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Never Love Me - Mc Luvin - Animal (Vinyl, LP, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Never Love Me - Mc Luvin - Animal (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Fontana - 602527969435,Mercury Music Group - 602527969435 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: France • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Synth-pop

Both used a few of Frank Frazetta art. Here are just a few of the ones you forgot. No ABBA on it? They have some good cover better than some shown.

The album and the visitors have to be on it. No mention of Family! No mention by anyone of Family! Can think of twenty more pieces of art that deserve to be here. I was doing this thing at home of putting up framed album covers. Not one Iron Maiden album? The Art work on Powerslave is so incredibly detailed, it should in the top ten. There are some truly great album covers here, but one hell of a lot of these are great albums with OK covers.

This is not even close to of the greatest covers. It is possibly the most pornographic album cover ever, but subtle enough to circulate for a long time before someone noticed and it received new censored artwork.

I framed it and hung it on my wall. And a great album too. Disturbed has some rather good album covers e. Lists like this are always subjective! Impossible to achieve. Signed, An OLD rocker. All these covers are DOPE. Do It Yourself was issued in at least 32 different wall paper sleeves and was designed by the great Barney Bubbles. To pick one single Cover; is Impossible, plain and simple. I could make a list of a hundred by myself, in which many of the listed ones here would be as well.

So has the Interpretation Of Classical Works. LOSE. Good selection. One really missing is Deep Purple In rock. Nothing to much iconic about that selection, where is Symarips Skinhead Moonstomp cover, now that itself is well known for all old BootBoys old and new. OMG — Where are the judges? I would love to laugh in their faces. Too many dumb actually sad choices to call out. What Ho! Anyone still interested in this old thread? And come to think of it, Def Leppard. On Through the night, what is wrong with you guys?

Sort it out. There are quite a few Arguably, not to mention Questionable choices here. Really, it IS! It was banned for decades and should really have been here.

However; In the end, such Lists are Tough choices, Luckilly! How could I forget? Served its purpose no doubt in keeping a hungover intern busy for an afternoon copying and pasting images and not otherwise effing up an important sic project. Absolutely on all the Hipgnosis and Warhol albums. Some good covers. But not top I have trouble in doing the topimagine top … complexity is the miracle, who tries to say it all?

There are a couple of Yes albums too that I can think of also. Dream Weaver was a neat cover also. Where can I buy or print some of these album covers? Just the album cover, not necessarily the vinyl. Quicksilver Happy Trails not in the top ? Nice to see a few prog rock albums in there this time other than just Dark Side of the Moon that is. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Audacious or what? Format: UK English. Eduard Antoniu October 27, at pm. MIke December 10, at pm. Neil December 11, at am. Dave Mackenna May 23, at am. Nesto June 21, at am. Goette December 12, at am. Rick Schillinger November 12, at am. Marc April 3, at pm. Tommy Haynes April 7, at pm. Never Love Me - Mc Luvin - Animal (Vinyl March 9, at am. Even Hendrix hated that one! Ken Glance June 22, at am. Yes I agree. Moody Blues had many!

And how about the single album by Blind Faith? Very much so, any album cover from Yes shoild be there. Mark April 7, at am. Mark Allen April 8, at pm. John June 8, at pm. Gondo April 12, at pm. Rod Lan April 13, at pm. Larry October 27, at pm. James November 6, at pm. Tony October 27, at pm. Patrick Gleeson October 28, at am. HannuKalervo October 27, at pm. Kerry October 27, at pm. Not one Moody Blues album cover…. Zoso November 1, at am. So many Moodies covers are way better than a lot here, even albums I love!

David November 8, at pm. Here here! Not one Moody Blues album cover? MikeRobWil May 13, at am. Joe R October 27, at pm. Kai October 27, at pm. Jeff November 9, at pm. Maybe even Synchronicity or Zenyette Mondetta.

Scott October 27, at pm. Steve Jobs October 27, at pm. Great graphics on that one. Patrick Gleeson November 21, at pm. Absolutely Steve. An iconic cover — and album …. Kay October 27, at pm. Jim December 12, at pm. Tubular Bells should be on here. Bow Wow Wow should be off. Jim Gordon January 20, at pm. Absolutely right! Tubular Bells is one of the best ever; much better than the Top ! Mark October 27, at pm. David Niblick December 12, at am. Scott christiansen December 12, at pm.

Andrew Massey October 27, at pm. KRT April 26, at am. Well said. The Beatles influence cannot be measured. Gary August 21, at am. Dan November 15, at am. I agree…the white album? A plain white cover with the band name… SOOO artistic!

And how many other bands numbered their albums before the white album? Are you a friend of Donald Trump or did you come by your ignorance honestly. B MAC September 24, at pm. GH July 11, at pm. Dave October 27, at pm. Rick November 9, at pm. Alan Hopwood October 27, at pm. Bluesman Ron October 28, at am. Jake November 1, at pm.

Bill October 28, at am. Pedro October 28, at am. Pablo April 18, at pm. Donald October 28, at am. Paul October 28, at am. Tony October 28, at am. Yogi October 28, at am. Stef October 28, at am. Markku Kemppainen October 28, at am. Well, the list is almost purely anglo-american. Paul H October 28, at am.

Yanick December 10, at pm. Henk O. October 28, at am. Jayell October 30, at pm. Jim October 28, at am. Vodalus October 28, at pm.

Fab November 17, at pm. Cool list. A bit arty probably but nice choice. Alexander October 28, at pm. Ian October 28, at pm. Kevin October 28, at pm. Russ October 28, at pm. Glynn Jones October 28, at pm. Dan October 28, at pm.

Jay October 29, at am. Don October 29, at pm. Michael O'Reilly February 15, at pm. Spot on re Tulls Stand Up-well at least the version with the pop up. Paul E October 29, at am. What no Alice Cooper? Lucy October 29, at am. Ryno October 29, at am. Carly Simon… seriously? Rodrigo January 9, at am. Sandra Ford October 29, at am.

Darryl October 29, at am. Jacobus October 29, at pm. Bob October 29, at pm. Kevin October 29, at pm. Gilson October 29, at pm. Jack October 29, at pm. CHAS October 30, at pm. Jack August 13, at pm. Ken Baumgardner Sr. November 20, at am. Paul Weekes December 12, Never Love Me - Mc Luvin - Animal (Vinyl, at pm.

Seemann October 30, at pm. Jim Todd October 30, at pm. Diesel October 31, at am. Dire Straits — Brothers in Arms? Seriously why was this omitted? Janne October 31, at pm. David October 31, at pm. Seriously no Rodney Matthews in there. But the talking heads black cover is in there. Chris Squires October 31, at pm. Kevin October 31, at pm. PhiloBike October 31, at pm. Gina October 31, at pm.

That came to mind immediately. Steve Giovanetti October 31, at pm. Felicity October 31, at pm. Steve Adey October 31, at pm.

Darren October 31, at pm. Kevin Kunreuther November 1, at am. Dan Smith November 1, at pm. Ken Goodey November 2, at am. Mark November 5, at pm. Jan van Amsterdam November 6, at pm. Where is the magnificant album of Blind Faith. Deric November 7, at am. Lou Buc November 7, at am. TwoWaaka November 7, at pm. David November 7, at pm. Where is Mahogany Rush.

Maxoom, 10 CC. Deceptive Bends and Kansas Left Overture to name a few. Jim November 7, at pm. ROD November 8, at am. Wolfpat December 13, at pm. That was my first thought too. Bill from the 60s July 16, at pm. You suppose she was naked. You were there when the photo was taken? Joe April 27, at pm. Joe Giersher April 28, at pm.

FAR better than many of those original covers. Angelo November 8, at am. Bolero November 8, at pm. Gary Hambley November 8, at pm. Dafyn November 8, at pm. Hugh Jaynus November 8, at pm.

Don Killaby November 8, at pm. Margaret November 8, at pm. Brian November 8, at pm. Robert November 8, at pm. Paul November 8, at pm. C J November 9, at am. Come on no one has even said Goats Head Soup! Bill November 9, at am. Jim Bergeson November 9, at am. Bolero November 9, at pm. I still like that first Grateful Dead album cover too! Randall M.

Kozitka January 31, at pm. Dennidlky November 9, at am. Brian November 9, at am. What about some of the Moody Blues albums? The artwork is fabulous!! Richard November 9, at pm. Archie April 7, at pm. Nazareth: Hair of The Dog — well done! One of the best covers ever!

Brent Speicher April 21, at pm. Mike November 9, at pm. William November 10, at am. Patrik December 4, at pm. James December 10, at am. Dave Ginner December 10, at pm. Joe Skotnicki December 10, at pm. Jeff December 10, at pm. Jude collie December 10, at pm. Konstantin December 11, at pm. JD April 26, at am. Or how about Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division?

Ken Clem December 11, at pm. Phil Grabar December 11, at pm. Who is the nitwit in the middle? C J December 12, at am. GES December 12, at am.

David Seelig December 12, at am. Michael Ige December 12, at am. I would toss the Asia cover for any of the Yes albums. Dave December 12, at pm. Arnaldo December 12, at pm. Kent December 12, at pm. Tim C December 12, at pm. What about including some Budgie album covers.

Bandolier belongs on this list. Spreckles December 13, at am. Steve December 13, at am. Jerry Wood December 13, at am. The covers are great but I prefer the ones with the best music. Arti December 18, at pm.

Irish tour was one of my favorites got it for my I pod not to long ago. I don,t have to worry about wearing this copy out!!!!!! Many great albums on this list…. Not the biggest Frampton fan but Frampton Comes alive was for a long time biggest selling live album ever so lots of people must have liked it, and so what if it is a bit MOR the name of the list does not specify genre but just that they should be a live album. Not kiddee pop. Frampton features in 2 of the best live albums in this survey.

Glad that Hot August night is not on this list. Come on guys! Cannonball adderly,opperation breadbasket,rory galagher in dublin Zappa,roxy and elsewhere. Yes at their very best. Also, Supertramp, Paris Live! Probably the best produced live album, ever! It is a sonic chronicle of a band at the very pinnacle of their powers that displays an urgency, intensiy, and virtuousity only hinted at in their studio recordings.

Wattstack, Revolution of the mind, Wings across America, Woodstock, Bless its pointed little head, isle of wight, thirty seconds over winterland, Jimi live at Berkley. I had almost given up hope of anyone mentioning Rock n Roll Animal; then you, Tim Silano gave it a mention and ,for me it is the best live album out of all the live albums that I have heard.

The musicianship and arrangements are second to none and the band are so tight. Maybe not many people have bought or listened to the album, but it is without a doubt my Number One Best Album. Leon Live, Leon Russell. Shame on you!! Granted, these albums were put together after D. I agree. Humble Pie Performance should be way higher, and Peter Frampton should be somewhat higher, if not number 1.

You guys are smoking too much weed! Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con esta lista. I grew up listening to that album. It is a great list. I do NOT agree with some of the bands on it, but it covers some of the greats. Donde Dios Santo esta el Yessongs? Yeash, the no1 album in the universe. Probably out of competition good, everything else fades into a grey mass. Thanks for all your comments, it just goes to prove that you cannot please all of the people, all of the time.

Every list like this will always have things on it that make people mad, or the list leaves out things that people consider vital. The Who live at Leeds comes out top on a lot of these lists. My thinking is that the decision by Townsend Never Love Me - Mc Luvin - Animal (Vinyl go against the band and refuse a live album release, before buckling and getting the management team to record The Who last two gigs live that year Hull and Leeds, with the sound quality of Hull being poor so eventually Leeds being the chosen gig.

Alongside the ordered burning of the previous 38 gigs recordings, made many people appreciate, especially many years later, the performance given on that album. The brave move at the time to not include any of the popular rock opera Tommy tracks played during the night onto the album gives it extra Kudos, by fans as a brave move.

Many remark on the gritty performance of the man at the time of recording. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. Everybody has different views as to what should be on there. I forgot Opeth colud do with amention. Rare Earth and Opeth couldd do with a mention. Also think that Deep purple should have been higher. Uriah Heep live was a favorite of mine. Ones that did not make them cut but should have.

What is the actual point of compiling a list like this? Who cares we like what we like! And Queen live Killers? Genesis-Seconds Out or even Genesis Live. Pink Floyd Pulse. Foghat LIve? Grand Funk Caught in the Act? Whitesnake Live in the Heart of the City? Deep Purple Made in Japan should definitely be much higher — if not 1. Foghat Live!! Some great albums here no doubt but I have no time for nirvana. But hey just an opinion. Queen, Bruce Springsteen and go on.

Very subjective — we all have our personal favourites so would all produce a different chart. In these lists there is always something missing. But is is a good list anyway. Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies? Little Feat Waiting for Columbus? Yes — Yessongs? Chicago at Carnegie Hall? Bob Dylan at Philharmonic Hall? Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I actually own 3 of them and wish I still had one of them!

The one that got a real reaction from me was Deep Purple — was that not the one with Tommy Brolin? Maybe not. Blue Oyster Cult, On your feet or On your knees is worth listening too. As good or better than most on this list. All good choices, but I have a few more you may have overlooked. The deluxe edition is even better. I do not have any problem with the first two on this list. In fact you could flip flop these two as 1 or 2 on this list.

I just want to mention the J. In fact at one time I would have put it as high as number 3 on my personal list. All in all, not a bad cross section, though. Ignore live albums, whenever possible, watch the shows from DVD or Blu-ray instead. Definitely some great albums missing. To have Kiss any where near this list of great bands is ridiculous.

Absolutely the worst band ever to make It big. These things are always very subjective. Of course no one will have the same list. Still there are a couple of huge omissions that should be on any live album list. Bob Seger- Live Bullet has been 1 on several lists Ive seen and gets no mention here. Yes- Yessongs…. Yes isnt everybodys cup of tea but Yesssongs is simply one of the best live recordings ever released. Without those two on the list somewhere this list is meaningless.

I would have liked to see the list that the top 25 were chosen from. So many good ones are hardly mentioned. My top 5: 1. Grateful Dead — Europe 72 3. Jimi Hendrix — Band of Gypsys 5. Little Feat — Waiting for Columbus. You must be kidding. Nice list and some great additions in comments. I hate lists like this, because these are 25 great albums and yet I can think of a dozen others that should be on here. Who made up this list, Dick Clark or some 12 year old kid? Simply the best-recorded live album of a band at their very best.

Are you kidding me?? And I second Mr. And finally… no Zappa?? Hello Chicago…. Pretty hard to beat that one. The Byrds Untitled. The rendition of 8 miles high is just killer. Also Mountain Live has that amazing long version of Nantucket Sleighride. Jefferson Airplane. By far their best album. The Grateful Dead makes an appearance too. Nice countdown, but of course, we could could probably communally agree on another 25 that would be worthy of making this list.

One of my all time favorite Live albums was. Whitesnake live in the heart of the city? Iron maiden Maiden Japan? Just goes to show you cant please all of the people etc… myself included,no Dr Feelgood — Stupidity. Good list. Thats a ridiculous list, thats one of five best live albums ever made…. To be on such a list a record really needs to speak to giving you a sense of being at the show as well as appealing to a rather broad audience. It also needs to have made a difference.

It would be remiss not to also consider the 2 first Woodstock records. Too many for a list of Needs to be top Agree with a lot of other commentators, Grand Funk Railroad Live is a Album) on this list. What about Slade Alive — one of the first albums I ever bought — still sounds great today!! Slade gets no respect in the U. Hear Me Calling. When I was in 11th grade I had to look in just about every record store in town to find it. Big Rory fan, but Stage Struck has terrible sound.

I might like it better if it was recorded better. Live in Europe and Irish Tour much better. Jethro Tull — Live: Bursting Out.

One of the greatest live recordings of all-time! Not all live albums suck. No overdubs. You missed one of the all time best hard rock live albums UFO-Strangers in the night.

A must have, check it out what a classic live concert. I totally agree. There are many great artists missing. I have LP of the live LPs and CDs. My favorite is live and dangerous. A good way to this is poll the fans and then make UR list. Compile the result into atleast the top Jimi Hendrix- Band of gypsys….

Bob Marley is up there too…. AlchemyDire Straits. Before the flood. Bob Dylan and The Band. Humble Pie should have been top 5. The Concert For Bangladesh, J. Not bad overall. No UFO strangers?? Welcome back my friends,E. Fleetwood Mac live, Del Amitri, Into the mirror, live Grand Funk Railroad Live should be high on the list. All time classic. All new music, a masterpiece.

Anybody who thinks Kiss should be on this list should take serious music lessons. I understand your point about Kiss. Many good live recordings were left off but that the way these lists go. No Nukes. I definitely do not agree with a lot of their picks. Definitely Chicago IV. Was early Chicago greatest Hits from first three albums, played out live.

Amasing and everything. With Terry Kath and Peter Cetera. They were so well tuned together i Carnegie Hall shows. You need to relabel the list Greatest Rock live albums. I must make a correction James Brown and Johnny Cash are on your list but it is still seriously lacking music from the rest of the world. Very narrow minded list which taints the excellent recordings that are on it. Yes, Nirvana is rated too high in general. Make two so so records and you are some kind of music God.

No one mentioned King Crimson Earthbound though bootleggy in quality interesting period for that band. Pretty clear a larger list would include many of the other highlights as noted by others too. Good opportunity to cogitate on the history of rock. Also played the crap out of Pink Floyd Ummagumma and Johnny Winter And Live the latter one of few examples of Winter and Derringer duking it out hard to find other material with that line up.

I hate just about every album you named with the exceptions of humble pie the who and the Allmans. Geils Band Live! Blow your face out! IMHO One of the most underrated bands and guitarist ever. This is one of the best live albums ever. Props for including Johnny Cash! Peter Frampton in the top 10, but Cream at number 24? What a joke. Bob Marley???? I guess everyone has an opinion. Nothing written here will be definitive for everyone but being there is the best way to hear a live performance.

What happen were you rushed for time while all the time living a bubble, You should be Trumped with a swift kick, OMG. Happy New Year. Celebration day? Live at Fillmore East is, without a doubtthe best live album ever. Not even debatable. Glad to see high ranking for JB live at the Apollo.

Wheels of Fire should be top 10 awesome version of Spoonful. Extended version of Southern Man is perhaps the best single recording ever. Springsteen — Cleveland ? Beatles Live a the Hoilyood Bowl? Ya Ya s Out is the best in my opinion for the period.

Ask all bands they will tell you they were listening to it before going on stage. Live at Leeds is a good choice but not the best; the long version is disappointing.

Frampton is overrared. Absolute bollocks. Also you,ve missed Welcome back my friends…. Many great ones listed but 2 missing. Back in the day Bob Seger really rocked and his double live album launched him to fame and also J Geils band had couple great live albums.

Got three of these! To those who deride the list, you should understand everyone has their personal favorites, and often love a particular style. The fact that I could find three that I actually own was amazing. Hell, some of the ones people are throwing out as the best live albums ever are titles and even bands I have never even heard of.

Missed 2. I prefer the original Strangers though. Seeing a lot of Kiss haters here. Take a look around, that double live album is on every live list. By only 1 notch from a few lists though, including Rolling Stone Mag. The Top 3 are spot on. The rest, despite their various and varying credentials, are just making up the numbers.

But no Hendrix? But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No Zappa — Live at the Roxy? No Hendrix? How about Woodstock or even better: Live in San Diego -just over an hour of guitar mayhem. Doctor Feelgood — Stupidity? I agree with a lot of the previous comments re J Geils — Full House. Must have only 25 albums.

The best bet would have been to list the top albums and not list them by by your own personal choice. Easily the best live album of all time, in my view. What, no Yessongs? Who did this? Considering any list is immediately open to criticism, this one is pretty good.

As long as you have the Stones and Who in the top 3. Lynyrd Skynyrd? I would put the Woodstock on the list, since as a eighteen year old at the time it turned me onto such a long list of at the time unknown bands, such as Ten Years After, Paul Butterfield, CSN, etc. Not the best sounds. Not even close. You got about a half dozen of them right — though all in the wrong order. Try again.

I saw the post and before I even looked at the list I had Concert for Bangladesh on my mind, great concert, but I guess most of you are too young to remember it.

Would have put Rainbow On Stage on the list too. Just because your fave band make a live album does not mean that it will be great. Sadly, a lot of live albums merely display moderately played greatest hits and are a cheap from the record companies point of view offering to fans for a fast buck. Most bands suck live. You totally lack credibility, man. So many left out. Agree with Live At Leeds ….

No ranking for Hawkwinds Space Ritual…. Its my favorite live album. For me the greatest is live cream vol ll. And Steppin Out from that album the greatest track. Clapton is pure genius on this track. Led Zep should be much much higher. Included: Kiss. Something stinks. Is this based on sales, personal taste, how stoned you were when you heard it, or you were at the actual concert when it was recorded?

Highly suspect. Wings Over America was the first album I ever bought about 40 years ago. Still my favorite, live or studio. Jeez, comment section, enough with the Grand Funk Railroad. They were great for what they were, and what they were was a notch above Three Dog Night. Half a notch. George Clinton is a genius living among us—you people know that, right???

Unplugged by Clapton also missing and it launched many groups to unplug and show their true talent as singers and musicians. Also demonstrating that an acostic cover of Layla can top the charts for a second time an encore of a epic rock anthem. Frampton Comes Alive is the greatest selling live album of all time and lead many of these other groups to try and duplicate his success. Wings Over America was so popular that a new generation met Paul and company and the Beatles were actually second place on his resume….

Deep Purple Made In Japan with live hits of Smoke on the Water and Highway Star that rivaled the success of the studio versions even to this day the live versions get airplay. Fleetwood Mac the Dance reintroduced this legendary group to a new generation and several tracks climbed up the charts almost as high as the original studio versions. Hot August Night when it came out and it was on the top of the album charts for years. At the time it was huge with all audiences and all ages and genres.

No Little Feat? No Kinks? No Bob Segar? No Lou Reed? But you include Nirvana, Iron Maiden, and U2? Some great picks on the list, to end this rant on a positive note. This may come out of left field for you guys; but I would sugest Beach Boys Concert released in Woodstock is missing? How is that possible? What about Last Days of the Fillmore?

What a bogus list. Actually any of his many, many live recordings, all the way down to Bird. A real cop out list this. Nirvanas borefest at no. Yeah right… Made in Japan not in the top five? Kiss Alive in the top ten? Fun yes, a great live album no. I know this will offend some people but the Who — Live at Leeds the best ever? With the awful sound and scrappy performances?

You left out the 1 live record of all time — Band of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix. Kiss at 5? I was at one of the Humble Pie shows late show I liked and preferred all the Cream live albums, I always though they had a totally different sound live. Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall has been overlooked by virtually everyone!! The Who and Allman Brothers are as expected in the top 5.

Ludicrous omissions due to very conservative tastes and a loss of interest in music after the 70s! Why do some people get so serious and offensive? Someone drew up a list and it was great to read it and totally disagree with some of the choices and read the comments. But some people are so disrespectful. Would they say what they say to your face?

I think not. Well, not twice anyway. Someone mentioned Free. They have an album called Free Live but apparently it is a compilation of live performances stitched together. Paul Rodgers is still alive and is one of the greatest rock vocalists ever in my humble opinionand Paul Kossof was a truly gifted but troubled lead guitarist who died early. Not to mention a great bassist, great drummer, keyboardist. Anyways, thanks for reminding me of Paul Rodgers — as a result I just recalled the current tour and booked my tickets for Bad Co in Nottingham!

Keeping the thread going, how about an alternative top live albums list? As in not just Dad Grandad? Rock but including other genres. I have: 1. Death to The Pixies — Pixies 3. Set List — The Frames 4. Live at Hammersmith Vol1 — The Enid 5. Live at Leeds — John Martyn 7. Maximum Darkness — MAN 9.

Irish Tour 74 — Rory Gallagher Dr Feelgood — Stupidity Mystery White Boy — Jeff Buckley Everything Everything — Underworld Big Time — Tom Waits PNYC — Portishead. Top 5 psych live albums: 1. Jimi Hendrix Experience — Live at monterey 2. Quicksilver Messenger Service — Happy Trails 3. Electric Prunes — Stockholm 67 4. Mighty Baby — Live in the attic. Wheels of Fire is fantastic along with the Allman Bros.

No live albums from The Boss in the list? Such a shame! I totally agree with 1. Two great albums come to my mind, one that everyone knows and one that you would probably only know if you were from England. Absolutely wonderful. You should check them out! What about Queen Live at Wembley? Play it loud with Earl Slick on lead guitar! Love that album.

The Doors Absolutely Live! Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys! John Mayall Turning Point! Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal! David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia! JD Smith. What,not A single one of the Dead,s live albums?

And how the hell could you miss Hendrix,s Band of gypsies too? Was Dark side of the moon included? HOW the hell could it not be!!! Those are my two grips. Johnny Winter And Live should be on this. Call me an old folkie, but Reckoning is my favorite live Dead album. It just seems noisy and long. Huge omission: Band of Gypsys by Jimi Hendrix. No greater live album, especially that version of Machine Gun which alone is a masterpiece.

NO Derek and the Dominos at Filmore… common??? Purple made live in Japan a classic, where is Dylan at Budokhan 78? Sadly the Springsteen isnt a live concert really, clapton and harrison is Japan is legendary and unrepeatable. YES Songs of Yesterday? No damn way. Kiss is just a bunch of painted face poofters.

No overdubs, no sweetening in the studio! A hungry, road-tested band playing in front of their hometown friends! What is it with the Live At Leeds obsession? Colosseum: Live 3. Gentle giant: Playing the fool 4. Deep purple: Made in japan 5. Robin Trower: Live 6. Jethro Tull: Bursting out 8. UFO: Lights out 9.

Camel: A live record. Jimi Hendrix …. You left out these? Glad it made it though! One of my favorites! Not a bad list, not at all. Started off strong then fell apart. Bullshit list! Jimi Hendrix — Band of Gypsys? Ted Nugent — Double Live Gonzo? Daria Dishong. Research is the surest step that can enable students to choose the best companies online that can provide the best custom Turabian style papers online. There must be no blank lines between body paragraphs of Chicago style essay papers.

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It came out in and 13 years in to their career, they sound fantastic. Absolutely Live The Doors. Most of the usual suspect here. Still, the list is very flawed. A lot of great albums are not included, and some on the list are simply not so good. This author really did his homework! Uhhhhhhhh, dipshit, that would be Peter Criss!!! BOC was always a better band live than in the studio, and this album shows why!

That would be Peter Criss. Does no one check these things before you publish them? As usual this is all subjective. I bought the album when it was released and it had a skip in it — I returned it and got a different album because it was disappointing.

Who made this stupid list? Seger; Gabriel; Springsteen? The list could go on. MC5; Johnny Cash? Maybe not so much. All personal tastes. Golden Earrings first live album. Should be in the top ten at least! What about Slade Alive? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News.

Share Tweet. Here are the 25 best live albums for reliving those glory days. Format: UK English. Jim Wright September 2, at pm. D M Yarbrough September 2, at pm. Dirty Duck February 23, at am. Kevin McCarthy March 20, at pm. David stewarr March 21, at am. Mike Shawyer March 13, at pm. Doug March 13, at pm. Mike Eastin March 15, at am. This used to be a travel standard in my car. Truly one the best!!! Tedd Armstrong March 19, at am. Allan L Barlow September 2, at pm.

Steve September 3, at am. Best live album ever……. Bigdaddydf September 4, at pm. Yup Grand Funk Railroad should be there too. Mark March 14, at pm. Lalo September 4, at am. Killer live album. Larry September 6, at pm. Nick Craske August 26, at am. Mike Ace August 27, at am. A slight edge for TYA. Schueiler September 3, at pm. September 5, at am. Mason Lee September 3, at am. Not cheap thrills, I meant the live at winterland. Stoner November 21, at am.

Mark June 3, at am. Jacek Gruszczynski June 27, at pm. Jeff Weinberg September 6, at pm. Timothy Flynn November 11, at am. Richard November 19, at am. Pope Nick the Great October 24, at am. Graham Brown September 4, at am. Pete September 4, at pm.

Linda March 25, at pm. Where the hell is Queen? They were brilliant live. Gary Gallagher September 5, at am. Colin Dyer September 5, at pm. Jay Johnson September 6, at am. I scrolled through the list looking for Strangers in the Night!

Not legit without it! Claus September 6, at am. Strangers In The Night should be ranking in the Top! CrAnK September 6, at pm. Pasto September 8, at am. Ian Jd Andrews December 27, at am. Yep any list of live albums without Strangers in the Top 5 somewhere is invalid.

Steve September 3, at pm. Sean September 29, at pm. James Deneen April 18, at am. Doug September 4, at am. Kandee Riggio September 6, at pm. Funny, I was thinking the Irish Tour album——. Madge October 11, at pm. Rory Gallagher plus Grand Funk are dead certs. LPmusicman June 22, at am. Al September 11, at pm. Mark Carroll December 23, at pm.

Bill September 5, at pm. Michael Young February 25, at pm. Alex Stojkovic December 21, at am. David September 7, at am. Howard September 6, at pm. Quo get no respect. Quo are one of the best live acts out there. Mark September 5, at pm.

Jan Piitaq September 3, at pm. FunkyPunk June 7, at pm. September 5, at pm. Ted Hoffmann September 5, at pm. Dietmar Simon September 5, at pm. Tom December 27, at am. Sam Smiley September 7, at pm.

Nick September 5, at pm. Good call Jim. First thing I thought to myself. Wait a minute, no Grand Funk Railroad live??? Marvin Roos March 30, at am. SenorPescador Johnson September 6, at pm. Lewis Penrod September 7, at pm. Band of Gypsies!

Not mainstream, but sensational. Probably some of the best bass playing I have ever heard!!! Gary Yarbrough September 9, at am. Come on, really?!?


Chidori For Koto - Various - Excursions In World Music (CD), Are You Dreaming? (Instrumental Edit), Eternal Darkness, Amor Di Pastorello - Various - Le Canzoni Che Non Tramontano (Vinyl, LP), Pescador De Ilusões - O Rappa - Rappa Mundi (CD, Album), Pipe Dream - Dave Brock - Strange Trips & Pipe Dreams (CD, Album), Task Force Beer - Meaning Of Life (Cassette, Album), Pictures - The Dillards - Copperfields (Vinyl, LP, Album)


  1. Dec 22,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Buckingham Nicks () - Full Album (HQ) - Superb Sound Quality YouTube Stevie Nicks And Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Full Album HQ - .
  2. Oct 22,  · Song Never Been in Love (feat. Icona Pop) Artist Cobra Starship; Album Never Been in Love (feat. Icona Pop) Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic); LatinAutor - SonyATV, AMRA, LatinAutor - UMPG, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, SOLAR Music Rights Management, LatinAutor - PeerMusic, .
  3. May 24,  · Paul McCartney's Ram is a domestic-bliss album, one of the weirdest, earthiest, and most honest ever made. What 's ears can find is a rock icon inventing an .
  4. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.
  5. Vinyl LP $ $ Current price is $, Original price is $ Add to Wishlist. Quickview. 4Ever. Creating a raging underground listenership from a series of 45s and white labels and being the only non-MC View Product [ x ] close. Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon II was released in a year where rap album sequels were common.
  6. Seeing Buckingham McVie on their tour just made me want more from them. This new, deluxe version of 's "Fleetwood Mac" delivers! This was worth the price just for the early versions of Ms. McVie's "Over My Head", "Say You Love Me" and "Sugar Daddy". Her duet with Mr. Buckingham, "World Turning" is dynamite in its early take/5().
  7. Nov 17,  · Picked this up on Vinyl, interestingly at the time of my purchasing the CD and Vinyl are around the same price (about 19 GBP), which you don't see often. For what you get the Vinyl is priced well. Nice gatefold cover, x2 g LP's. Has some dialog on the inside of /5().
  8. The so-called “White Album” was innovative; the first LP cover to come out with no picture! It was creativity to the nth degree, man! Without it, AC/DC’s “Back In Black”, for example.
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