop-locking session! The branding was so good on this album cover that Boys Noize still uses it as his Facebook profile picture, nearly 10 years after its release. Kudos to the designer, because the 13 tracks on Oi I Think I Fell In Love - Life-Size Men - Up Yours.

A Lot!! (CD Oi deserved a timeless piece of art. The album was a thrashing tour de force that fueled millions of fist-pumps across the world and inspired the wave of bloghaus to take over and spread like wildfire in America.

The harmonics on this LP are really beautiful and complex. We debated which cover should be deemed more iconic: this or Random Access Memories —an album backed by a marketing campaign that could rival the ad dollars spent by mass-consumed, corporately produced products, but which fell disastrously short in the ears of many disco-donning robot fanatics.

In the end, Homework emerged victoriously. Its sleek design could trigger a dance party merely from its recognized importance to an era of groundbreaking grooves. Well played, Daft Punk. I recently saw his notes and color studies for this, and it was illuminating to see how he deliberated on the smallest of choices; nothing is left to chance.

A warrior who had to fight not with weapons, but with love. The cover, a split-second image of Moby suspended in mid-air in front of a green wall, summarizes this moment-in-time idea, while also serving as a study in equilibrium. In sound and image, Play was altogether an instant classic that, to this day, remains instantly recognizable. LCD Soundsystem exploded into popular culture with their self-titled artist album written entirely by their lead singer and DFA label cofounder James Murphy.

A black-and-white photo of a disco ball covers the album, showing us its missing pieces and seeming to lie on the floor, broken like the disco records of the infamous Disco Demolition Night of A very stunning girl gave me this record as an art student.

She looked like she belonged on a Roxy Music cover. I was floored. She took me to see Gary Numan in concert; he had an amazing stage set and a great sense of theater—way ahead of his time.

Inthe album was re-released with a bright yellow background, although everyone knows the classic azure is the bona fide choice of color for this masterpiece.

It did indeed get sweaty inside that tent. I still have my fan in a shoebox somewhere. This widespread cultural impact stems from cover art that is at once fresh and vintage, much like the millennial house music that Settle is packed with.

Treated to look like the worn sleeve of a vinyl album, the cover also nods to the Album) roots of the house scene, and thus the influences that birthed Disclosure into existence. Sometimes the simplest idea is the most impactful. When they dropped Remedythe world stopped for just one second. The cover speaks volumes.

Naked men and women are stacked like sardines, bodies alternating between white and black men and women, equals in the same production line. It reflects the extended DNA of the duo, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, who credit much of their successful sound to the soulful singers—often black Album) throughout their discography. I went in and moved [the bodies] all around, asking them to move closer.

I was bright red with embarrassment, with bits and boobs popping out all over the place. The Remedy cover pits human among, not against, human, and the songs within unite the world under one sound. You cannot think of Justice without thinking about the cross. On Cross, Justice repurposes the ancient icon and gives it a 21st-century feeling by making it three-dimensional and giving it depth.

Justice would keep playing with this symbolism for their album Audio, Video, Disco, where they displayed a large stone cross lying in a field. After releasing his debut album Glass Swords, Rustie admitted he had some maturing to do. This squeamish-unfriendly, up-close-and-personal photograph of a South African beetle—snapped by Nick Knight, whose images of insects landed him lauded placements in the Museum of Natural History—makes me question my tolerance for insects as a whole.

Despite Tricky walking away following a fallout with member 3D, the Bristol outfit still pulled off one of its strongest opuses to date. Sure, I knew their name and their legacy; but embarrassingly, I had never given them a listen. My purchase was based purely on visual aesthetic—and that title, so powerful and deep. Daft Punk introduced me to technological singularity via their Discovery and Human After All days, but The Man-Machine is the grandfather of human-technology symbiosis.

If sound and image were ever to reach perfect balance, The Man-Machine is the prototype marriage of the two elements.

Should I be scared? Are these actually men or dapper, pale-skinned vampires? We may resemble the past, but we are setting a path for the future.

With that in mind, and after much deliberation, we give you our favorites. Kavinsky — OutRun Gorillaz — Plastic Beach Fingers — Amnesia Chris and Cosey — Heartbeat Jimmy Edgar — Majenta The Cinematic Orchestra — Motion Porter Robinson — Worlds


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